LTCRabbit- Mining Altcoins With A Profit Switching LTC Pool

When I first started mining LiteCoins I knew I would eventually be transitioning to profitability mining with Alt-Coins once the LTC difficulty started to rise. To this end, I have to give props to the folks @ – They’ve leveraged themselves to take over this mass exodus from LTC to AltCoins in a very clever way. You may have heard of some of the other players in the game – Multipool, Hashcows & MiddleCoin. These sites will automatically mine the most profitable coin at the time and exchange them for the currency of your choice, but it is all a bit tedious. You have to setup an exchange account at a site like and setup your mining pool to automatically convert these coins at a certain threshold.  LTCRabbit does things a bit differently….


LTCrabbit does all the heavy lifting for you. No need to setup exchange accounts or configure payout thresholds for dozens of different coins. LTCrabbit will convert what you’ve mined and pay you directly in LTC!  LTCRabbit has made profitability mining dead simple, if you are converting from a dedicated LTC mining pool, their website will be extremely familiar. In fact, the setup process is exactly the same.  Do yourself a favor and check these guys out!

Some Quick Stats About LTC-Rabbit…

  • 2% Pool Fees
  • DDOS Protection
  • 0.002 LTC transaction fee
  • Earn 3.5% of the LTC your refered friends mine
  • Linux based LTC-Rabbit Mining OS available
  • Get Paid in LTC directly every hour ( +Altcoin PPS Bonus!)


So it may be evident by my glowing endorsement that I really like what these guys are doing… but more importantly I like the bonus returns i’m seeing.

Check it out: LTCRabbit_Statistics_Profit Statistics shown are using my hash rate @ 740kh/s


They also have a Mobile App to track your mining on the go!



One last selling point… if you happen to have a dedicated mining rig – I would also encourage you to check out their Mining Operating System. It comes pre-loaded with tons of popular graphics card drivers and appears to be the easiest way to run a dedicated mining rig. I haven’t tried it out personally yet, but i love the concept.


If you are fairly new to the mining scene, you may want to check out my other mining Guides!