Vshare Download | Install Guide for iOS, Android & Windows

Grab the latest Vshare Download to enjoy the best in independent and premium apps! Vshare is a free app that acts as it’s own app store. Can’t find it on Google Play or the Apple app store? Test drive premium apps and enjoy the best independent apps all in one place. Download Vshare today and find out for yourself why Vshare has become the most popular independent app market place. With over 150 million downloads, Vshare is a name you can trust.

Download Vshare for iOS

In order to install Vshare on your iOS device, you will need access to a Windows PC in order to sideload the app with the Vshare Helper software. This is currently the only supported install method for iOS devices. Direct downloads and installs are no longer available on the Vshare.com website. If you are interested in Installing Vshare on your PC, Mac or Android devices, I’ve also created step-by-step tutorials for these devices at the end of this guide.

1.) Download and install Vshare helper for Windows @ Vshare.com.
Download Vshare Helper


2.) Open your Vshare helper software and connect your iPhone or Tablet to your computer via USB cable.
Vshare prompt to connect your iOS device.


3.) Once connected, give your computer a few moments to recognize your mobile device and install the required drivers. When complete, you should get a prompt on your iPhone to “Trust” your computer. Once you tap trust, You should see the following screen that confirms your connection.
iPhone connected confirmation screen


4.) Now that you’ve established a connection between your iPhone and PC, You can now begin pushing the app installs to  your phone. To get started, click on the Apps Tab at the top, find an app you’re interested in and hit “Download“.
Downloading an app in Vshare


5.) Next, Click on the Downloads Tab to monitor your current app downloads.
Vshare download for Moviebox screenshot


6.) When the download is complete, you will be given the option to push Install the app to your iPhone/iPad.
Screenshot of how to install showbox in the completed tab of vshare.


7.) That’s it! You’ve successfully sideloaded your first app using the Vshare Helper software. It should now be available from your home screen.

You’ve successfully sideloaded your first app using the Vshare Helper software. It should now be available from your home screen.Moviebox on iPhone home screen

Don’t have a Windows machine? Try these other install methods!



V share | Frequently Asked Questions


Can I download Vshare for Android?

Yes! Vshare is available directly from the google play store or as a manual install via their Android .apk installer file.


Is it possible to install on my Mac/PC?

Absolutely! I’ve tested a number of different solutions to this problem and the following guide illustrates the simplest way to get started with Vshare.

The Problem: Vshare is only available on the Android platform and through the Vshare helper utility for iPhones.
The Solution: Utilize virtualization software to create a Virtual Android environment where we can install and access the app on the PC.

  1. Download & install the most recent version of the AndyOS Android emulation software.
  2. Once AndyOS is installed, it will load your virtualized Android operating system automatically.
    Andy Android Emulator Software
  3. If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the latest V share .apk file.
  4. Right-Click the .apk file and choose: Open with -> AndyOS.
  5. The Vshare app should automatically install and be accessible in your AndyOS virtual Android image.


Is it safe?

As much as can be expected from such an app. As an open market place, Vshare accommodates developers whose apps were not approved for use in the Google or Apple app stores. (for varying reasons) They are also known for hosting premium apps, which of course you can download for free (IE – pirated apps). That being said, Vshare has over 150 million downloads! You don’t gain that kind of a market share and trust from your users for hosting viruses or malware. Vshare claims to run every app through a rigorous virus & malware scan to ensure your safety and to protect the trust and relationships they’ve built with their customer base. To their credit, I’ve never personally ever had an issue with any of their apps… Ever.


Do I need to Jailbreak my phone?

Nope! Unlike platforms like Cydia, Vshare doesn’t require you to have jailbroken  your phone. No need to worry about iOS updates or bricked phones, The Vshare app and the Vshare helper software were both designed to work with your stock iPhone/iPad.


How do I remove this app from my phone?

iOS users: There isn’t actually anything to uninstall. All the magic happens through the Vshare helper software that is installed on your Windows machine. Simply unplug your device from your computer to disconnect from the Vshare market place app.

Android Users: Tap and hold the Vshare icon and wait for a few seconds for the Uninstall & Remove options to show at the top of the screen. Drag the icon to the “uninstall” menu option.


I’m getting an error or my app keeps crashing.

If you are experiencing an issue installing a specific app or trying to download Vshare, the best thing you can do is report the problem on their forums.