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As amazing as the Raspberry Pi community has become, I was surprised to find out that there wasn’t a centralized place to find and share all of the great raspberry pi images & projects yet.

That’s when I decided to build!

A place for publishers and community to share, contribute and explore. ~Enjoy



Browse the growing collection of Raspberry Pi Projects.




Have you found an awesome image that deserves more attention? Perhaps you’ve just published the first iteration of your image and are looking for BETA testers and feedback.

If you are looking for a place to host your image or merely want to give it some more publicity – Just use the contact form to submit your image for review!

Image Guidelines can be found HERE.



Quickly discern which projects are worth your time and help promote images and authors that have done a great job.




Each project post has it’s very own dedicated post & forum thread where you can ask questions, leave comments or just say thanks to the author.



And More…

While the site revolves around curating the best Raspberry Pi projects the web has to offer, there is also a fantastic resources page, tutorials, and even a shop to buy everything you’ll need for your next project.


I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this new site, If you have any questions/feedback – I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.