The Samsung Note 7 is Beating the iPhone 7 in Pre-Shipments – Here’s Why

iPhone vs SamsungIn the great Samsung v Apple battle, who’s coming out on top – and, is it time for you to make a switch? We break it down for you.

It’s that time of year again: techies and smartphone enthusiasts alike are anxiously awaiting the release of the latest models from Samsung and Apple, the world’s two biggest smartphone manufacturers.

In the great battle between these smartphone giants, who is coming up ahead?

It wasn’t long ago that iPhone lovers were camped outside Apple stores, sometimes days in advance, just to be among the first to take home a spankin’ new iPhone.

Now, we have preorders. Certainly less dramatic, but definitely more convenient. Anyone can simply purchase their smartphone online, and have it delivered on the day of its launch- no need to spend a night on the sidewalk. Maybe the “drama” comes from seeing the race develop between two companies who have, in recent years, been fighting for mobile domination.

And this time, when it comes to pre-orders, the Samsung Note 7 is absolutely destroying the Apple iPhone 7.

In fact, the pre-shipments for the Samsung Note 7 in South Korea were a whopping 200,000 in just 2 days, breaking all possible records.

This amazing demand worldwide in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands and Malaysia have forced them to release the Samsung Note 7 in September (Yep. There’s a shortage in supply).

So, what is the reason behind this insane demand? And, does Apple have anything to worry about?

We’re going to go into the 7 best features of the Samsung Note 7, and why so many are getting revved up about the new phone from Samsung.


#1-The S Pen

The S pen has always been at the center of Note’s experience. But this time, it may be better than ever.

The physical aspect of the pen itself now actually feels like a real ballpoint pen when you write with it. Talk about enhancing the user experience.

The phone’s software has also been improved with great new features for the S pen: there are GIF makers and a magnifier, as well as a translate feature.

You can also now pin a memo on the phone’s sleep screen. This means that you don’t ever need to unlock your device when you want to see a memo.


#2-Water and Dust-Resistant

This is a big deal.

The Samsung Note 7 comes with an IP68 Certification. This means that even if the phone is submerged in water, it will still work fine.

The Note 7 has been tested in a controlled environment and has certified to protection from water and dust ingress.

That said, you’re not covered for every situation. Here is what you’ll still need to look out for, so water and dust don’t ruin your device:

  • Don’t immerse the phone in water that is deeper than 1.5 meters.
  • Don’t keep it submerged for more than 30 minutes.
  • Ensure that the device doesn’t come into contact with water moving with force. For instance, under running tap water, waterfalls or ocean waves.
  • If the phone accidentally falls in fresh water, you can dry it thoroughly with a clean and soft cloth. On the other hand, if the phone comes in contact with any other liquid, rinse it with still fresh water and then dry it thoroughly.



Although all the smartphones come with a camera these days, none of them can really match the Dual Pixel rear camera that comes with the Note 7.

Its low-light performance, picture clarity, and fast auto-focus are, in a word, phenomenal.



The quad HD Super AMOLED 5.7-inch display has incredible clarity, with colors appearing to jump out of the screen.

We bet that you will not be able to find a display better than this one.

Samsung boasts of the best displays when it comes to smartphones, and that’s definitely evident with the Note 7.


#5-Expandable Storage

If rumors are to be believed, then the Apple iPhone 7 will have 256GB worth of storage.

Finally – more internal storage for photos and music! But we will just have to wait and watch until its release next month.

However, what we do know for sure is that the Note 7 comes with only one option of internal storage worth 64GB. But users can add additional storage and expand up to 256GB worth of memory card.

The most important thing to be noted here is that the phone supports expandable storage up to 2TB!

(That said, unfortunately, the biggest microSD card available out there is only 256GB at the moment.)


#6-The Secure Folder

This is a brand new feature in this device’s TouchWiz software.

It essentially gives you a special folder that has an additional layer of security. What’s more is that you can store videos, photos, files, and even apps you’ve downloaded. To access the files and apps stored in the secured folder, only the users’ iris scan, fingerprint scan or a password can be used.

Go ahead: let your friends play around with and check out your new phone without worrying that they’ll see something they shouldn’t.



Honestly, this is probably one of the most important features of Samsung’s Note 7. Who wants a phone that’s always losing its battery power?

The Samsung Note 7 comes with a 3,500 mAh battery that charges quickly – even wirelessly.

It also comes with two different power saving modes. So, you can always adjust the settings as per the battery available.

The Note 7 is a complete package when it comes to its battery’s performance. It has enough juice to last you an entire day’s usage, no matter the circumstances. It also refuels faster than most phones out there, even the ones that come with smaller batteries.

In the Q2 2015 Strategy Analytics report, the market share of Samsung’s smartphones among the mobile phone vendors were 20.5%, while Apple came in second at 10.9%.

Although each manufacturer has their loyal followers, Samsung wasn’t doing too well and Apple’s iPhones were the craze all over.

That said – is the tide finally shifting in Samsung’s favor? It’s starting to look like more people are awaiting the release of Samsung’s devices…

We won’t have a clear winner until the iPhone 7 is released in Septemeber. That said, we are sure the people at Samsung are celebrating.

Will you be picking up one of the new Samsung or iPhones in the coming weeks? Where do you stand between the two?