Subsonic – Setup Guide for Windows

This is a momentous occasion here at Everyday-Tech, this is our very first user requested Post! Brian was looking for some way to stream his massive music collection to his mobile device. After a bit of digging I found a pretty nifty app called “Subsonic”, and as an added bonus it is capable of streaming your video collection as well if you want to upgrade to its Premium class Service! ($1.00 per month ) After testing this app over the last few days I’ve really come to appreciate just how well all the little details come together to make a great media streaming App.



Installing The subsonic_logo Server


1.) Download & Install Subsonic @

2.) Open your Subsonic Control Panel and then go to Settings. Enable https and click Save Settings.


3.) Now Browse to your Routers Interface and Setup Port Range Forwarding for SubSonic as Shown Below.     ( using your own IP address of course )


4.) Now is a good time to test our Localhost & External access. If you don’t know your External IP address, You can find it @

*Internal: http://localhost:4040/

*External: https://yourexternalipaddress:4443/   ( ex: )

Important Note!
When Testing your external IP address you will need to be connected outside of your network,  This includes your phone not being connected to your local wifi as well!  For internal access you can setup a 2nd server using the following format  https://youripaddress:4443/  ( ex: )

5.) Once connected, You must First Login using the Default credentials of  “admin/admin“.


6.) You are then greeted by the Subsonic Welcome Page. You will want to Change the admin Password and Set up Media folders immediately, but you can skip the network setup. We have already taken care of Port forwarding!



Additional Notes:

*Since you are port forwarding to a specific IP address on your network, It would be wise to Set your IP address as a Static IP address so it does not change. If you skip this step, rebooting your PC could cause your Port Forwarding setup to break! If you don’t know how to set a static IP address or just need a refresher course, a Guide can be Found Here.

*If you have your PC Set to Sleep / Hibernate. You may not be able to access your Media collection when your PC enters these Power Saving Modes. To change these settings go to Run > Type in “POWERCFG.CPL

*You can access your subsonic Web interface remotely by typing https://yourexternalipaddress:4443/ into any web browser OUTSIDE of your network. For internal access use https://yourhostipaddress:4443/



Installing the  subsonic_logo  Phone App



That’s Right. Subsonic is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Phone platforms! Free music Streaming for all!


1.) Go to your respective App Store and Search for ” Subsonic

2.) Download & Install.

3.) Once the app is Open, Go into Settings > Servers. Select a Server to Configure & Enter the requested information. When you are done, Select “Test connection” to verify your settings.



Additional Resources:

Subsonic Getting Started Page

Subsonic Install Guide

Port Forwarding Guide By Router

Advanced Subsonic Guide


Update– 7/14/2013

This is what they tell you Premium Service Includes…. However when your 30 day trial Ends, Subsonic is unusable.


So It seems that contrary to what you are lead to believe on the Subsonic Website, Subsonic is UNUSABLE without upgrading to its premium class service after the 30 Day Free Trial ends. This really upset me, as I feel that I was misled… To make matters worse – My free trial ended right before me and my fiance’ were about to leave for our 10 hour drive to Niagara Falls! So we were stuck with good ol’ radio – 10 hours there and 10 hours back….ugh.  Now I will say this: All-in-all $1.00 a month to stream your Music / Video collection to your Smart phone isn’t a bad deal, but I don’t particularly care for the lack of transparency by the owner. For anyone else that is interested in being able To stream your Music collection FOR FREE, I highly recommend Google Music!



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