Showbox For PC Guide

In this showbox for pc guide we will be using the now popular BlueStacks Android emulator or Google Chromes Arc Welder extension to install and run Showbox on your Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PC. The Showbox app is an ad supported, Android only app that allows you to stream the latest & greatest movies and tv shows to your mobile device for free. By the very nature of it being an android only app however, there are a few additional steps required to get showbox working on your Windows pc. Not to worry though, I’ve simplified the process as much as possible in the guide below and included plenty of helpful screenshots for every step of the process! For those of you who are looking for help setting up showbox on your apple devices, make sure to checkout out my guide on how to setup showbox on your iphone & ipad.

 Run ShowBox on Your PC Using Bluestacks

1.) Download & Install The BlueStacks App Player.

Screenshot of Bluestacks welcome screen.

2.) Download the ShowBox Apk file.

3.) With the BlueStacks App open, double click the  Download and run the showbox apk file. file to install ShowBox.


4.) If you are running BlueStacks for the first time, you will be prompted to associate BlueStacks with a valid Google Play account. You must complete this step to continue.


5.) Once the Showbox apk file is installed, Browse to the “Android” tab in Showbox and click on the Showbox app icon to open Showbox.
Screenshot of showbox for pc.

6.) That’s it! You should now be able access ShowBox in BlueStacks!

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Showbox For PC: Arc Welder Chrome Extension Setup

1.) If you don’t already have the Chrome browser installed, you will need to go ahead and download Chrome and install it before first.

2.) If you haven’t already, You’ll also want to go ahead and download the latest Showbox .apk file HERE.

3.) Open your Chrome browser and install the Arc Welder extension by clicking the ‘Add To Chrome” button.


4.) When it has finished installing, you will want to click on the “Launch” button. You should then be greeted by the following notification instructing you to choose a location to save app related data.

Screenshot of arc welder getting installed.

5.) From here, simply click “Choose” in the bottom right-hand corner and choose a folder location that makes sense to you. I personally like to create a new folder @ C:\Chrome-Apps.

Screenshot of the choose a folder window for arc welder.

5.) Once you’ve chosen a folder location, you will be prompted to add your Showbox .apk file. Simply click on “Add your apk” button and choose your Showbox APK file.

Adding an apk file in arc welder screenshot.

6.) On the next screen you will see be given a chance to change some configuration options for your app and to Test it in Arc Welder. Make changes if you wish, otherwise you can simply go ahead and click on “Test” in the bottom right-hand corner to launch Showbox.

Screenshot after uploading Showbox into arc welder.

7.) If everything went well Showbox should automatically launch to the dashboard.

You can now access Showbox by first launching Arc Welder @ chrome://apps/. (Might want to go ahead and bookmark this url for future use!)


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Showbox?

Showbox is a free app that allows you to stream or download your favorite tv shows or movies. While it is only technically available on the android platform via a manual .apk file install, there are many clever solutions that allow you to install and run the Android app on nearly any device.

What is BlueStacks

Bluestacks is an android operating system emulator. It basically allows you to run a virtual android mobile device on your Windows computer. Great for developers or gamers who are looking to play mobile applications on a (much) larger screen.

What Does the Arc Welder Extension Do?

The Arc Welder Chrome extension allows you to install and run android applications on any system that can run chrome! Allowing users that were previously unable to access android applications due to their operating system to finally access android apps. This includes Chrome OS, Windows, Macs & Linux.

What is an .apk file?

A .apk file is essentially an install file for the android operating system. Just like Windows computers have .exe and Mac users have .dmg files, The Android OS uses .apk files (often in the form of apps) to install software.

Which is better? Bluestacks or Arc Welder?

While Bluestacks is always evolving and adding new features beyond just acting as an android emulator, at the end of the day they both serve the same function. Both platforms allow you to run Android apps on a non-android device. So I wouldn’t say that one is necessarily better than the other, it often simply comes down to what system you are running.

Bluestacks is a great option for Windows users, while Arc Welder allows you to run the Showbox apk on any system that can run Chrome.

Why can't I find Showbox in the app store?

Many people have commented that they cannot find the app within the app store, which is completely normal. You have to install the application manually using the appropriate .apk file as detailed above.

What's the latest version of Showbox?

As of today (7/18/2016) – The latest version of the Showbox apk is v4.65.

I Have Windows <insert version here>. Will it work on my computer?

Since Chrome & Bluestacks are both capable of operating on all current Windows operating systems, Showbox is able to be installed and run successfully on all Windows machines I’ve tested personally. Since we are running on platform independent software, Showbox should work on all Windows machines.

Since Chrome & Bluestacks are both capable of operating on all current Windows operating systems, Showbox is able to be installed and run successfully on all Windows machines I’ve tested personally. Since we are running on platform independent software, Showbox should work on all Windows machines.

How do I access downloaded files?

For a detailed breakdown on how to access and transfer your downloaded files in Bluestacks, checkout our tutorial.

I'm having a problem and need help troubleshooting...

It’s not uncommon to run into bugs or display issues because both the Showbox app file and their supporting platforms for setting up Showbox on PC are constantly getting updated! Fortunately, many issues are often resolved simply by updating to the latest version of the Showbox apk file. (as of this writing that is version 4.65)

If you are having a problem getting Showbox to run or display properly I urge everyone to start by updating either your Bluestacks or Arch Welder software and updating your Showbox app. If updating everything doesn’t resolve your particular issue, I would then go ahead and un-install and re-install everything and start from scratch. If your issue persists, it may be related to your display driver. If you are encountering a green or black screen when attempting to play or stream a video file, go ahead and update your display driver to the latest version.

If none of the above issues resolve your issue, keep in mind that Showbox is a very popular application and their servers may be over-loaded or under going maintenance. Sometimes all it requires is for you to be patient and try again in a few hours. If you’ve gone more than 24 hours and are still not able to get a working version of showbox, you may have to wait for the developers to update to the latest version to resolve whatever compatability problems you are encountering.

In the mean time, you may have better luck with Movie Box. The basic install & setup procedure is essentially the same so you shouldn’t run into any problems, although you may need to update the app once installed. You can install Moviebox HERE.

  • SweetPeach Shannon

    i am trying to get bluestacks app player on my computer but it’s not letting it complete going through

  • Abby

    I don’t see a ” showbox.apk ” file to double click… do I unzip or leave the file compressed?

    • You just follow the download link in step 2 and download the .apk file.

      There is nothing to unzip…

      • Jon

        what .apk file? Mine is also a .zip D/L

  • wahwahwahhhh

    i dont see the option to d/l showbox, i typed in show box in the search tab in bluestacks & nothing!

    • Please re-read the guide carefully.

      You just need to follow step 2 to download the app. (outside of bluestacks!)

      • scott

        help!!!!!!! no problems downloading the film/shows but how do I transfer to ext memory card? most downloads are in mp4 temp files so unable to transfer.
        anyone have same issue?

  • joyce

    when I search for showbox in the appmarket it doesn’t come up

  • Lynsey Cupples

    I only have 1gb total on my laptop and bluestacks needs 2gb total ram. Is there something similar to bluestacks that I can use to run showbox app?

    • Nothing that I am aware of…

      There is the android SDK for developers that might work…but that won’t be very user friendly if your.. well not a developer.

