Re-Build a Windows 7 Roaming Profile

Sometimes You can try everything possible to fix a users profile issue, but at the end of the day it is usually easier and faster to simply rebuild the users profile to resolve the issue. In Windows 7, this process is fairly simple – But there is one “Gotchya” Step that never existed when re-doing a Windows XP profile. So I thought I would create a quick post today on how to properly rebuild a Users Profile Step-by-Step in Windows 7.



Rebuilding a Win7 Roaming Profile


1.)  Reboot the Users PC and Log in under a Local Admin account.

2.)  Browse to C:\Users and rename the users old Profile.



3.)  Open up Regedit, And browse to:
        HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

4.)  Find the Users Profile and delete it. Then Reboot the PC.



5.)  Next Browse to where the Server-side User Profile is Stored and Rename that Profile.




6.)  Now Log Back into the PC, and a New profile Should be created.
  **Note: Server Configurations may differ – If you cannot login because a new profile wasn’t automatically Populated – Create a new .V2 Folder.

7.)  Copy over anything from the old Profile that you do not want to lose.



8.)  Finally, Go back and Delete the Corrupt user profile Server-side and Locally when you are certain that everything has been copied over.