The Dead-Simple Guide To Migrate Your WordPress Blog To A New Domain

Have you been struggling to migrate your WordPress Blog to a new domain? I think I can help…

Recently I received an e-mail from the Raspberry Pi foundation notifying me that my newest domain, formerly was violating their trademark guidelines. I was given 30 days to migrate the entire site to a new domain or risked legal action being taken against me! Needless to say, I wanted to knock this out quickly and started my usual routine of “typing shit into Google” to find a solution. What I encountered were a ton of guides that instructed me do things like “manually modify database entries” and “fix broken internal links” during the process. Things didn’t start out too well this morning…

But then I finally stumbled upon a plugin that made (what seemed like at the time ) some outrageous claims of a dead simple way to migrate my WordPress blog to a new domain in 5 minutes flat. Frustrated with previous failed attempts and running out of options, I decided what the hell – It couldn’t hurt to give it a try, and it did actually have some amazing reviews. Well long story short, I’m glad I did – The good folks over at ServMask have really out done themselves in making the All In One WP Migration plugin. From start to finish, It couldn’t of taken me more than 10 minutes to migrate my blog to a new domain!

So for anyone else out there struggling with a difficult migration, do yourself a favor and finish following this guide. You’ll thank me later 🙂


Migrate Your WordPress Blog To A New Domain In Minutes


1.) Download & Install the All In One WP Migration plugin on your old site.

2.) After you’ve installed the plugin, you should notice a new menu entry in your WordPress admin dashboard.


Expand Site Migration and Choose Export.


3.) On The export screen, you’ll be presented with the following:


From here you have the option to exclude any content that you don’t want imported and you are given the option to automatically have the plugin find and replace certain key phrases upon the import.


4.) When you are done configuring the options for export – go ahead and click the EXPORT button. The all in one wp migration plugin will automatically start processing the job and download a copy of your website in .zip format. Make sure to save a copy of this file as it will serve as both a backup of your website and will be used later in this guide for the import process!



5.) Next, you will need to have a fresh install of WordPress on your new target site. If you have BlueHost as your host provider, you can take advantage of their 1-click WordPress install to do this in just minutes.

6.) Login to your new site and once again you will need to install the All In One WP Migration plugin.

7.) As you’ve probably already guessed – this time you will need to choose the Import option under the site migration tab.

On the Import screen, simply drag and drop your .zip site backup to start the import process!



8.) After a few minutes the import should complete and your site should be live! That’s all their is to it!


Using this method – I was able to migrate my site to it’s new domain @ in just minutes! Despite the site being fairly complex, the plugin managed to import nearly everything perfectly to the new site, including the old sites stats, plugin configurations, style, css, everything. I still encourage you to spot check the site manually after the import process just in case, as I did have to re-enter my license information for 2 of the plugins after the import – but all things considered, the plugin did a fantastic job.

I sincerely hope that this guide helps you migrate your WordPress blog to a new domain, if you have any questions or just want to share your success stories – I’d love to hear from you in the comments!