  • Anton Antonovitsh

    Yes i did all that. But I cannot download the file. Ok it shows file downloading, but later the file is not to be seen on PC anywhere. Finally I found what was downloaded, but it was not readable with no media player, it was just some JUNK that nothing can read. I wish to download a regular video file. Can You help please?

    • I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking…. Are you trying to find a movie you downloaded?

      Downloaded movies are saved in the image file – not easily accessed without a little bit of work. Essentially BlueStacks is an android emulator – right? So it uses a image of the android operating system to run, access the app store, etc. When you download a movie, or anything within bluestacks for that matter it gets saved within the android image – not your downloads folder on your PC.

      There are a few different ways to access these downloads, but that is beyond the scope of this simple guide. Here are a few sites that may help though.

      • Anton

        Thank you for your quick and kind responce. May be I will get lucky with these links. 🙂

      • Anton

        Of course. When I use it with Android phone, I will get access to regular files. Just to mention it.
        Files are regular on my phone. Then I can upload these files to GDrive, and view them throu chromecast. I thought it could be easier with PC.

      • Antonovitsh

        Great success. In Phone I used another app “File Manager” to see the files.
        I also installed this to BlueStack. And – bam! – I got access to regular video files.
        Great success!

        • Awesome! Man you are quick 🙂

          I’ll have to make sure to write a post detailing that process in the future. You may also be interested in checking out Bittorrent Sync to automatically sync these files to your PC.


          • Anton

            However, all is not solved, unfortunately. I do get access to downloaded file via android app “file manager”, but just later I experienced, that when I try to copy movie file to a Windows folder, it will only move about 300 mega of it, and then the whole Bluestacks becomes unresponsive. It will not copy any more, and I can not reopen Bluestacks (without PC reboot). Even so, at times I could not even reboot my computer in a regular manner any more. I today will test with smaller files. I will keep you posted.

          • Anton

            Hello. I now have tried to export mp4 video files with 3 different file-exploring-apps (ES File Manager, File Manager HD and File Manager (Explorer)). With all of them the problem is the same – they can export (copy to windows folder) a file that is smaller than 100M.
            They _may_ even copy a file that is 300M (usually not). But they will NOT copy a file that is 1 G big. The BlueStack program will freeze completely, I can still close it, but it will not reopen. It only will reopen when I reboot my PC. Which also is problematic, because after that my PC will not reboot normally, I will have to use the physical button.
            Now I would be happy if someone could tell me what is the problem and what to do. This ruins my goal with BlueStacks and Showbox. I have windows 7 professional, I have 6gigs of RAM and i7 processor. Also 20gig of free hard drive. I would apreciate help! Thank you!

            • I would look into BitTorrent Sync. Download it to BlueStacks and your PC and it should sync a small chunk of the download slowly overtime.

              I’ll try to make a post on this soon, in the mean time – please let me know if that works for you.

              • Anton

                It seems to work but I dont think it is for me. It sends the files over the internet but I already HAVE them on my computer. I am looking for a quicker way to get to them.
                I used to download files to my mobile phone and then drag them to PC with data cable.
                It was inconvenient but not so slow. Thank You.

              • Chupacabra

                Both ESI and OI File Manger lock when you try to move anything about/over 1GB, Windroy maybe an alternative. Then again XBMC+Icefilms. Youtube!!!!

  • Derek

    Hi, I’ve downloaded Blue Stacks and got showbox successfully. The only problem there is no video when I try to play any of the shows or movies on showbox. The audio is there just no video. Is there anything I can do?

    • SilverSprings

      I have the same problem. Hoping someone knows what’s up with that :/

  • Angela

    I clicked on the link you provided for the Showbox app … but it prompts me to download a zip file, not an apk … is there a way to fix this?

    • angela

      nevermind … I figured it out

      • Jaluzee

        Change the file extension from .zip to .apk. Make sure you change the “save as type” from compressed zipped to All files *.*. And it will work.

  • veronica

    i have bluestacks downloaded, however i cant get step 2 to work.. says “Failed-Download error”
    I did step 4 already also

    • stone

      Have the same problem… any idea how to fix it?

      • Hmmm. Works just fine for me.

        Perhaps try a different browser?

        • stone


        • stone

          I did.

          Mozilla worked perfect

    • david

      disable your security software for the download. mine thought it was a virus

    • Luis

      Find every bluestack and showbox download, file in downloads, programs, and in your browsers history where downloaded files get saved with that ‘blue’ or ‘green’ arrow that shows that your download has completed; DELETE every file and reinstall BlueStacks and then Showbox.apk. Do it exactly as Ryan indicated above and you should be ok. I’ve already done it on my Windows7 and Windows8. ;’)

      • ^100% This!

        Thanks for stepping in and helping out Luis. Good to know that it works on Windows 8 as well.

      • Jamie Richards

        I tried this and it still says can not play video. Do I need to download a video player for android to use it?

  • bubba70

    i have the bluestack app but when i go to step 2 im able to download showbox but it wont let me add it to bluestack what am i doing wrong can you help me?

  • alesia

    can someone please walk me through on how to go about getting showbox to download? I have bluestacks installed, but do not find showbox and am not understanding where to find it at. thanks

    • I’ve updated the guide with a screenshot on where to find the download link.

      Just follow the link in step #2.

  • JGuns

    I have bluestacks and showbox downloaded but when trying to watch a show I can hear the audio just get no picture.. the screen remains black. Any ideas??/

    • Do you have it in windowed mode or fullscreen?

      • JGuns


  • Nemo

    I have BlueStacks and ShowBox installed on my PC, but when i select a movie to watch, It doesn’t load and says that the Video cannot be loaded.

    • I’ll take a look when I get home and see if I can reproduce it…

    • Nemo

      I downloaded the VLC player and used it instead of the internal player, but unfortunately the video and audio have issues linking up in and out of time during the movie. I abandoned this effort and now stream from my android phone straight to the tv using chromecast and an app called Allcast. Deselecting the internal player, I choose to use allcast with a menu linking me to chromecast.

  • Hannah-Leigh

    I downloaded all this yesterday and it worked brilliantly but today I’ve tried to continue watching shows but a message keeps pooping up every time I click an episode saying that I’ve “watched too many episodes for today” when I haven’t watched anything? movies work fine though? how can I fix this?

    • Not sure Hannah…Definitely an issue on their end though.

      I did a quick Google search for that erorr message but couldn’t find anything useful. I would try their FaceBook page and see if others are having the issue…

    • John

      It might depend on how many are watched during one 24 hour period (not a straightforward morning to night ‘day’), so it would depend on when you last watched something.
      For example, if you can watch 5 episodes a day (I’m making that number up) and you finished watching the fifth at 11pm, then tried to watch more at 10am the next day, you would still be within that 24 hour period. So the limit would still be in place.
      Does that make sense?

      • Explicit0ne

        yeah but since when did showbox started to put a limit to the shows i watch? also does anyone knows where i can get the showbox verison before this stupid limit?

  • Hannah-Leigh


  • Len

    Can I export movies from show box on my PC? I’m using Bluestacks.

    • I just wrote a new post that describes the process I use to access files/folders on BlueStacks.

      You can find it Here:

      • jdawg

        Is showbox up and running now?

        • It’s still been working for me – however their site is still down… which means that newcomers don’t have a place to download the .apk file to install showbox.

      • jon

        hey different question . i keep getting showbox sayin sorry you have watched too many episodes today but i have only watched one episode is there any way around this ?

