Play YouTube Videos on The Raspberry Pi with YT

Now there a few different ways to watch your favorite YouTube videos on your Pi, But everyone likes options – right? This guide is going to cover how to go about installing yt. For anyone not familiar with the program, yt is a command line interface for searching & playing YouTube. It also has the added benefit of not having to go through flash or HTML5, which can effect playback performance on the Pi ( especially when running from the desktop). If you’re still unsure if yt is the right solution for you, I’ve went ahead and recorded a very quick YouTube video that shows you exactly what to expect after installation. As always if you run into any problems or have any questions – Please let me know in the comments section below. ~Enjoy


So what exactly does yt look like?


1.) Update your system…


2.) Install & Update Youtube-dl


3.) Install omxplyer & python-setuptools


4.) Download Yt & Prep for Install


But before we go ahead and install, we need to make some modifications to the file as described by marktbaldridgeYou can visit the original authors post to manually make the necessary changes HERE.

Alternatively, Marktbaldridge was kind enough to host the already configured file! So simply run the following commands to remove the old file and grab the new one.


5.) Finally, you should be able to start the Install.


When it is done, Simply run:

**It is important to note that yt does not run from SSH!




[learn_more caption=”Alternative Install Method”]

This is the install method that the yt project page outlines. However I could not get it to work on my Raspberry Pi image properly. I’ve included it here as reference only.


1.) Update your system…


2.) Install Dependencies


3.) Install from PyPi

 **For those not familiar with PyPi.

4.) When it is done, Simply run:

**It is important to note that yt does not run from SSH!







Most of the issues you will encounter when installing yt, can be resolved by trying one of the tips listed here.

  • Run “sudo youtube-dl” from the command line. You should be prompted to hit Enter to update.update_youtube-dl
  • Remember that yt cannot be run from Putty!
  • Omxplayer starts and terminates without playing the video:
    >Run- Raspi-Config & Set the Mem Split to 128.
  • Videos don’t play
    >Make sure you’ve ran: sudo youtube-dl -U
  • If you are running a RetroArch Emulator (Like UltraSlim). You can easily create a script to run it from the/Roms/apps directory.
  • Trying rebooting your Pi
  • Use the second method to install yt