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Watch Showbox Movies & TV Shows from your Android or iOS device with the Showbox app. Watch . Showbox allows you to download/stream your favorite TV series & enjoy one of their many new movie selections from their huge library of shows completely for free!

In this article, I’ll give you a sneak peak at current and upcoming Movies that are available in Showbox. I’ll also cover the basic functions of the app, show you how to install it on any device and show you exactly how to troubleshoot and resolve nearly any problem you might encounter in the app.
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Showbox Movies List

Showbox has a massive library of Movies available to its users. Here is

Here is just a small sample from their most recent Movie trailers releases.

Movie Title
IMDB Rating
The Secret Life of Pets
Suicide Squad
Not Yet Rated
Sausage Party
The Legend of Tarzan
Central Intelligence
Star Trek Beyond
The Angry Birds Movie
Finding Dory
The Jungle Book
Independence Day: Resurgance
How To Be Single
PopStar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Ted 2
Dirty Grandpa


Showbox Features List


MoviesShowbox boasts a massive library of brand new and cult classic movies for you to enjoy.  Once you’ve picked a movie to watch, you’ll have the option to download or stream the movie. If you are worried about your mobile data usage, experiencing buffering/stuttering or are working with a limited amount of bandwidth you may want to consider dialing back the resolution to get a better streaming experience. While updates don’t seem to be consistent, they are thankfully very frequent.TV ShowsNetflix and Hulu aren’t the only places to keep up on your favorite TV shows anymore! Showbox delivers with an awesome selection of popular TV shows. Just like Showbox Movies, you’ll have the option to download or stream the episode and choose your resolution for optimal playback. (360, 720 and occasionally 1080). Whether you want to binge watch all 13 seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia or watch the latest Game of Thrones episode that you forget to DVR, Showbox has got you covered.NewsFind the latest in original Movie & TV series related news in the Showbox News tab. Go behind the scenes with some of Hollywood’s biggest actors and directors as they share their thoughts and experiences while working on set. The Showbox news section is chocked full of celebrity gossip, movie reviews, actor insights and more with nearly a dozen new articles posted daily.TrailersCan’t decide on what to watch? Check out the Trailers section of Showbox to see some of the most popular Movies that are available to watch now and get a sneak peak at this year’s most anticipated Movies & TV shows. If you are looking for a particular trailer, don’t forget that you can refine your search by selecting either the “Popular” or the “Just Added” tab.Showbox Favorites Menu HeaderThe Favorites feature of Showbox allows you to tag favorite TV shows and Movies while browsing. The favorites tab makes following your favorite TV shows effortless and allows you to easily flag shows that you may be interested in checking out later. To bookmark a TV show or Movie in your Favorites, Simply select your desired film or TV series and tap on the Star Icon in the top-right corner.DownloadsThe downloads tab makes it easy to keep track of all your past and current downloads. Basically, the downloads tab acts as a simple shortcut to help you easily navigate to the default folder where Showbox has been instructed to save Its downloads. While the actual download location will vary depending on the what device you are using to run Showbox, for most users the download location will be /storage/sdcard/Download by default.UpdatesThe Updates tab allows you to quickly check for new episodes to your favorite TV shows and see what Movies have been added since your list visit. What’s great about the Updates feature is that it makes finding the latest episodes of your bookmarked TV shows super easy to navigate to. (especially on mobile devices) The Updates menu option should be available on all versions.Music MenuShowbox Music serves as both a media player and music streaming service. Download or Stream your favorite music, create playlist queues and search the Showbox Music library for up and coming new artists.

**Showbox Music is not available in the latest release. (v4.65)


Installing The Showbox App On Your Device

Now that we covered some of what you can expect from the Showbox Movies app, Let’s take a look at how to get it installed…

Download The Showbox App
A complete list of the most recent Showbox app download links and a quick-start install guide for Android users.

Showbox For PC
A detailed guide for setting up Showbox on your Windows computer using either Arc Welder or The Android Emulator Software BlueStacks.