        • Adam

          Have same problem. Any help out there?

        • DDFred

          did you try yelling at it?

        • Jonathan Skinner

          Just unistall and reinstall and it will reset

      • Marshall White

        have same problem

      • Michelle

        Every 10 mins my movie blinks out -almost like screen saver but I checked and it’s not that! Any suggestions

        • Frances Louise

          Depending on if your pc has eyetracking, if you are too far away the screen will go blank before sleeping. If this is the problem go into your settings for the eye tracking and you should find your solution there.

  • Raza

    I need channel code for this app so i can install this on my roku 3.does any1 have this or have customer support/service number i can ring.thank u

  • Al Shaw

    Hey, downloaded all fine, but in playback i have video, but no sound? tried the obvious but still no luck, any ideas?

  • christina

    when i try and open the file after downloading it, it is a RaR file so i am a bit confused of what to do nxt as they r diff files and no application file any advice would be grateful x

    • Andy

      You should download a free program called “winrar”
      It will allow you to extract the files from the “rar” file.

      Good luck

  • tony

    ok download all works fine on monitor 1…but when i drag and drop bluestacks to monitor 2 and full screen it to watch show case it jumps straight back to monitor 1,how do i make it stay on monitor 2 in full screen please…

    • sdfg

      Wondering the same thing.

      • Interesting issue – I haven’t encountered that one myself, I would submit the issue to the bluestacks support team, they may have the answer.

  • ejwhite

    Hello. I have downloaded Bluestacks and Showbox. When I open Show box, It doesn’t show may anything on the home screen. It has the three options down the side (tv shows, updates and downloads) but no photographs of movies etc. I tried to search what I was looking for but that isn’t working either. Do i need to register or something like that? If so, could you please tell me how to go about doing that? Thank you.

    • chandel

      please someone helppppp im having the same issue!!! PLEASE HELP US!!!

      • Sure thing. But I’ll need some information first to troubleshoot.

        What operating system?
        Are you using bluestacks in windowed mode or fullscreen?
        Do you get a notification to update your video drivers when starting bluestacks?


        • chandel

          im using windows 8 and i actually tried both modes and its still no movies or shows displayed

          • I would start by updating your video drivers. I personally haven’t had any issues mirroring yours and I don’t have a windows 8 machine to test with, so it’s difficult to troubleshoot. But updating your video card drivers is where I would start personally.

            I just tested and confirmed the service itself is working(Windows 7).

            Have you tried running Bluestacks as administrator? (r-click run as admin) Do any other apps work?

            • chandel

              yes the only way i open it is by run as admin. i have no idea how to update the video drivers lol i guess ill google that . thanks alot for your help ryan siegel

              • Sounds good – keep us posted. I’d like to know if that does the trick.

                If not…I’ll try to get my hands on a windows 8 machine “soon-ish”

              • chandel

                ok soi figured out how to do the video driver update but it says its already up to date so i guess ill be patiently waiting for you to get your hands on that windows 8 device , thanks once again

              • Can you confirm that other apps work just fine on bluestacks?

              • chandel

                ok so i tested an app called hayday which i had to install first from google play store and its working fine

              • jaykay

                I had this problem. It turned out that when I first opened showbox after installing I was getting a prompt to install an update. If I installed this it prevented showbox from downloading all the thumbnails for the shows and movies. By clicking “Remind me later” I got it to work. Hope this helps

              • Kadi

                any fix for this? I’m having the same issue. Using windows 8 and getting a black screen with three tabs. I, as well, have updated my graphics and still nothing. 🙁

              • Wish I could be of more help – but I still don’t have a Windows 8 machine to test on. If I find anything, I will be sure to follow up here.

                In the meantime I would seek out similar apps and see if the issue is isolated to just the showbox app or BlueStacks & Windows 8.

              • Tonice Leitner

                Works fine on win8.1

              • Thanks for the update Tonice 🙂 I just got Windows 8 to start testing this, as Others seem to be having some odd issues (which I can’t seem to replicate…)

                Good to know that Windows 8.1 is working!

              • I finally got my hands on a copy of Windows 8.1 – I can also confirm that it is working as intended on Windows 8.1.

            • Ben TEN TEN

              We’re not stupid. This crap simply does not work as described at all. It’s waste of time and effort.

              • Wow….

                Well I’ve tested it on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and it worked straight away. The only variable in this post is where you get your .apk file from to install ShowBox.

                If for some reason the showbox app has stopped working – it has everything to do with their servers…nothing to do with the guide itself.

                I will leave it at that…

    • archie225

      You don’t have the real showbox app. In the real one the tabs are along the top, not down the side.

      • The one I have does have tabs along the top…. The current(perhaps old now) site is down last I checked.

        • Marshall White

          How many episodes can you watch a day? When does it reset to watch more? Is there anyway around that? It says “Were sorry, but you’ve been seeing to many episodes.” I only watched 3 woooow….

          • Jonathan Skinner

            I unistall and reinstall and it resets

      • Nick Andrew James Bryant-Klair

        in the new version of showbox has the tabs on the side and no one the top *** above User Is An Ass ***

  • Jason

    how long before anyone gets busted for copyright infringement using this app?

    • More than likely they would sooner target the source than millions of individuals.

      That being said… I would strongly recommend that you avoid downloading anything. Worst case scenerio – not having a physical copy of the movie on your hard drive is probably a good thing.

      • Casper Young

        Huh? If you download something it doesn’t matter if you save it or not. If you do download something labeled for copyright infringement it’s tracked to your IP address, or router but yes it is more likely they will target the source but they can go after you also. The above methods you mentioned to get Showbox working on a PC don’t work for me. Server error! Can’t connect to the internet properly.
        Secondly, there is an update problem. Showbox apk. works fine on my tab but when I update it I get this, “Show_box apk” which does not work! Uninstalled and back to the original apk which does work.
        So Ryan, Showbox is still in beta testing as far as I can see. My video drivers and video graphics card are, up to date, still not working on bluestacks. Every other app so far works but this one.

  • howlinwoofer

    My downloads occurred without any problems. I have watched “shows” without a hitch but when it comes to some movies there is a stuttering of both the video and audio. Any ideas on whats happening and what the resolution is? This doesn’t happen with all movies, just some.

    • Couldn’t say…It could be a number of different things. Bandwidth, server load, cdn network….etc

      • xav

        i would really like to be able to transfer the downloaded file onto a external drive so i can watch it on the big screen using my x-box any idea where the file is saved when you down load the movie

        • I’m writing a post on how to access your files/folders within BlueStacks from Windows now. I’ll post the link back here when it goes live.

  • Jason

    Worked Great – Thanks! Where do the files download to? There does not appear to be an option to change the movie download location, or am I missing it?

    • The downloaded movie is saved to the Android Emulator Image.

      There are a few ways to extract it….however none of them are all that simple. I strongly advise users to simply stream vs download. ( for a number of reasons..namely security ).

      However if you insist on downloaded a movie through bluestacks – I would look into setting up bittorrent sync in Bluestacks and on your PC.

  • kim

    i have showbox on my pc but everytime i try to watch something the movie player keeps failing showing “MX player is not responding” Has anyone encountered this before?

