Showbox App For Android

Showbox is an Android only app that allows you to download or stream your favorite tv shows, movies & music. While the Showbox App for Android is completely free, it is ad-supported. (The company has to pay for all those servers somehow, right?!) The following guide will show how to sideload and install Showbox to your Android phone or tablet.


Installing The Showbox App for Android

1. ) Before we get started, You will have to browse to your phone’s security settings and allow Unknown app sources.

Enable Unknown sources on Android phones screenshot.


Since the exact location can vary depending on your Android device & Operating System, I’ve included several methods to access your device’s security settings below.

  • Navigate to Settings -> General Tab -> Fingerprints & Security -> Enable “Unknown Sources“.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Applications -> Enable “Unknown Sources“.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Security -> Enable “Unknown Sources“.


2.) Open up Chrome and browse to on your Android phone & Download the latest version of the Showbox APK file.

Downloading the showbox app for android screenshots.


3.) Once the download is complete, Open the .apk file to begin installing Showbox. Usually, you can open it directly from your notifications drop down or recent items filter..

If you are unable to find it after the download completes you can browse to: All Applications -> File Manager -> Downloads.

Installing the showbox apk screenshots.

**Download locations may differ depending on your model phone and Android OS. 


4.) That’s it! You should now able to open your Showbox App and enjoy streaming the latest and greatest in movies, tv shows, music and more!


Installing Apps outside of the App store…

You may have already noticed that the Showbox app is not available in the Google Play App store, which is why this guide focuses on installing Showbox via the Showbox apk installer.Typically .apk files are utilized by app developers as install packages to test their app across multiple platforms  and operating systems. While there is nothing wrong with installing an App from an apk file instead of your trusty Google Play store, it does come with a certain amount of risk. Since the app hasn’t gone through the rigorous screening process of the Google App store, you essentially have to trust the Author and anyone hosting these download files that they are in fact safe.

While it’s not an ideal situation to have to install apps from 3rd parties, it is the only way to install the Showbox app for android. While I haven’t personally run into any problems installing and testing the various versions of Showbox, Playbox or Movie HD, I feel It’s important that I at least make sure that you are aware of the inherent risks of installing 3rd party applications. As a precaution, I encourage you to get in the habit of backing up your phone prior to installing any third party applications. In the event that anything should happen, you have a complete backup of all of your phones important data ready to be restored within a few minutes. If anyone is interested in learning how to backup their Android phone, Make sure to check out my tutorial on backing up your Android Phone.


Don’t have an Android Smart Phone?

iPhone & iPad users can check out my complete guide to setting up Showbox on your IOS device.

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