Showbox For PC Guide

In this showbox for pc guide we will be using the now popular BlueStacks Android emulator or Google Chromes Arc Welder extension to install and run Showbox on your Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PC. The Showbox app is an ad supported, Android only app that allows you to stream the latest & greatest movies and tv shows to your mobile device for free. By the very nature of it being an android only app however, there are a few additional steps required to get showbox working on your Windows pc. Not to worry though, I’ve simplified the process as much as possible in the guide below and included plenty of helpful screenshots for every step of the process! For those of you who are looking for help setting up showbox on your apple devices, make sure to checkout out my guide on how to setup showbox on your iphone & ipad.

 Run ShowBox on Your PC Using Bluestacks

1.) Download & Install The BlueStacks App Player.

Screenshot of Bluestacks welcome screen.

2.) Download the ShowBox Apk file.

3.) With the BlueStacks App open, double click the  Download and run the showbox apk file. file to install ShowBox.


4.) If you are running BlueStacks for the first time, you will be prompted to associate BlueStacks with a valid Google Play account. You must complete this step to continue.


5.) Once the Showbox apk file is installed, Browse to the “Android” tab in Showbox and click on the Showbox app icon to open Showbox.
Screenshot of showbox for pc.

6.) That’s it! You should now be able access ShowBox in BlueStacks!

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Showbox For PC: Arc Welder Chrome Extension Setup

1.) If you don’t already have the Chrome browser installed, you will need to go ahead and download Chrome and install it before first.

2.) If you haven’t already, You’ll also want to go ahead and download the latest Showbox .apk file HERE.

3.) Open your Chrome browser and install the Arc Welder extension by clicking the ‘Add To Chrome” button.


4.) When it has finished installing, you will want to click on the “Launch” button. You should then be greeted by the following notification instructing you to choose a location to save app related data.

Screenshot of arc welder getting installed.

5.) From here, simply click “Choose” in the bottom right-hand corner and choose a folder location that makes sense to you. I personally like to create a new folder @ C:\Chrome-Apps.

Screenshot of the choose a folder window for arc welder.

5.) Once you’ve chosen a folder location, you will be prompted to add your Showbox .apk file. Simply click on “Add your apk” button and choose your Showbox APK file.

Adding an apk file in arc welder screenshot.

6.) On the next screen you will see be given a chance to change some configuration options for your app and to Test it in Arc Welder. Make changes if you wish, otherwise you can simply go ahead and click on “Test” in the bottom right-hand corner to launch Showbox.

Screenshot after uploading Showbox into arc welder.

7.) If everything went well Showbox should automatically launch to the dashboard.

You can now access Showbox by first launching Arc Welder @ chrome://apps/. (Might want to go ahead and bookmark this url for future use!)


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Showbox?

Showbox is a free app that allows you to stream or download your favorite tv shows or movies. While it is only technically available on the android platform via a manual .apk file install, there are many clever solutions that allow you to install and run the Android app on nearly any device.

What is BlueStacks

Bluestacks is an android operating system emulator. It basically allows you to run a virtual android mobile device on your Windows computer. Great for developers or gamers who are looking to play mobile applications on a (much) larger screen.

What Does the Arc Welder Extension Do?

The Arc Welder Chrome extension allows you to install and run android applications on any system that can run chrome! Allowing users that were previously unable to access android applications due to their operating system to finally access android apps. This includes Chrome OS, Windows, Macs & Linux.

What is an .apk file?

A .apk file is essentially an install file for the android operating system. Just like Windows computers have .exe and Mac users have .dmg files, The Android OS uses .apk files (often in the form of apps) to install software.

Which is better? Bluestacks or Arc Welder?

While Bluestacks is always evolving and adding new features beyond just acting as an android emulator, at the end of the day they both serve the same function. Both platforms allow you to run Android apps on a non-android device. So I wouldn’t say that one is necessarily better than the other, it often simply comes down to what system you are running.

Bluestacks is a great option for Windows users, while Arc Welder allows you to run the Showbox apk on any system that can run Chrome.

Why can't I find Showbox in the app store?

Many people have commented that they cannot find the app within the app store, which is completely normal. You have to install the application manually using the appropriate .apk file as detailed above.

What's the latest version of Showbox?

As of today (7/18/2016) – The latest version of the Showbox apk is v4.65.

I Have Windows <insert version here>. Will it work on my computer?

Since Chrome & Bluestacks are both capable of operating on all current Windows operating systems, Showbox is able to be installed and run successfully on all Windows machines I’ve tested personally. Since we are running on platform independent software, Showbox should work on all Windows machines.

Since Chrome & Bluestacks are both capable of operating on all current Windows operating systems, Showbox is able to be installed and run successfully on all Windows machines I’ve tested personally. Since we are running on platform independent software, Showbox should work on all Windows machines.

How do I access downloaded files?

For a detailed breakdown on how to access and transfer your downloaded files in Bluestacks, checkout our tutorial.

I'm having a problem and need help troubleshooting...

It’s not uncommon to run into bugs or display issues because both the Showbox app file and their supporting platforms for setting up Showbox on PC are constantly getting updated! Fortunately, many issues are often resolved simply by updating to the latest version of the Showbox apk file. (as of this writing that is version 4.65)

If you are having a problem getting Showbox to run or display properly I urge everyone to start by updating either your Bluestacks or Arch Welder software and updating your Showbox app. If updating everything doesn’t resolve your particular issue, I would then go ahead and un-install and re-install everything and start from scratch. If your issue persists, it may be related to your display driver. If you are encountering a green or black screen when attempting to play or stream a video file, go ahead and update your display driver to the latest version.

If none of the above issues resolve your issue, keep in mind that Showbox is a very popular application and their servers may be over-loaded or under going maintenance. Sometimes all it requires is for you to be patient and try again in a few hours. If you’ve gone more than 24 hours and are still not able to get a working version of showbox, you may have to wait for the developers to update to the latest version to resolve whatever compatability problems you are encountering.

In the mean time, you may have better luck with Movie Box. The basic install & setup procedure is essentially the same so you shouldn’t run into any problems, although you may need to update the app once installed. You can install Moviebox HERE.


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