  • tom

    hi when I click on the downloaded showbox apk in bluestacks it says cant open file

  • chandel

    I downloaded everything and when the showbox opens on the bluestacks app its empty. I see the tab menus for movies and shows and search but theres no movies or shows or nothing there

    • Andrea Curran

      I have the same problem and I was wandering if you had found a solution yet?

      • chandel

        i dont kow if i can call it a solution but yes i am able to watch movies now and everything works fine now..
        for some reason my computer was not connected to my modem at the time , it was connected to a weaker connection.
        but now its connected to my modem and it works perfectly

  • shawn

    hi i have been struggling for the last few hours trying to install showbox on my pc i have followed all instructions very carefully even visiting several websites but to no avail. thing is i am not seeing showbox on the play store only on mobogenie please help. it is an awesome app and i already have it on my android devices

    • Right, Because it doesn’t exist in the play store.

      You install it manually as described in Step #2.

  • pA

    Does this app use torrents like popcorn time?

  • I just thought id point out that showbox does work for IOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) but it isn’t called Showbox. Its called MovieBox and is only available in Cydia to jailbroken devices. Just thought someone might enjoy that information.

  • George Coseraru

    great stuff…. worked fine on windows 8. had to use chrome… excellent. Many thanks.

  • jaycee

    I’ve successfully installed bluestacks and show box on my mac. However, when I click on a show it starts to load, shows the play buttons at the bottom of the screen, then goes black. So far I’ve tried three different movies/shows and the same thing happens every time. Any ideas please? Thanks

  • Deb Tucker

    Anyone else having the problem of it going to a page with Hello World on it when clicking the link to download ShowBox App?

    • Mimz

      me too and I don’t know what to do. anyone else know how we can resolve this?

      • The site is down – I’ve updated the post to reflect the downed status and will post back here if anything changes.

  • clare

    Do you have to install bluestacks to get showbix on an android phone!? Thank you

    • clare

      Ooops meant showbox

      • No you just visit the showbox website on your android, download and install 🙂

        You may have to over ride the security setting on your phone to install applications not hosted on the app store.

  • Tommy

    When I watch show box on my laptop the picture glitch though out the whole movie. Any idea why?

  • Gibo

    Is it me or is the showbox site been shutdown? or blocked isp? All I seem to see is “Hello World”

  • Mike

    Why is it when i leave the showbox idled the screen goes black and then I have go to showbox icon to restart?

  • ShAngel31

    I am having Playing and Downloading issues with the app. The video keeps freezing every minute or 2 when I “Watch Now”, even after I keep the video paused to let it load more. When i try to download, it only gets 1/2 way done and says waiting for downloading…. that is if it will start the download at all. I have cleared the cache & data multiple times but it still will not fix this issue. Please help…..

    • I know they are having some server issues, which is probably tied to their site going down recently. If possible, I would try to stream at a lower qaulity to avoid poor playback.

  • WoodyRom

    Any word on the site coming back up?

    • Unfortunately No.

      Sites/Apps of this nature tend to disappear in short order due, it may have very well suffered the same fate as cartoon HD. Luckily their are many others eager to take their place, a quick google search should yield some similar apps.

      • Woodyrom

        I will check, thanks!

  • Nick

    I went to and downloaded showbox there because the linked site is down (as posted). However, I’m having the same problem that chandel is having. Thus, I can’t confirm if this link will work as well as your link.

  • Wayne

    Showbox download link does not work just opens a new link saying Hello World!

  • LliamLliam

    Got Bluestacks. Got Showbox. Runs fine UNTIL I click a movie, then it quickloads an ad. Everytime. Ad nauseum. Any way to kill the ads? I can’t get Adblock Plus for Android to run.

    • I don’t support the use of adblock. Showbox is completely free and only exists because the developers can make a bit of cash via the ads in return for all the work that went into providing this FREE app/service.

      As a publisher of free content myself, I can’t in good conscience help you with this.

  • BIS

    can this program be be used on a wii console

  • shermbe

    my galaxy s5, running most recent version of kitkat, randomly starting saving the files at .temp i can watch them through the showbox app but they will not play when opening them through the native video player or any other video app. any help?

    • jiv

      i think its because you select use internal player when downloading, if you untick should have an mp4 only

    • meridiot

      I had the same prob. Just get rid of the .temp ext in the filename and they run fine.

  • Leo

    There is a Showbox app available for iPhone users. It’s just under a different name and it’s called Movie Box 3.0 but you must be jailbroken to download and install the app through cydia or any other browser.

  • John

    when i download a movie fron Show Box where on my PC does the file go to

  • unknown

    i have downloaded movie from showbox on my smartphone. The problem is how can i transfer the movie from smartphone to pc ? Any ideas ? Someone please help me …

  • shiv

    Hi how many episodes can you watch per day just got message saying ive watched to many elisodes 2day

    • Not sure… never got cut off yet. Though I’ve only watched 3 a day max so far….

  • Diego Flores

    hey im using showbox on my galaxy s3 and on my google tv, on the former one it works perfectly but on my tv it first started by not playing the movie full screen no matter what i did and now every time i open showbox it reads showbox isnt responding but if i click on wait it works regularly then when i try to watch a movie it says its loading, it takes forever and then it tells me that media cant be played…….please help me i love this app

    • Couldn’t say Diego – Might try your luck contacting the developers but I think they are getting close to closing up shop….

  • Jason Jinks

    I followed the steps that were given on YouTube and I still can’t get showbox to work. I downloaded bluestacks got it to work. Went to http:/ or something like that and downloaded showbox or thought I did. Moved the showbox file to the apk handler file or whatever it’s called. Opened bluestacks and showbox wasn’t there but the game apps were. HELP

  • inari

    hi I am having an issue where no movie data is shown, just a white screen when I run it, any ideas?

    • Typically this can be resolved by updating to the latest video card drivers – especially true if you have a radeon graphics card.

      Otherwise, people have also reported success by simply re-installing everything. But I would start with the driver updates personally.

  • jen

    i have bluestacks but im unable to download showbox or the apk file

    • This is correct – the site has been down for awhile now ( as stated earlier in the post ). There are imitations out there that serve the same purpose though. A quick google search should get you a similar application 🙂

  • KillaKaylah

    Hello I followed all the steps with succes up until I actually wanted to play a video through bluestacks. It just tells me that it can’t play. Help! 🙁

  • Gilbo

    it is up and running but streaming is rubbish for some reason even with a strong fibre connection and downloading is painfully slow… Suggestions?

  • dd

    I have downloaded it and it plays buy its jumpy and has greenish lines running throughout the picture

  • rod

    hey there. i did everything except for step #2. i keep getting “404 not found” error message. Im using chrome. help

  • David

    Ryan, Is Bluestacks limited to 500 mb file transfer? I have tried several File Managers and they all fail around 400 to 500 mb. The large movies on Show Box are 1 gb+. File Manager will copy the entire 1 gb+ file to rootwindows but fail on every shared file. Do you have any suggestions on how to get past this?? Thanks

  • lt

    Hi, I’m having problems watching movies that are in mp4 temp, is there a way I can convert these movies so i can watch them

  • michael ratcliffe

    Hi i have installed Blue stacks app on my Mac and then using dropbox account where i loaded tha showboat file i download it to bluestacks, i can access the app fine and browse the movies and shows, but if i try to watch one i only get the audio and a black screen? I tried downloading an episode of the simps ions which it downloaded quite quickly but same problem on play back. If i bring up the control bar and scroll along to a point later in the movie show as i move the cursor the pictures appear but once i stop scrolling and press play again it is back to black screen with perfect audio, i have tried restarting loads of times any ideas?

