Backing up your Droid

For something that should be rather simple, It took me quite a bit of time to research the huge pool of options available for Android backup / Restore. I’ve downloaded and tried at least 20 different apps on my quest to find the most user friendly / cost effective and flexible Backup Apps on the market,  and I’m pretty happy with the results. Enjoy~



As a pretty big supporter of Freeware, I set out to find an All-in-one solution that would be capable of backing up everything on my phone from one easy to navigate interface. I was pretty disappointed after my hours of research to find that such an App does not exist yet – at least not in the way I envisioned. I wanted something that you can schedule Backup Jobs, Free of Charge and would Sync from computer to Phone / Phone to PC. While I didn’t Find exactly what I was looking for all in one neat little package – I did find a few programs that Can get the job done just the same!



inDefend simply stood out to me as “Best of Breed” Freeware for backing up all of your vital Phone information. This Freeware was chosen over alternatives for the following reasons:

  • Encrypted Data Stored in Cloud
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Powerful Desktop Software to view + Download your Backup Data at a very Granular Level
  • Ability to Export Contacts to a V-card / Excel Spreadsheet
  • Easy to Use Restore Feature

While the Standalone Android App is more than capable of handling your typical Backup / Restore operations. Downloading the inDefend Desktop Agent opens up a number of advanced Tools for managing your important data. This program really does have it all…well not quite actually – It won’t be able to backup your Photos, music, or videos. Which brings us to our next program….


DoubleTwist takes it’s rightful place alongside inDefend for a few Key Reasons:

  • Free Version ( USB Sync only )
  • Media Organizer / Browser for Phone & PC
  • intuitive and User Friendly GUI
  • AirSync Upgrade Feature offers a lot of utility.
  • Fans of Apple Products will be right at Home


 For $4.99 you can Purchase the AirSync Upgrade for DoubleTwist which Allows your Photos, Videos, Music and Playlists to sync whenever you are connected to your wi-fi connection automatically. Not only does this Serve as a Nice way to have a constantly up to date backup of all your phones Media Files – It also serves as a Great way to organize and manage all of your Media Files on Both your Phone and PC.

A few things to note about automatic Sync with AirSync:
  • The doubleTwist computer app must be open for it to automatically sync
  • Automatically sync devices when connected” option must also be enabled (Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab)
  • Make Sure that your Media data is stored at the location specified under Edit > Preferences > Library tab

BareBones Backup

While I strongly recommend the above apps for handling your important data, If you don’t need all the extra frills and features you can always do things the ol’ fashioned way.

  1.  Attach Phone to your PC via USB cable
  2. Browse to your Phones Storage under My Computer.
  3. Copy & Paste Contents to a Secure Location


Honorable Mentions:

MyBackupPro – All The android Users Can’t be wrong – right? The #1 Backup App on The Market. -$4.99
HandyBackup – Great Free App to Backup everything you need to your SD Card
SugarSync – 5GB cloud account Free. Great Interface.
Ubunto-One – 5GB Cloud account Free. IOS / Windows / Ubuntu compatible. Great interface.