One Device, Free Data Forever – The Lantern Project

The Lantern Project is a truly inspirational human endeavor, to provide access to the worlds collective digital library to people who traditionally couldn’t access the world wide web. While the project is still in it’s early stages of development, the team has already outlined some very ambitious goals to further expand the availability of censorship free data world wide,  without the need for a power source, monthly data charges & more!

To give you a better idea of the project – Here is the Projects video & Mission Statement:

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The Details

While I strongly encourage everyone to check out their project page & website for themselves – Here is a quick snapshot of the important aspects of the Lanterns Hardware / Capabilities.

  • Free from government censorship
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Re-Chargable via solar panels
  • Able to charge other devices!
  • No Data charges – ever.
  • 2 mb data per day (for now)

Get more details on the project @


The Future of The Lantern Project

In it’s current iteration, the lantern device will be throttled to receive 2mb of data at a time – This limitation is one of the first that the company hopes to break by getting more investors. Beyond just simple data transmission, eventually  the device will be able to handle both the sending & receiving of data – akin to a what we all now as a regular internet service.

The company claims that the current hardware should technically be able to handle transmission speeds of 80 Mbps, but for the sake of keeping a healthy network – this has been tuned down to a very reasonable 25 Mbps. (BTW – This is the exact same speed that I pay $40.00 per month for with my ISP! )

I’m also really hopeful about the future of this project in general, they have already made mention that the hardware behind the Lantern isn’t anything proprietary or special – This was intentional. They wanted this project to be easily replicated & shared with the world. This speaks volumes of the company and their intentions with this project, as it’s a clear indicator that they are obviously in this for far more than just the bottom line.

The amazing part about Lantern, and Outernet in general, is that we are not inventing anything new. There is no miracle processor to distribute or new protocol to adopt. We are simply being clever about using existing technology, which means we have the greatest chance of reaching everyone, immediately. This is deliberate. We know we cannot sell Lanterns to everyone. When people all over the world begin building Lanterns (and maybe even selling their own versions), we pop a bottle of champagne.


How Can I get one!?

Currently the Lantern project plans to retail the devices for ~ 149.99 , but during their crowd funding project, You can be one of the first to recieve shipment of these devices by becoming a backer for just $99.00!

Even though I don’t personally have an immediate use for the lantern in my everyday life, I personally believe that this project is a huge step forward for humanity as a whole. Please consider donating to this great cause!


Over to you. What do you think of the Lantern Project?