    • ProTech

      I’ll start by saying “GUTTED FOR YOU”.

      Nah only joking man, its a common problem with Mac’s that can “usually” be resolved quite easily.

      1) go to system settings on your mac

      2) once is system settings put the mac to one side.

      3) find a place on the floor with space, put your hands together and pray.

      4) continue to pray untill the problem is corrected.

      hope this helps play your video as well as the sound. It should resolve the black screen issue.

    • michael ratcliffe

      Many thanks

  • iamindark

    i recently found out about chromecast and i have show box on my phone. one of my friend plays his movies directly from show box to his TV using the chromecast by unticking the “internal player” option however it does not work for me.

    i have tried using it with ALLCAST AND LOCALCAST apps but it does not work. it does work fine on my phone though when i watch something.

    can someone please help me so i can get to watch show box movies direct to my TV using the chromecast 🙁

    you may suggest any other options which you think will work or have work for yourself.

    thanks a lot guys

    • Truthinspeaking

      Try Web Video Caster -

  • Luke

    Downloads are being finished correctly, they remain as .mp4.temp and cannot be played with an external player. What’s going wrong?

    • darius78

      Rename the file by deleting the “.temp” and it should play

      • Olga

        The name is .mp4 but it it still is a temp file. So it is not really possible tot delete .temp because it says .mp4 while it is a .temp file. What should I do?

        • chinkster

          you can rename it with es file manager. download and install es file manager then in bluestack open es file manager and locate the file, click and hold then select rename and delete the last bit of .mp4.temp so it just says .mp4

  • Luke

    Sorry, previous post should have read downloads *aren’t* being finished correctly.

  • bella

    hi i just installed bluestuck on my pc but there is no showbox !!! what to do???

  • jasmine

    Hi the problem I have is that it keeps saying I have a connection error. How do I connect bluestacks to my WiFi?

    • chinkster

      you just need to connect your device to the wifi like you normally do when you want to use the net, then open bluestack.

  • Amy

    Hey! The site’s still down, but I found that also works! There’s no Download Now page though, it just starts downloading straight away. Hope this is helpful 🙂

  • jay_y_b _e _n

    Hi i have been able to download showbox unto my android phone but when i open it, it’s empty don’t know why and when u search it doesn’t return any results but the app has installed perfectly.

    • Martin

      I have the exact same problem. I just got showbox on my note 4 but when i open it there are no movies or tv shows. Its all empty with just tabs visible that take to to other empty pages. I even uninstalled it and downloaded the apk from other sources.

  • statia

    Is showbox up and running now?

  • Sam

    I’ve downloaded bluestacks and installed showbox and opened it with the app and everything. I can get onto the app with the movies/shows/my library/updates tabs at the top but there’s no pictures of movies or anything that show up and nothing comes up when I try search for them.. Help please?

  • Al O’Neill

    Hi, I’ve done as instructed above however when I select a movie to play it gives me the watch now or download options but when I do it won’t play at all. I’ve even tried to download it & watch it that way but it still won’t play then either. Any thoughts on how to get this working ?

    • chinkster

      have you tried installing a player??….like mx player app on bluestack.

  • Ben

    I’ve got it all working however with the iOS version on cydia, (MovieBox) you can use iFile to locate the saved file of the movie & put it in the Cameraroll so I can put it on a USB stick & watch it elsewhere. Is this possible with the PC ShowBox?

  • kiki

    I downloaded showbox and use it through bluestacks. Everything pulls up with pictures and when i select my movie/show of choice. The player comes up, i hear the movie playing yet the screen stays black. Did not install something? Oh yea i’m using it on my MacPro.

  • andy

    no sound
    what can i do to fix?

  • Matt

    downloaded all ok, but my windows 7 laptop wont play any movies?

  • Archie Tiburcio

    hello there,
    I got a question regarding showbox app…i got already bluestacks, then showbox, but when i open showbox on my pc, there is no movies coming out? Please help me…

  • Archie Tiburcio

    I tried and it works…..thanks

  • Ah – good, glad you got it sorted out.


    hey i downloaded the bluestacks and everything was fine till i tried to find the app…its telling me there is no showbox app…its just showing me other apps with free movies n t.v but noshow box

    • chinkster

      Hi, I answer that question above, just read what I wrote to jannie le.

      hope it helps

  • ishan

    Where are the videos dowloaded stored on PC so I can transfer them in my hard drive… Plzz help

  • Vince

    I had the same problem, so I uninstalled Bluestacks, and install again, and now it works fine.

  • NicoleStorm

    I’ve downloaded ShowBox on my android phone and it works perfectly. I recently installed bluestacks on my Mac so I can watch it on my laptop as well. For some reason when I click on an episode to view, it asks how I would like to play it (internal video player…external etc) No matter what option I choose, I cannot watch any episodes 🙁 On my phone I just choose “internal player” and everything works fine. Ive already downloaded 2 different external video players and still no luck :/ Any suggestions?

    • chinkster

      hi, when you say you downloaded 2 different external video players, do you mean for your mac or video player apps??… may need a player app.

  • Jade

    Everytime the app has completed downloading, I click on it and it says it cannot open file

    • chinkster

      if it is a temp file it won’t open, you need to rename the file with es file manager from .mp4.temp to .mp4

  • Simon D

    Nothing is being displayed in the bluestacks window after i click showbox app- no movies to tv shows,no updates etc.
    Followed instructions here, youtube and numerous other sights. Tried changing compatability mode etc. Running windows 8.1- now stuck any ideas???

  • Jannie Le

    I just download Bluestacks but don’t find Showbox to download

    • chinkster

      showbox is not available on play store, you need to download the file itself from a website and then click on it to install then open bluestack and it will show up as one of your apps

  • Jim

    I’m keep on getting stuck half way downloading movies and it won’t resume after I hit resume button? I tried restarting Bluestacks but that doesn’t help.

    • chinkster

      Hi, I had this problem on my phone, don’t delete the file just go back and re-download the movie again and it should resume from where it stopped to.

    • Syed

      I’m having the same problem, did you manage to sort it out?

  • Pat

    Hi, i have a laptop with windows 7 and i downloaded bluestacks and showbox just fine. Showbox opens and the movie titles and pictures come up but when i click on a movie, its loading but then the loading circle goes away but screen goes blank and no movie plays. Any info why the movie doesnt play? please help.

    • chinkster

      have you installed a player??….it needs a player to play videos, download and install mx player.

      • brendan

        No player will work with blustack mate… tried that already 🙁 have the same problem!!

  • RR

    Hey I have just downloaded show box on to our laptop, is there a way of transferring the programs I download on to a external hard drive to then take home and watch through our smart TV?


    • chinkster

      well when you download tv shows/movies on showbox it saves it in a folder, unfortunately its hard to locate that damn folder when searching in your hdd.

      this is what I do (on win 7)

      – download and install es file manager
      – in bluestack open es file manager
      – click on showbox folder select the file and then click more and move to
      – click windows folder then BstSharedFolder and move

      once the file has finish moving, on your pc open any window….computer, documents etc…doesn’t really matter which. copy and paste this C:ProgramDataBlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder in the top bar and enter. it should then show you all your mp4 files you downloaded with showbox. select all and move to external hdd and enjoy.

      hope this helps 🙂

  • Darren Donovan

    Hi, I installed bluestacks and showbox apk on my Surface Pro 2 tablet. I opened up bluestacks, and this screen came up. I then opened showbox by double clicking the Eye icon, the screen went black for about 4 seconds, then the previous screen returned. Apparently, showbox was not able to display any movies/shows…… for whatever reason. I tried out the other apps in bluestacks: Facebook, Twitter, they both worked. Please help.
    Thank you! FYI, Showbox works fine on my phone, Galaxy Note 2.

