Install Showbox On Your iPhone & iPad | No Jail-breaking Necessary!

If you are searching for an easy to follow and detailed guide on how to get Showbox for iPhone & iPad, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m not going to sugar coat it. As an iOS user, it is a little bit trickier to get Showbox (aka Moviebox) working on your iPhone or iPad devices compared to setting up Showbox on a PC or android device. That being said, I’ve done my best to simplify the process as much as possible in the following tutorials. You’ll notice that I’ve included not just 1 method, but several below since certain versions of iOS may or may not work with each and every method. The tested iOS versions have been highlighted in green under each section to help you choose the best method for your device!

One last thing…

You may notice that Showbox and MovieBox are used interchangeably in this article. Some methods may have you install one or the other, but they are nearly identical in function. For the sake of redundancy and reliability, It’s advised that you download both just in case one or the other is experiencing issues when you want to stream!

Before you begin….

The following methods utilize applications that aren’t sanctioned by the Apple App store. As such, there is an inherent risk in downloading apps from ANY 3rd party or private vendors/authors. For your own peace of mind, I recommend that you create a full backup prior to proceeding! While many other similar sites may not be so forward with this information, I think It’s important that you understand the risks involved when dealing with 3rd party applications, proceed at your own risk.

#1: Showbox for iPhone & iPad Using Vshare

Recommended iOS Versions

  • iOS 9.0 – 9.3.2
  • iOS 8.0 – 8.4.1
  • iOS 7.0 – 7.2.1

Other Requirements

  • A USB cable for your iPhone/iPad
  • A Windows computer to push the install

Installing MovieBox or Showbox for iPhone using Vshare is the most versatile method of the 3 listed here as it covers wide range of iOS versions and allows you to push the install from a Windows machine or directly on your mobile device or tablet. If for some reason you encounter issues with installing MovieBox on your iPhone or iPad directly, consider pushing it from the Vshare Windows software or of course you can always try 1 of the other two methods detailed below!

1.) Download and install the latest version of Vshare for Windows @


**Downloading Vshare directly to your iOS device is currently disabled on the site. If you do not have a Windows computer, you will need to use one of the 2 other methods below!


2.) Once installed, go ahead and run Vshare. You should be prompted to connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC via USB cable.

Vshare prompt to connect your iOS device.


Once recognized you, you will have to tap on “Trust” from your iPhone to continue. When the connection has been established you should see the following screen.



3.) Next, navigate to the “APPS” tab on the top menu bar and download MovieBox.

How to download the moviebox, playbox or showbox app in Vshare.


4.) You can monitor the download process by selecting the “DOWNLOADS” tab.

Downloading Showbox in Vshare screenshot.


5.) Once the download is complete, you should now have the option to Install Moviebox as shown in the screenshot below. While MovieBox is being pushed to your iOS device, it’s important that you do not disconnect or turn of your iPhone or iPad.

Screenshot of how to install showbox in the completed tab of vshare.


6.) You should now see the ShowBox app begin to install on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen.

Showbox installed on iPhone.


7.) When the install process is complete, you will need to verify the author before you can use the MovieBox app. To do this, simply browse to: Settings -> General -> Profile & Device Management and tap on the developers name associated with MovieBox. From here you will want to go ahead and Hit “Trust” to enable the MovieBox app.

Steps to trust the author.


8.) That should do it! You should now be able to open MovieBox and enjoy your favorite tv shows, movies, news & trailers. ~Enjoy

Screenshot of Showbox on iPhone.


#2: Showbox on iOS Using Zestia Installer

Recommended iOS Versions

  • iOS 8.1 – 10

Other Requirements

  • None

1.) Open your iPhones/iPads Safari browser and navigate to: and click on “Install Zestia“.

Install Zestia Software Home Page Screenshot.


2.) Click on “Install” two more times and then click on “Done“.

Screenshots of how to install zestia on iPhone.


3.) Once Installed, go ahead and press your Home button. Find & open the Zestia app.

Screenshot of Zestia app installed on iPhone.


4.) Open the Zestia App and Scroll down & tap “All Applications“. Scroll down again and install the Movie Box app. Selecting the Moviebox app to install will redirect you to the Zestia app install page. From here, click on “Tap Here to Install“.

Screenshot of installing Zestia on iPhone.


5.) Finally, since we are getting this app through a third party, you may need to verify the author before you can begin using the Showbox App. To do this, simply browse to: ”

To do this, simply browse to: “Settings” -> “General” -> “Device Management” & select the name of the developer that is as associated with MovieBox, Then select “Trust“.

Steps to trust the author.


Note: Failure to complete this step may result in the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error message when trying to open the MovieBox app.

7.) You’re done! After a few minutes you should see the Showbox app become available on your iPhones or tablets home screen.



#3: Showbox Without JailBreak Using Othman

Recommended iOS Versions

  • iOS 9.0 – 9.3.2

Other Requirements

  • None

1.) Before we get started you’ll want to go ahead and clear safari’s history and website data. Browse to “Settings” and click on “Cleary history and website data”.

Screenshot to clear website data on iPhone.


2.) Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and browse to this URL:

From here you will want to go ahead and click on the green button that reads “Install App v3.3.7” to install MovieBox.

Screenshot - Showbox for iPhone


3.) Once you click install, you should see Moviebox/Showbox begin installing on your iOS device.

4.) After a few minutes, the install should complete just like any other app you install on your iPhone.

But before you can start using Moviebox, you’ll have to manually approve the author by browsing to: “Settings” -> “General” -> “Device Management” -> “Huawei

Steps to trust the author.


From here simply click on “Trust Huawei“.

5.) That’s it! You should now be able to start using MovieBox. ~Enjoy



I still can’t get MovieBox to work!

Moviebox (aka Movie HD) has become extremely popular lately, and for good reason! The ability to stream or download your favorite movies and tv shows for free makes for one hell of an app. But because demand has grown so much, so quickly for these apps, sometimes the company behind them may struggle to patch bugs or add enough servers to accommodate their growing audience.

If you haven’t already done so, simply updating to the latest and greatest .apk file can typically resolve many of the issues you may encounter when using these apps, but not always. If you’ve been using Showbox or Moviebox for awhile now you have probably already experienced some of these ‘growing pains’ and outages yourself. Rather than pull your hair out trying to troubleshoot issues that are more than likely beyond your control, I personally recommend grabbing a few alternatives as a backup. If you’ve already tried the MovieHD apk and have had no luck, consider trying one of these other awesome free movie streaming apps.