Hardware Buying Guide – The Importance of Benchmarking

Believe it or not – There was a time when I was not as tech savvy as I am today… I used to think that Benchmarking was only something that Obsessive Gamer Hardware nerds worried about and all I really concerned myself with when Buying Hardware was the price, specs and the Manufacturer. It was only recently when my friend Emij showed me just how different similarly spec’d hardware could be. If you want to get the most performance for your hard earned cash, you should take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with benchmarking sites like Anandtech.Com

Lets take a look at the example below:


Remember How I said that I use to only look at the Specs when buying hardware? Well lets take a look at the following 2 CPU’s side by side. At first glance you may say – well this is an easy one the AMD processor is a qaud-Core 3.7ghz¬† 2MB L2 – 6MB L3 @ $99.99 and the Intel is only a 3.2ghz qaud-core with a 1MB L2 – 6MB L3 @ $199.99. I would see the numbers and be like oh well…no brainer – I’m no dummy( i thought ), I’m going with AMD, Intel can go suck rocks. I was certainly uneducated though. Let’s take a look at how Anandtech Compares the two CPU’s.



Another thing that I love about this site is the number of different Hardware devices that they have Benchmarking profiles for. If you are building a PC on a budget or simply want the most bang for your buck – You should always Benchmark before you hit that “Checkout” button.




Beyond Performance

While I may have recently changed the way I Look at PC Hardware, It doesn’t mean that performance is the only factor I consider. I have a strong sense of brand loyalty when the manufacturer makes a qaulity product that lasts. To me, personally – I will always pay a little more to have a Hardware manufacturer I recognize make the product. If you remember nothing else from this article, simply remember to always read the product reviews – They are a great resource when shopping for ANYTHING online!

My Preferred Manufacturer List

  • CPU: Intel / AMD
  • HD: Western Digital
  • Graphics: Evga ( Nvidia )
  • Motherboard: Asus
  • Memory: Corsair, Gskill
  • SSD: Samsung


What is the biggest factor for you when buying new Hardware? Price? Performance? Manufacturer?