How To: Create & Share Custom YouTube Playlists

Creating a YouTube Playlist could probably best be described as being the modern equivalent to creating a mix-tape. Essentially, YouTube allows you to compile all of your favorite videos via your “My Channel” section of your account and share that custom playlist via social media or e-mail. It’s a dead simple process that only takes a minute to learn and is a great way to send yourself or loved-ones an audio book playlist, a digital audio & video mix-tape or even send your awesome(but crazy) cat lady aunt the best cat videos this side of the web-o-sphere!

1.) In order to create and share your custom YouTube playlists, you will need to have a YouTube/Google account. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one @

Once you are logged in, navigate to: My Channel > Playlists



2.) Here you can click on NewPlaylist To create & name your custom Playlist.


3.) After you hit the create button, you will be taken to the playlist manager screen. Here you can add/remove videos to your playlist and share your playlist with friends and family.

**Please take note of the Share & Add Video buttons below, as they will be referenced later in the guide!



4.) First, Lets take a look at adding videos…

When you click Add Video, a new window will open, allowing you to add videos from your own channel as well as search & add videos throughout YouTube.



5.) After you have added all of your favorite cat videos to your playlist, you can easily share them via social media, direct link or E-mail.