Bit-Torrent Sync – Quite Possibly The Best App Ever

There are a number of different options available to you for backing up your important information on your phone….but Bit-Torrent Sync is the first app that I’ve seen that does it so damn well. Bit-Torrent Sync is able to sync the photos, video or music on your phone and your PC effortlessly. Should anything ever happen to your mobile device ( whether it be Apple or Android ) , Bit-Torrent Sync can make sure that all your media is backed up safe and sound on your home PC or NAS. It’s easy to setup and configure and it makes managing your constantly changing media library on your mobile device a “Set it and forget it” task.



Installing The Bit-Torrent Sync Server


1.)  Download and Run Bit-Torrent Sync

2.)  Decide if you want Desktop or quick-launch Shortcuts


3.) Leave Both Boxes Checked and Install.


4.)  Once you Run BT Sync for the first time, you will be asked to continue the setup process.


5.)  At this point, you are asked to select a folder on your PC or NAS to Sync your Mobile Files to.


6.)  Finally, You are given a “Secret Code“. Copy the Code someplace safe and hit next to Finish.
          ( Don’t Worry if you forgot to Copy your Secret Code – You can access it after the setup process )


**After you click Next on the above screenshot you will be shown 3 additional screens that will give you a quick run-down on how BT Sync works.  A good time to take some mental notes 🙂



Installing The Bit-Torrent Sync Client


1.)  Go to your respective App Store and search for “BitTorrent Sync

2.)  Install!





Syncing  Your Mobile Device


1.)  If you haven’t already done so – Create a Folder on your BitTorrent Server PC.
(Make sure to Note the Secret Code generated!!)



2.)  Open up your BitTorrent Sync Application on your phone, and Create a New Sync or Backup Process.

  • Sync: 2-way sync process
  • Backup: Syncs your selected phone folder files to your PC only.


3.) Select the folder that you would like to sync on your phone and enter your Secret Code from Step #1.
(Make sure to Check “Automatic Sync“)



So Where Are My Media Files Stored?




Photos & Videos

It is important to note that different applications that leverage your phones camera can and will place photos taken with said application in special folders, check and make sure that all of your photos show up after the sync!









Photos & Videos



Honestly, The most difficult part about using & configuring BitTorrent Sync is figuring out where your precious files are stored on your Phone. Once you have mapped out where all your music / photos / videos reside on your phone, It is smooth sailing from there on 🙂  I would love to hear your thoughts on BitTorrent Sync and what you use to Backup your Phone. Please share in the comment section below:D

~Happy Syncing



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