Bandwidth Monitoring With Capsa

Capsa is a feature packed, bandwidth monitoring powerhouse. The Enterprise class of Capsa is currently priced at $995.00, however for the mere cost of giving them your e-mail address – they will send you a license for their Free Class of the Capsa Software. Even though the free version is missing some of the advanced monitoring features – there is still plenty left in the free version to love 😀



Capsa is among the industry leaders in network monitoring for a reason… They know what they are doing. Even the free version of Capsa is feature rich, user friendly and most importantly – It looks fantastic. Below is a screenshot I took of a simple traffic report of our network…



As you can see in the screenshot above, Capsa has pinpointed 2 of the major sources of network traffic and displayed them in a easy to read bar graph 🙂 If you like Capsa, you may want to check out another one of my favorite Network Analysis tools – Network Miner.


You can download Capsa and check out Colasofts entire software line @