Server Monitoring with Total Network Monitor

I’ve looked at a TON of alternatives for server monitoring software and Most of the Open Source products require a much more elaborate setup / configuration, Ranging from having SQL, PHP, Apache or Linux as prerequisites before you even begin the install. Being a Windows Shop, It was incredibly difficult to find any Open Source products that rivaled its Linux counterparts…But I believe I found that with TNM. Now i don’t need fancy performance Graphs or a detailed analysis of network utility – In short TNM isn’t what I would call  a “Performance monitor” , It is however a great “Server Monitor” with an amazing range of Alert functions, including Cisco Jabber Messages, Email and text alerts.Total Network Monitoring (or TNM ) is easy to setup, easy to learn and configure, is 100% Free and has an awesome interface to boot!



Total Network Monitoring – Install


1.) You can Download TNM @

 2.) While TNM can be installed on nearly any windows platform, it is advised that you install TNM on a Windows Server environment due to an inherit limitation to how Windows XP and 7 handle TCP half-open connections. You can Read more about this Here.

3.) Run the tnm-Setup.exe  File and Install.

*** The Screenshot Below Showcases the TNM Interface.




TNM – Setup

So Now you should be able to Open TNM and begin to modify settings and create Groups, Monitors and Alerts. For the most part this process is fairly intuitive, I’m just going to run through a few small nuances that I encountered below.

  1. Probe Types are described in detail Here.
  2. When you are setting up a Disk Space Alert, The proper Format for the Drive you wish to monitor is ” C$ “.
  3. TNM Does not have a Web Interface and there for must be accessed / configured on the Machine it was installed on. Not the end of the world, but it would be a nice feature to see in an upcoming release 🙂
  4. If you choose to run TNM as a service, Make sure to read through the Documentation Here before making any changes!!!

Finally If you go into File > Options, I recommend that you Make the Following changes.


And Then Setup E-mail / Jabber if Desired….



What do you Use?

I would love to hear what other people are using for their server monitoring, please share in the comments below!

  • If you are looking for a more robust Open Source Server Monitoring solution and aren’t afraid of a little hard work, Check out my Nagios-FAN Guide.
  • Alternatively, includes server monitoring capabilities as well along with a huge arsenal of other great IT tools!



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