Free Movies App Download | Megabox HD Install Guide

Megabox HD is a free movies app that allows you to enjoy HD movies & tv shows from your Android or iOS device. While the installer for this app is typically only available for Android devices, the guide and FAQ section below will enable you to enjoy all the features of the Megabox app from nearly any device.


  • Constantly Updated: New movies & TV shows are added daily!
  • Easy Navigation: The user interface is intuitive & easy to navigate.
  • Downloads: Download your favorite TV shows & Movies to watch offline.
  • Search Like A Boss: Find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Filter by popularity, genre and user rating.
  • HD Quality: Stream in 360p, 460p & 1080p.
  • ChromeCast Compatible: Watch your videos on your mobile device or watch them on the big screen with Chromecast.
  • Completely Free: Megabox won’t cost you a dime. Get complete access to their entire library of videos absolutely free.


Installing The MegaBox HD App

1.) Browse to: Settings -> General -> Fingerprints & Security & enable “Unknown sources“.

Enable Unknown Sources on Android device.

2.) Download the Megabox HD .apk file.

3.) Locate the .apk File you downloaded in step 2 and open it to install Megabox.

Install MegaBox free movies app


4.) That’s it!

When the install is complete, you should be able to find the Megabox app on your home screen or under “All Applications”.

Megabox HD movies app home screen


MegaBox | Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download Movies?

1.) Select a video and click on the Videos tab.

2.) When you go to play the video, you will be given the option to choose your resolution and download the video.

Megabox HD Movies Download 360p, 720p, 1080p


How do I Stream Megabox to Chromecast?

1.) Download Allcast or Localcast from the Google Play store.

Download the Allcast or Localcast app from the google play store.

2.) Open your Megabox HD app, select a video to watch and tap on “Custom“.

HD Cinema Custom

3.) When prompted, Open with either Localcast or Allcast and connect to your Chromecast device.

Open with LocalCast or Allcast screenshot.


How do I get MegaBox to work with my iPhone or iPad?

1.) Download the latest version of the Vshare market place app.

2.) Once installed, you will need to browse to: Settings -> General -> Profile & trust the Vshare developer.

Megabox HD: Trust Vshare developer


3.) Launch the Vshare app and search for the MegaBox HD app.

MegaBox HD Icon: Stream Free TV Shows & Movies

4.) Click the Megabox icon to begin downloading the install file. You can click on the “Downloads tab” to monitor download progress.

5.) When complete, Click on the MegaboxHD icon to begin installation. When it’s complete you should be able to access the app directly from your Home screen!

App on iPhone home screen

**This install method for iPhones & iPads is no longer working. Here is the best install process.


Will it work on my Mac?

Yes! It requires a few extra steps, but the process is almost identical to setting up other similar android apps to run on a Mac or PC. Essentially, you will first need to install virtualization software that will allow you to run a virtual Android operating system. From there, You will just proceed with the normal Android install process.

1.) Download the latest version of Genymotion w/ Virtualbox.

2.) Once installed, You will need to open Genymotion and click on Add to create a new virtual smart phone device to emulate.

Add new device in gennymotion software


3.) Once you click on add, you will have to sign in (using the account you created in step 1) and choose a device to emulate.

Select android device and os version to emulate

4.) After you click on the “Next” button, it will begin to download and install your chosen Android operating system.

Install Android OS Galaxy Nexus 7


5.) When the download is complete, You will be taken back to the home screen of the Genymotion software. Click on start to launch the Android emulator.

Run Android OS from Genymotion

If the Android emulator fails to start or Virtualbox gives you the following error:


VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for both all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED).

You will need to reboot your computer and enable VT-x in your BIOS.

  1. Press F10 during bootup to enter BIOS.
  2. Browse to Security -> System Security.
  3. Enable Virtualization Technology & Virtualization Technology Directed options.
  4. Save settings and reboot.


6.) You should now see your Android OS environment! From here on out, the install process will be the exact same as the install steps detailed at the beginning of this guide.

  • Enable Unknown sources
  • Download the Megabox APK file
  • Install & Enjoy!


Does MegaBox work on PC’s?

It Certainly does! Windows users can use either VirtualBox or Bluestacks to create a virtual Android operating system to run any of these popular new apps for pc.

1.) Download & install the latest version of Bluestacks.

2.) Download the Megabox HD APK for PC.

3.) With Bluestacks open, double-click on the Megabox .apk file to install the app.

4.) When the install is complete, you should now be able to access MegaBox in Bluestacks.

**Not able to get Bluestacks working? Check out my guide on setting up Showbox on your PC


The app keeps crashing or giving me an error…

If you are experiencing app crashes or errors when trying to access the Megabox HD app, I generally advise people to start troubleshooting by simply restarting their device. After the reboot, you can try updating, reinstalling or even reverting back to a previous version (if the crashes or issues you are experiencing happened as a result of a recent update).

If you are still unable to get Megabox HD to work, sometimes the best thing you can do is practice some patience and wait for the developers to patch or fix the issue in their next update. Fortunately, there are some other great free movie apps in the event that MegaBox servers are down.