Export AD User Data

During one of our Enterprise Product Installs, our vendor tasked me with pulling all relevant user accounts from AD into a nice Excel Sheet to enter the desired users into their system. So I set off as I usually do when tasked with something i’m not all that familiar with by typing what I was looking forĀ  into Google. Initially what I ran into most often were User created V.B. Scripts or Dsquery/DSget commands… Which work, but not what I was looking for. So I kept digging until I found a Free program Created by an ambitious Programmer @ CJWDev.co.uk. This program was EXACTLY what I was hoping to find when I started my search! Beautiful GUI interface, easy to navigate, zero learning curve and super powerful. While there is a Free version available that is very powerful out of the Box – Please consider paying for a Proper License of the product to support the Developer.



Extract AD Info – Free Edtion


1. ) Download the AD Info Tool @ CJWDev.co.uk

2.) Extract the .ZIP File and then Install AD Info.

3.) Once installed, Run the program and Check out all the Cool stuff it Can do!



Why This Program is Awesome

  • When I First Ran this tool it automatically Found my Domain! No Configuration Needed!
  • HUGE library of Pre-configured AD queries
  • Easy to Navigate Interface
  • Free Version available


Additional Resources:

AD Reporting Tool User Guide – Detailed User Guide for this Tool.

http://www.dovestones.com/download/ – Another Great Piece of Software for AD Export. More Export Options, but less query options.