Showbox For Android
Learn how to download and install Showbox to your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Showbox for iPhone & iPads
Get Showbox for your iOS device! This guide covers three different methods to help you get Showbox installed, no matter what version of iOS you are running.

Access Downloaded Files From BlueStacks
Trying to find the location of that file you just downloaded through Bluestacks? This article will show you how!


Troubleshooting Common Problems

It always seems to happen without fail… You are right in the middle of watching that brand new Movie that you’ve been waiting months for and… Showbox Crashes.

It happens.

No matter what guide you follow or which version of Showbox you have installed, the fact of the matter is that you are going to run into the occasional issue. Most often these issues can be resolved by simply updating to the latest version of the Showbox app (currently v4.65).If you are already on the latest version of Showbox and are still having issues, consider updating your Android OS, rebooting your phone or un-installing & re-installing. These quick and easy troubleshooting steps will generally resolve 95% of all crashing and playback errors, but it’s not going to solve every issue that is out there.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to address all of the most common problems that people encounter with Showbox in the sections below. I Hope it helps!


Green & Pixelated Image When Streaming

Typically you’ll encounter this problem when you are using an incompatible media player. To resolve this problem, Change your Media Player to the default Android Player or Try installing the MX Player app if you are running an older version of the Showbox apk.

  • Select a Movie or TV show to watch.
  • Select the Media Player Tab and change it to “Android Player
  • Start the stream again and the issue should now be resolved.

Screenshot of the Player selection drop-down in Showbox.


Showbox Has Crashed or Stopped Working

Outside of doing a complete un-install and re-install, Clearing your cache is a quick and easy way to resolve a ton of odd display, streaming and crashing issues.

  • Browse to Android “Settings“.
  • Select the “General” tab and scroll down & click on “Apps“.
  • Scroll  down again and click on the Showbox app icon.
  • Next, click on the “Storage” menu item.
  • From here, simply tap on both buttons to “Clear data” & “Clear Cache
  • Reboot your phone or manually force close and restart the app and you should be all set!

Clear data screenshot for Showbox app on Android.


Showbox Not Updating Movies

Typically we’ll see this problem crop up when people are using Android Emulators (like Bluestacks) to run Showbox on their PC. While this issue seems to be resolved in more recent versions of Bluestacks, I thought it might be helpful to document the un-install process in Bluestacks here in case it helps resolve other odd issues.

  • Open Bluestacks
  • Click on the “Time Settings” option and then select “Manage Applications”
  • Scroll down until you find the Showbox App Icon
  • Click on Showbox and then click on delete.
  • Restart Bluestacks and re-install the latest version of Showbox.


Video Not Available / Server Error

This one is fortunately pretty easy to resolve in most cases. If a server or video errors out or reads as “unavailable, you can usually switch to an alternate server by selecting the Servers drop-down when you are on the Movie or TV shows landing page. If the issue is only affecting 1 or 2 different movies, The server may simply be overloaded (especially for popular or newer releases). You can either try again later or try one of the alternative programs recommended at the end of this article.


Showbox Not Working With ChromeCast

If you aren’t using Showbox on your PC, Having the ability to stream Showbox content to a larger screen for the whole family to enjoy is a game-changer. Fortunately, Most Issues with casting to your Chromecast device can be resolved by simply rebooting both devices and clearing the apps cached data.

  • First, reboot your Chromecast device.
  • Then navigate to Settings.
  • Next, select Apps Manager in the settings area.
  • Click on the Avia App and clear all cached data.
  • Reboot your iPhone or Android device
  • Open Showbox and try to cast again.


Unable To Stream – Defaults to Download

On some platforms, Showbox will default to downloading your media instead of streaming it. This one is an easy fix!

  • Simply select a TV show or Movie
  • Locate the Servers tab and change it from “Torrents” to Server 1 or Server 2.

Change servers in your Showbox app from downloading media to streaming by changing servers.


Still No Luck? Try Some Alternatives!

Worst case scenario: You can’t get Showbox to work and you have to use an alternative.

The good news?

If one app ever stops working for you, You’ll have a few backups ready to go! I’ve put together this massive list of free movie apps.

Top 20 Best Free Movie Apps For Android & iOS


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