How To Join .001 & .002 Part Files

.001 & .002 files are essentially a partial download of a much larger file. There are several different reasons why the up-loader of the file may have chosen to split the file into different sections, but typically you see these files when the original file up-loader is encountering upload restrictions of some sort. It’s not as neat as a single .zip or .rar file, but no need to fret, it only takes a minute to use HJ-Split and merge all of these part files back into a usable file type 😀


1.) Download the latest version of HJ-Split @

2.) Unzip/extract the .zip download. Then simply run the resulting hjsplit.exe file to start HJ-Split.

3.) Click the Join option at the HJ-Split menu.


4.) Then select Input File:, then browse to your .001 file you wish to join/merge.

HJsplit_JoinThe output file will automatically populate with the location of your input files.


5.) Lastly, Click Start to begin the merge process. You should then be greeted by a new window that will track the progress of the Join job.



That is all there is to it!  Enjoy~