My Top 100 Awesome Websites To Kill Time

Being productive is over-rated!

After exerting so much energy compiling and promoting my last massive Expert Roundup post, I wanted to do something a bit less serious and have some fun. So I decided to compile this top 100 list of awesome websites to kill time. Most are great for a good laugh, with a few great resources for gaming and educational content thrown into the mix. I invite you to relax, unwind and dig in for this huge resource for awesomeness.

The following websites have been noted by the state of California to be detrimental to your productivity. If you have any pending dead lines or intend to accomplish anything meaningful today – you may want to click the back button now…


Please note:

  1. You can sort each column to organize the list alphabetically or by category.
  2. If you feel that I missed any other awesome websites, Please let me know! It may not have made the cut simply because I didn’t know it existed.
  3. EDT is not responsible for late homework assignments, sleep deprivation, missed qoutas or deadlines. The reader assumes all responsibility by proceeding.

The EDT  Top 100 Websites To Kill Time

2Best of YoutubeVideos
3The Best Page In The Universe
4The OatmealWeb Comics
5Shut up And Take My MoneyConsumerism
7Best of CraigslistFunny
8Clients From HellFunny
9The Lonely IslandVideos
11Kerbel Space ProgramGames
12Draw A Stick ManInteractive
13A Softer WorldWeb Comics
16Improve EverywhereVideos
17Vector ParkInteractive
18This Is Why I'm BrokeConsumerism
19Little AlchemyInteractive
20XKCDWeb Comics
21Passive Aggressive NotesFunny
22Joe CartoonVideos
23MMO PlayGames
24HomeStar RunnerVideos
25Over QualifiedFunny
26Texts From Last NightFunny
28Rhett and LinkVideos
29MS Paint AdventuresWeb Comics
30Weave SilkInteractive
31Dear Girls Above MeFunny
32Dude I Want ThatConsumerism
33College HumorVideos
34I Waste So Much TimeEntertainment
36E-Baums WorldVideos
37People of WalmartFunny
38Darwin AwardsFunny
39Funny or DieVideos
40Winning At EverythingFunny
41Armor GamesGames
43Penny ArcadeWeb Comics
44Rooster TeethVideos
45Honest SlogansFunny
46Best of CraigslistFunny
47Pointless SitesEntertainment
49Chrome ExperimentsInteractive
50Damn Funny TextsFunny
54Amazing Super PowersWeb Comics
55Mondo MediaVideos
58The Useless WebEntertainment
60Cyanide & HappinessWeb Comics
61Mr. DoobInteractive
62Why Siri WhyFunny
63Panorama FailFunny
64Flame PainterInteractive
65Rather GoodVideos
66Where Cool Things HappenEntertainment
67Waiter RantFunny
68Astronomy Picture of The DayEducational
70Damn You Auto CorrectFunny
72F My LifeFunny
74VG CatsWeb Comics
75Best of RedditEntertainment
76Fat PieVideos
77White WhineFunny
78The ChiveEntertainment
79Useful ScienceMisc.
80Laboratory ArchiveInteractive
81Ill Will PressVideos
82Awkward Family PhotosFunny
83Deviant ArtMisc.
85The OnionFunny
86My Extra LifeWeb Comics
88Dr. McNinjaWeb Comics
89World CamMisc.
94Line 3dInteractive
95Spoiled PhotosFunny
96PVP OnlineWeb Comics
98Secret PantsVideos
99This is SandInteractive
100Where The F*ck Should I Go To Eat?Misc.
101The Useless Website GeneratorMisc.
102The Internet Is....Entertianing

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Help Me Build A Better List!

With so many websites out there – I undoubtedly missed a few great ones. Please help me make version 2.0 the best it can be, by letting me know what some of your favorite websites are for battling boredom online!

So what are your favorite websites to kill time online?

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