  • ginni

    Evertime i download showbox it is just an empty screen.

  • ricardo

    i did all the steps and when i open showbox it tells me there is available new version please update your program from our server. but when i do it says -update error- what do i do?

  • rick

    hey i did all the steps you have here and when i open showbox it tells me there is a new version so i hit the update and it shows me a update errors .. have any idea what it can be?

  • Wynnie

    Hi. Am new to this. Just wondering if there is virus infection each time we download or watchonline.. What’s the risk??

  • Rachel Brooker

    When i open blue stacks and click on the show box app it opens but no shows appear

  • Olga

    No updates yet for showbox install file? I already had it but I reset laptop and lost it…. 🙁

  • emma


    i have downloaded Bluestacks and then showbox…when i open showbox it states that theres an update needed (no films ect show on the showbox main screen) i click update and it says error every time…any ideas tips hints?? been trying to figure it for an hour now 🙁

  • Steven

    Where is the android image file located?

  • seamy

    I cant play tv shows I just get a picture of the show but no option to play movies work can someone help plz

  • marcos

    I did all the steps and everything seems like to be fine but i can not stream any movie even the ones i download. Any idea why?

    • jeff

      Plug your pc into your tv via hdmi to hdmi.. works great

  • Angelo

    I installed bluestacks on my PC, installed the showbox app, so I can watch all movies and shows. I want to now stream via chromecast. i tried to insyall allcast and it would not allow (error to server?). any suggestions on how to get this going?

  • Dean

    I’ve followed the instructions and get everything installed but whenever I click a film it says ‘can’t play this video’ after attempting to load it. It does this on several films – any ideas? Thanks

    • brendan

      Update your video drivers for your pc…

  • jennifer

    I can’t seem to find showbox in bluestacks???

    • Itsdianeh .

      When you downloaded bluestacks it should have put 2 icons on your desktop ….’Apps’ and ‘Bluestacks’ … if you open the App folder , Showbox icon is in there 🙂

  • Jamie Richards

    How do I uninstall showbox to reinstall it? I am getting an error on every video, saying it can not be played. It won’t update either.

  • angie

    I played a movie bit i cant hear nothing
    And the volume its all the way up even from my speakers
    What do i do


  • LT

    Once I download a Showbox movie onto my PC what folder does it download to onto my PC? I know I can watch the downloaded movie on the app but I want to transfer a downloaded copy to other devices such as ipads, etc.

    • ibsandman

      Would like to know the answer to this as well?


  • arron

    When I go Into the show box app it says internet not connected but my internet is fine

    • Kaur

      On your phone or pc ? I had this issue on my phone Galaxy S5. I had to turn off my internet connection … turn on airplane mode …. turn off airplane mode …. wait for the internet to connect & then immediately connect to showbox. I don’t know why but it worked. Here’s the you tube video that helped me

  • gomes2515

    The download feature in the app…does that mean I can watch the movies without a Internet connection

  • mdstone

    When I run Showbox from Bluestacks, it loads then within a few seconds it closes again. Have re-installed a few times and cleared cache but no luck. Windows 8.

  • coyotetango

    reads 404 when i try downloading showbox from your link

  • Nina

    I have downloaded bluestacks and showbox, which is showing to have the bluestacks logo but it will not open or appear in the bluestacks menu. I am using windows 8. Any advice? it is driving me crazy I have tried everything

    • the showbox app won’t appear in the bluestacks home screen?

    • After you’ve downloaded the .apk file and installed it ( with bluestacks open) it should appear in your list of apps within bluestacks.

  • Crystal

    May I get your help?
    I’ve been trying to do this for the past four days but can’t get it to work. I’ve downloaded showbox and bluestacks but when I go to my downloads and try to open it it opens with internet explorer and not with bluestacks. It’s not on my apps either. Any suggestions why? I’m on my windows 8 PC.

    • the .apk file opens with internet explorer? If that’s the case, I would try grabbing a different .apk file – as it shouldn’t be opening with IE.

    • the .apk file opens with internet explorer? If that’s the case I would search for an alternative .apk file.

      I wish I could do further testing, but I simply don’t have access to a Windows 8 pc at the moment.

  • Nick78

    I’m trying to download blue stacks android emulator to my Windows Vista PC, but I keep getting the msg- “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site” operation aborted. What’s wrong & how do I fix it?

    • B

      That’s the problem….Internet explore

  • Douglas linton

    I have downloaded bluestack and the showbox apk and whilst everything looks fine there is no audio on any of the movies or shows ? can anyone help me ?

    • If you would like to send me the download link you used for the .apk file, I can try to duplicate on my machine.

      What OS are you using? Does sound work for anything else in Bluestacks?

  • lily

    Why is it that when I download the movie it only plays part if it and then starts all over again?

  • john crooks

    hello, iv bluestacks & showbox on new hp windows 8 laptop. i also installed allcast as i wanted to stream movies to my chromecast dongle. allcast searches for dongle but never finds it! any suggestions??

  • Maryann Sangster

    hi can anyone tell me can i put showbox on to my wii as have it on everything else thanks 🙂

  • Drupal Kurdish

    after downloading Movies to be played later on. My Library of course the one where I download Movies to but where is that folder on the PC?

    • ibsandman

      I have been searching for the answer to this very same question. Have you discovered where the “library” of downloaded movies is stored on a PC?

  • Steven McNeill

    Hi. I have installed Show Box and Blue Stacks. When i open a movie on Show Box, it just shows a black screen, like the movie is trying to load but nothing comes up?

  • Carlos

    How can i reopen bluestacks??

  • Carlos

    How do i open showbox with bluestacks after i open bluestacks

  • Syed

    Hi, I’m having problem downloading shows. It downloads a few episodes. After that it stops and says, “waiting for download” and it just stops downloading. I’ve tried downloading again, restarted bluestacks but no luck. It just straight goes to resume and won’t download! Plz help!

    • Ineed Morcowbell

      I have been having the same problem now for weeks. It seems to have started after my last upgrade of the app. I have been to the Facebook, twitter and Google+ page and still have not gotten a response. How about you?

  • TricD

    All seem to load OK click film advertise comes up and I press the x button but nothing happens?

  • issact

    Shoebox does not finish loading so no movies pop up

  • Dragon

    I have downloaded showbox to box my android and my laptop. Here is my issue, on my android I use the internal player and can watch anything with subtitles but on my laptop using the internal player nothing loads, it shows the movie time length but it won’t play. However if I remove the internal player, I can use either vlc, or bsplayer and watch the movies but still no subtitles. Also mx player won’t work for me

  • Kaur

    I downloaded Showbox & installed it on my pc. It plays great but I have no sound. Has any one else had this problem? Any help is appreciated.

