Adagios Install on CentOS 6.4

Nagios has long since established itself as one of the best Open Source monitoring tools. Since its’ inception spawning a huge library of plugins, frontends, mods, forks and the list goes on… But I found something really unique when I stumbled upon Adagios. The design philosophy behind Adagios is to be simple, intuitive and fully featured… even though they are still working hard to deliver a final Product, I am very impressed with what they have accomplished. And even more excited knowing that there are many more improvements to come!


Some of the Key features of Adagios are:

  • Built in Status Page
  • Push Install Windows & Linux Agents
  • Network Scan
  • Intuitive & Simplistic Design
  • Tons of pre-bundled plugins and configuration templates

And if you want to take Adagios for a spin before diving into the install process, Check out their Live Demo.



Install CentOS 6


I prefer using Yumi to download the .iso and make it bootable. Otherwise you can download the ISO from one of the following Mirrors…


After you have installed CentOS, There are few things I recommend doing to make your life easier.

Enable SSH

Disable Iptables

Setup Network config


Install Adagios


Adagios will AUTO-MAGICALLY install all pre-reqs & Nagios!  I suggest going to the Adagios Homepage @ for detailed and up-to-date install instructions.

Click a section to expand…

If you get a OKCONFIG not writable error after reboot…

If you get the following screen after a system reboot, It is due to SELINUX settings reverting to their default.



The only way that I’ve found to negate this, is to edit /etc/grub.conf/


Save and Exit Grub.Conf after making your changes.

Reboot and then run:

It should read as disabled at this point.


To install Agents via Winexe

This process is explained in detail @


As of 9/6/2013, there are a few outdated path variables that need to be resolved as well before Agent install works properly.

For more information regarding this current bug – See:


Tips & Tricks:

  • Network Scan feature uses CIDR format.
  • To Update Adagios
  • You can troubleshoot Agent install issues via…
  • If you are having difficulty running the yum installer against the ok-testing Repo, Try clearing your Cache via
  • You can stay tuned to the development process and contribute feedback via their Github Page.



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