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TasteKid allows you to peer into the veil to find out what other like-minded people enjoy and get recommendations on music, shows, games & books. Recommendations are based on the TasteKid user base rating system, it’s one of the best ways to easily get fantastic recommendations when looking for that next great author, video game, tv show or hit single. What I love about Tastekid is that they don’t require you to create an account to use the service and the results always reveal some unique media gems. ~Enjoy

Upon choosing a category and entering your first search term, you’ll be presented with a set of immediate results…



You can also refine your results by specifying several different titles…



And finally, my favorite part about this service – You can click on any one of the search results to get more details on a title. You’ll also be able to see the likes/dislikes rating for the game, along with any comments and be given a link to purchase the title under the Get tab.



That’s it! Give TasteKid a spin and let me know what you think. Better yet, let me know how you search for your next favorite title adrift the overwhelming options in our digital sea!