Air Playit Setup Guide

Today we are going to Setup and Configure Air Playit. Air Playit allows you to Setup your Home PC as a media server of Sorts, allowing you to access your Music, Videos and Movie collection from any Mobile device or Web Browser! While some features are still currently under development and Music Streaming capabilities in their current state leave much to be desired  on the Android platform- The Video Playback abilities are great. Android Users will want to stay tuned, I will be posting a more capable alternative for Music Streaming just for us Android Users Soon!



Installing The   airplayit  Server


1.) Download and Install Air Playit @

2.) If prompted, Select Allow Access for AirPS.exe



3.) Browse to your Routers Interface and Setup Port Range Forwarding for Air Playit as Shown Below.  ( using your own IP address of course )



4.) Open Air Playit and Take Note of your Internal IP & your External IP address. In my case, the full Address would be…





 Additional Notes:

*Since you are port forwarding to a specific IP address on your network, It would be wise to Set your IP address as a Static IP address so it does not change. If you skip this step, rebooting your PC will most likely cause your Port Forwarding setup to break!

*If you don’t know how to set a static IP address, a Guide can be Found Here.

*If you have your PC Set to Sleep / Hibernate. You may not be able to access your Media collection when your PC enters these Power Saving Modes. To change these settings go to Run > Type in “POWERCFG.CPL

*When Streaming Video, Make sure that You have a strong Data connection & That Video Content is stored locally on the Air Playit Server ( not an external HD )



airplayit  Client Setup



1.) Go to the App Store and Download the Air Playit App

2.) Once installed, Open the Air Playit app and Select “Remote Server” and Configure using the IP address information from our Air Play it Server.




Follow the instructions below to access the Android BETA version from their website!

1.) Browse to in your browser and scan the QR code with your Phone. If you don’t have a QR Code Scanner App – You can find one HERE.


2.) Then Download & install the .apk File for  Air Playit.

*You Can install the .apk File using any AppInstaller App from Google Play.

3.) Configure the Server settings as shown above!



After using the Android BETA app:

*I’ve noticed that the Repeat & Random Track  playback features are not working properly. This should be fixed when released to the Google Play Store.

*Great Video Playback Ability. However Music Playback is currently hindered due to BETA Bugs ( no playlist support & Track playback randomize feature not working as intended )



Bonus Content!

  • If you have an advanced enough GPU you can leverage CUDA technology to improve video playback performance! Simply go to Settings > Check “Use CUDA
  • Air Playit Also Doubles as a Remote MediaServer. You can Stream your Videos / Music remotely from any web browser! ( Enable “Web” feature and access via external IP address )