  • Tonice Leitner

    Get dropbox for chrome to open apk then bluestack showbox for android mine runs great on win 8.1 just Google play pops up once in a while sometimes never

  • pawn rodriguez

    i have done all the steps and have succsesfully gotten show box to work on my laptop my only issue is i have no sound when i play a show or movie it plays the video fine but there is no sound either on my laptop or when connected to the tv via hdmi cable..does anyone have any suggestions?

  • emma

    hi I downloaded bluestacks and showbox onto my laptop, showbox opens, I click watch now on the film I want, the screen thinks about it for a min then I get a black screen, I have opened my firewall to let bluestacks through but still nothing. anyone have a suggestion as to what im doing wrong?

  • Ineed Morcowbell

    I am having issues with my phone. When I try to download certain shows it says ‘Waiting for Downloading’ but it will not download. This started
    After the last upgrade of Showbox. How can I fix this? I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still nothing.

  • Virgil

    Showbox movies runs in above and below dual displays within the app within bluestacks. Do you know how to correct this?

  • harryb-1233

    I have just downloaded this app and I can hear the audio of the movie but no picture how can I fix this?

  • David Tetlow-Taylor

    downloaded showbox no problem on windows7 but when i try to watch a show or film the video runs slow or its like watching a picture show no problem with audio

  • Neil Lovell

    Hi can I ask a question about audio settings for showbox please

  • Matt

    I’ve got blue stacks but when downloading showbox it’s telling me I need administrator permission? I am the administrator and can normally download anything. Anyone know where I’m going wrong. I have full control as administrator.

    • Have you tried right clicking and running as administrator? If you are talking about running the .apk file – please be wary as there are numerous versions out there and some of them could potentially be malicious! If it would normally run and you are local admin on your machine – I would seek out a different .apk file.

  • Cassie

    Hello. I am new to Showbox via Bluestacks. When it works, it is ace! However getting it to work is frustrating. I end up fighting with the software for about 30 minutes trying to get past ‘sorry cannot play video’. Although it highlights the item as yellow and watched. I am trying to watch this on my PC, with full wifi etc. After a while (changing nothing) the app will start to work and play many episodes in succession. But trying to get it started is putting me off.
    I am running windows 8.1 on a PC, with no other apps running in the background. Really hope you could provide some advice? Thank you.

  • B

    I downloaded showbox on my laptop and evey once and a while, the audio gets out of dunce in the middle of the show/movie. This is too annoying. Please help????

  • shelley

    Showbox is showing up in my bluestacks program but when I click to open it it says there is an internet connection problem.

  • John Stonebrunt

    while watching a show or movie, how do i keep the godforsaken appsync popup from showing up? every time it does, i have no choice to but to totallly close down bluestacks and restart..restart my show again only to have the appsync show up again…happens every 7 mins or so…

  • nel

    can anyone help on my laptop showbox works fine but i have just installed it on my dads laptop and it wont play low or medium films i just get a black screen and the high play but then jump constantly im not sure whats going on can anyone one help please
    thank you

  • Bev

    Showbox is no longer a free service. I logged on today and to my great disappointment there is now a rental fee posted for each movie.

  • isabel

    I downloaded the bluestacks &show box but it doesn’t let me watch new movies er new shows it says “can’t play this video ” y is that can u help me please…

  • isabel

    When I try watch new movies /,shows it says “can’t play this video y does it say that even on some old movies it says it too can u please hlep me.

  • Gina Branham

    for some reason my showbox is showing the movies and shows in double do i fix that?

    • Manny

      I have same issue? how can I fix this? double screen

  • Emma

    Everything has been downloaded to my laptop but when i click on a show or a movie and then click watch now i just get a blank page with a timeline across the bottom saying 0:00 on each end

    • I’ve found that lately some movies simply won’t load (generally newer films). If this seems to be effecting all movies/tv shows, then generally running their update tends to resolve the issue.

  • Chenille Simmons

    Can I download bluestacks on my wii?

  • Justin Burley

    I need to know how to run the Showbox/HDCinema app on my PC/Laptop through Bluestacks, and then be able to cast it to my Chromecast on my TV…

    Right now I can only watch it on my laptop, when I choose custom it doesn’t even show my chormecast. I have Windows 7/Ultimate and chromecast app and bluestacks app are already installed and working fine, just can’t cast to my Tv

  • mohammed

    how can i add my downloaded movies to my library on my one plus one phone?

  • Flordeliz Bruno

    Its telling me I need another server. What can I do?

  • Flordeliz Bruno

    I did everything. but it says the server is wrong or something. it;; let me download for server one but not server 2 what can I do???

  • Greg C

    Shows play just fine on my pc, but when i select a movie to watch, It doesn’t load. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Steven Westcott

    Hello Ryan just a heads up for the showbox app i run, i have a glitched butten for when downloading movies. the butten always says resume but the download just keeps going till finished. i run os windos 8.1 and am using bluestacks. Ill come back to here and check for ur responce. and sorry for my horrid spelling having to type this really fast. >.<"

  • unknown

    i open my showbox in pc…select a movie and it show server error
    how do i fix this????

  • Cee acre Hogan

    Hoe to stop flickering on tv shows and movies

  • ann

    I was wondering on bluestacks when trying to watch tv shows some work and others do not…example rookie blue it only shows pic of show and is not asking watch now

  • ann

    not sure if my post is working but question is about bluestacks tv show …why some work and others do not is there a reason for this…example rookie blue only shows pic of show…but unable to watch as it does not have info watch now

  • Bangali

    Ryan, just to let you know, cartoon HD and ‘showbox’ are both available to iOS users.. Cartoon HD through the App Store (now unavailable) and showbox, which was actually available on iOS first under the ‘moviebox’ name through the cydia repo’s is still available. And to be fair, moviebox is a lot less buggy. Just so any iOS users on this forum felt left out!

  • Glenda Walter-mondesire

    hi have already installed bluestacks and showbox apk but none of the videos are working. mx player says unsupported device…please help

  • Anthony

    bluestack doesn’t work on my surface windows tablet. what do I do?


    I have a problem sir.i’m using windows 8.1,the download seemed to be start by appearing button resume instead of pause while the dowloading occur. At first, i am able to download about 16 movies a day but coincidentally, something error happened that makes my download to get stuck for the next movie and the problems seem to be continuous after i have reinstall back the bluestakes app together with the showbox…does the prob linked to my internet connection at my homes???…

  • Pad

    How do i full screen it without the icons at the bottom, after around 5 mins it goes blue screen through no use….mega annoying

  • Paula

    My app is saying cant connect to server try another server…help

  • Tina Hartley

    HELP!! It says video not available try another server, This says it for all movies, am I suppose to download something else as well??

  • Peter

    Directions weren’t clear, got my penis stuck in a tomato..

  • Suz McKa

    I keep getting message unable to play video any suggestions

  • Lil bit

    Does anyone know how to use chromecast with showbox inside blue stacks …. it’s in a laptop

  • jimmy

    how do i find the tv shows i have downloaded of showbox on my pc

    • TerryAnn Smith

      Open showbox and click My Library and then Download. All of your shows should be listed.

  • TerryAnn Smith

    I upgraded to Windows 10, reconfigured Bluestacks and started Showbox. I get audio, but for video I just have a green screen. Help?

