Create a Multi-Boot USB Drive

Today I’ve decided to do a quick “How To” guide on how to install a Powerful suite of System tools to your USB drive Using Yumi! As always I have tried all the alternatives and found that Yumi is the best of breed. It is a powerful, versatile and easy to use bit of of software that will enable you to create a Bootable USB drive that contains nearly every Admin Tool you will ever need.



Simply Download the Software Here, and lets get started….

When you run YUMI you will be prompted to select the drive letter of the USB drive. You will also see a fairly long list of supported .ISO files and system tools – For most selections Yumi will offer up a download link and the official site page to the right of the menu.


If you are interested in something just check the box to “Download the ISO” – Once the the download is finished just browse to the downloaded .ISO’s location and Hit “Create”.

Yumi will then go through the process of moving the .ISO file to your USB Drive and making a menu entry for it that will be displayed when you boot to USB. ( F12 during startup for boot menu options )


I strongly recommend Using Yumi to do the following:

  • Compile Windows Install Discs
  • Try out all the flavors of linux!
  • Install Hirens Boot CD Suite of tools
  • OPHCrack for XP + Win7


View The Yumi Home Page for more details.


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