Condense Your E-mail Accounts – 2.0

In a recent Post I covered how you could Condense your Gmail accounts, During my research I happen to stumble upon this awesome piece of software that is much, much easier to Configure and kind of mimics the Look & Feel of Microsofts Outlook. While the Free version of EM-Client is limited to only 2-emails, It is still an awesome piece of software that is worth checking out.



Installing / Configuring EM-Client

1.) Download Em-Client @

2.) Run the resulting Setup.msi and Follow the Prompts for your Account Credentials as shown:

Choose a Theme.


Enter your E-mail Account Credentials.


 Follow remaining prompts to Finish install! — It really is that simple 🙂

EmClient_Final Product


eM Client Tips & Tricks

To add an additional E-mail account. Tools > Settings > New Account > Automatic Setup ( or mail )

You can Setup your IM accounts to go through EM client as well! Tools > Settings > New Account > Chat

You can Bypass the 2 Account Limit, by using the same method Covered in my previous post – Condense your G-Mail Accounts.