    • Joyce

      This drove me round the bend too, but decided to check my add on’s, Adobe flash player ws the culprit so it needs updating when you are on Windows 10. The video was fine after that.
      At first I was just keep trying to use Show box with Blue stacks, and sound perfect but no video. what pushed me to Adobe Flash player fault was when the BBC News player came up with the green screen too, so I new it wasnt just the blue stack at fault

      • So Updating Flash fixed the black/green screen that you were having when trying to playback video in BlueStacks?

        Thanks for posting this here Joyce – I know many others have ran into this as well and I haven’t been able to replicate it myself 🙂

      • tom

        ive done all this yet am still getting a green screen with just sound, any ideas why?

  • Tom Vogt

    Is it possible to run true full screen in bluestacks without the buttons showing on the bottom and a black section around all four sides?

  • Marek Psotka

    How can we get full screen without the bottom sings and to avoid the small frame screen, please?

  • SteveClineman

    windows 7 user. downloaded both bluestacks and then showbox, installed and all that. My issue is everytime I click to watch a movie it redirects me to the bluestacks app player. If I want to watch a show it will show me seasons and episodes but once I click to watch something I get again redirected. Whats up? How do I fix this?

  • Kerri W

    I have a problem. I have showbox installed but it’s only allowing me to play tv shows and it’s not allowing me to watch movies. Everytime I click on a movie title it closes down and goes straight to the bluestack homepage.
    Please Help!

    • JR

      me too

  • daniel

    When I click certain movies it kicks me back to the bluestacks main page… is there something I can do to stop that?

  • Jay Pointon

    Hey I have a issue. When trying to play any video in showbox on my pc I keep getting double picture how do I stop this

  • Victor Reyes

    i need help i got everything but when i try to use show box it say check internet connection

  • LilMama

    I have windows 10, trying to download Bluestacks but it keeps saying I need 2gb of memory but I have way more then 2gb available. What am I doing wrong?

  • Rick Barrow

    I keep getting Bluestacks asking for subscription, either pay or download apps, is there a way to get rid of this?

  • anthony

    i have the bluestacks emulater with the recent shoebox app. i literally just finished watching a movie and i exited out the complete program to grab a bite to eat. came back and shoebox said it needed to be updated. so i did that but it never updates. then i decided to not update and watch a movie and it kicks me out the app. what is the problem?

  • Jessica Carpenter

    Heads up everyone, it’s no longer safe to use the newest version of Showbox. It may be safe for streaming, however for downloading, it’s no longer safe. It looks like they went to a torrent model for downloads instead of just being able to download from their servers and now you can get ISP notices for copyright infringement from files that are used as decoys to find the ISP’s of people the are downloading them. I should know..I just got one. Looks like Ill be trying to get it to work on my pc so I can at least stream to a bigger screen.

  • jmx

    My showbox sound isn’t working

  • Patti Wing

    I have the stacker and the show box all opens but when I clickon a movie to watch the add plays but the movie loads but blank window please help

  • jack

    I download BlueStacks and Showbox on win 10 the video on the games and movies works great but no sound?

  • kevmeist

    Has anyone used bluestacks/showbox to cast to a Chromecast V2 device on a big screen TV? The web seems to show quite a few posts that says that Chromecast does not support this, but I have seen a few that say it does.

    I have got bluestacks/showbox working on my Win8.1 laptop and with an ethernet cable (CAT6) plugged into the Gb switch in my entertainment rack and the HDMI from the laptop into my Denon receiver, I can see ShowBox on the big screen. My house is wired with CAT6. The switch in the entertainment rack goes to my wiring closet to another switch and from there to my router.

    So, the question is still whether Chromecast V2 (the round device) will work with Showbox.


  • David

    I tried to download movies on my window 7 envy 6 laptop from showbox and bluestacks but when i play. Its so slow and keeps frezzing which makes the words play faster then the picture. Like a Chinese movie

  • clarkmurphy

    I can get the showbox home screen with all the film posters and such, but that is as far as I can get. When I click on a film I only get the ‘working wheel’ – for want of a better name – spinning trying to get the film and I don’t even get as far as the ‘watch now’ screen. Can anyone help me with a reason to what’s stopping me accessing showbox please?

  • Julie Hart

    hi i have tryed to klick on showbox app and it says 404 error

  • Chris

    I am having issues getting my PC and Bluestacks to sync to my chromecast. If I open google chrome, I can broadcast to my TV, but through bluestacks, the connection times out…I have uninstalled and reloaded several versions/times. Anything I can do?

  • Mike

    hey so i open my bluestacks on my pc W7 and click on showbox to watch a movie but when i click on the movie it say video not available try another server, and when i click on the server it doesn’t have any other option to choose from. but when i click on shows it lets me play and watch the show on movies won’t let me play and watch??

  • Sadie

    I managed to download everything however when I click to watch an episode, in my case vampire diaries s7, it doesn’t come up or an add comes up and doesn’t take me to the episode. I continued to click every once in a while to see if it would work but now it says I’m watching too many episodes at once? Is it a glitch or what?

  • Dee

    Has anyone tried to watch something from a premium cable site and got a letter in regards to copyright infringement?

  • Ethan Dowson

    The blue stacks program will not download correctly due to a wide range of errors, it is not my pc’s fault. Is there another emulater I can use?

  • JC

    You can stop the message saying you watched too many episodes today by changing the date on your Android emulator… it works without doing anything else for me. Clear cache did not fix this one before.

  • Jose Almanza

    Why on the bluestacks 2 on shobox if theres a 780 picture on a movie it runs slowwwe on the old one it didnt do that y helppppi

  • Luxury Deem

    every time i try to watch a picture it keep telling me no space available on sd can somebody help me please

  • Keith

    I used Showbox for downloading on my PC, Windows 8. It was working great until about 3 months ago. When I go to download, the only server that will download is torrents. As soon as I hit the download button, showbox closes. If I go back to the site and look at downloads, the program that I attempted to download is there, but has not downloaded. It asked if I want to resume. Again, as soon as I hit resume, showbox closes out. I tried new versions, old versions, clearing cache. Any ideas.

  • hdog

    i got the app on bluestacks, but all it does is load the movie it doesnt play it

    • I’m not sure i understand what is going on.

      When you try to play the movie, It buffers but does not play it? Or does it play it with no sound or a black/green screen with sound, etc…

      I need more details

  • Mig J Migliore

    The bluest acts app $ucks…waste of time.

  • Mig J Migliore

    Shoebox also beginning to prove to be a piece of crap too

  • Keisha Madden

    All im getting is a loading screen..i can see the main screen behind it but all its been doin for the last hr or so is that normal?

  • Wen Martin

    my friend has what he calls a “cody” box not sure of spelling, which he can download showbox films onto his tablet, he said he will give it to me but I have no idea what the box is. I am computer literate but he is not. Can any-one help me please?

    • It’s pronounced “Kodi”. Can run on pretty much anything. Requires some configuration though

      • Wen Martin

        Thank you so much, will check it out now.

  • Krystal

    I’ve downloaded both Showbox and Bluestacks; however, when I click on the showbox app, and affirm that I want to open it with Bluestaacks, the Bluestacks app merely opens up and shows nothing. I don’t see the Showbox app downloaded on my Bluestacks program? Any advice? Please and thank you.

  • denis

    im having problems everytime i try to play a movie it appears some green pieces on display it looks like the display isnt working but i cheked it works perfectly everywhere else it happens all the time i cant watch any thing somebody knows what should i do im talking using showbox on pc on bluestacks

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