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This week I decided to tackle a project that I’ve been putting off for awhile now, I always wanted to be able to access my home PC from anywhere and Knew it was possible with VNC – But just didn’t have the time to investigate all the options and Security concerns… Well I finally set aside some time and Found what I believe is the best Freeware solution, Ultra VNC.



Ultra VNC had several attractive features that set it apart from it’s competitors;Portable Viewer Version, Optional Encryption Plugins, File transfer, multiple monitor support and did I mention all of this is Free? If you haven’t already caught on to how I work – I don’t generally like to just regurgitate information, or base any opinion on conjecture.

What this Means: I don’t just sit down and write bullshit…. I did my homework on this one, tried several other programs (Tigervnc, Realvnc, Tightvnc) and simply Liked Ultra VNC the best. As an added bonus to doing all the legwork I get to write what I feel are Detailed Guides that streamline Processes like VNC Setup from start to finish. I test and Verify everything I write and this time I even Created a self contained .Zip file for VNC’s Portable Version to hopefully make Setting up your VNC as simple and Secure as possible! Enjoy~


Installing UltraVNC

Go To:

Download the appropriate “Setup” And “Addon” Files. ( 32 bit / 64 bit )


 Click Through the Usual Install prompts, Selecting Server & Viewer install ( viewer install is optional – test purposes only )


Continue to click Through The prompts until you reach this Screen. Mimic The options in the Screenshot Above and Finish the Install

Next: Run the “Addons.exe” File That you just Downloaded.


Click Through the usual prompts until you reach the above screen. Select the First 3 Options. Then Install.


Additional Configuration Required:



VNC Server

After you have Installed everything, You should take some time to familiarize yourself with All of the different options available under the VNC Server Admin Properties page. I’ve included a screenshot below that details how I have setup my VNC Server. Note that the DSM Plugin is enabled and configured so that anyone that tries to connect will need My Password AND the Viewer Key File that is generated by the SecureVNCPlugin.


While you can use Ultra VNC with simple password authentication, I would strongly  advise you Follow the instructions below to configure the SecureVNCPlugin to protect yourself and your Data against any would-be attackers.


Securing your Connection

While on the Admin Properties Window, Select the “Config.” Button for your DSM Plugin.


You can Keep the Default Values and Enter in a Strong Passphrase as shown. Click “Generate Client Authentication Key” and Save the resulting Private Key Files to the following Locations.


  • Save to the Ultra VNC install Location on the Server PC ( Default Location – “C:\Program Files\uvnc bvba\UltraVNC” )


  • Portable Ultra VNC Location:  Save to your Flash Drive. You will need to move this key to  “E:\VNC\UltraVNCViewer Portable” If using the Portable Version of the Viewer.
  • Local Install Location: Save to your Flash Drive. The Key will need to be saved to the UltraVNC install directory of the PC you are using to Remote to the Server PC. ( Default location – “C:\Program Files\uvnc bvba\UltraVNC” )


 You can also visit the Ultra VNC Server Setup Page Here.


VNC Viewer

There are essentially two different ways to Connect using VNC Viewer. You can install the Viewer Locally from the machine you wish to connect from. Or you can install the Portable Version to a Flash drive and have the Flexibility to connect from anywhere at anytime!

Portable UVNC Viewer:

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a downloadable version of UVNC’s portable Viewer that already has the .DSM plugin added. You can Download that File HERE.

Local Install UVNC Viewer:

The Traditional method for connecting to your Server PC. Simply Download and install the appropriate Setup.EXE (32 bit / 64 bit ) from and install only the Viewer Portion.


Once Installed – Check “Use DSMPLugin” and Enter your Servers External IP Address to Connect!

Additional Information

  • If you would like to Test the Connection, you can enable the “Allow Loopback connection” option under the Admin Properties Page of the VNC Server.
  • If you have any other VNC programs installed, You will probably need to uninstall them and remove any registry entries associated with them in order for UVNC to work properly. Entries are ussually located  under – HKLM\Software\
  • If you are using the .DSM Encryption plugin as described above ( which you should be ). You must have the appropriate key for server and viewer installed in the correct locations. If you are using the Portable Version, instructions have been placed in a Read_Me.txt File.




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