PC Games

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PC Games


Dark Souls

Dark Souls is easily one of my favorite games of all time. The combination of  relentless enemies, in a dark fantasy world had me hooked within minutes of playing the game. The game is brutal at times, never holding your hand along the way – but honestly it just makes your victories that much more rewarding. Dark Souls also reuses the unique PVP & Assist features of its predecessor – Demon Souls(Another great game btw) It is a high and low of frustration, triumph & despair and I can’t wait for the sequel to hit.

You can get your hands on Dark Souls on Steam.

The Elder Scrolls – Skyrim

As with past Elder Scroll titles, Skyrim delivers on the Bethesda brand by creating an immense and breathtaking sandbox world. Refined graphics, crafting professions and an arsenal of new ways to combat your enemies are just a few improvements to the Elder Scrolls Series made with Skyrim. One of the truly great things about these series isn’t even necessarily the (awesome) game itself – but the plethora of user created Mods available to you.

You can find Skyrim & its expansion packs on Steam.

 7 Days To Die

If you like MineCraft, You will probably Love 7DTD. 7 Days to Die feels like what MineCraft should of been…. A relentless zombie survival & crafting game. What makes 7 Days To Die unique is that crafting/building in 7DTD doesn’t defy the laws of gravity/physics/etc. You can’t build any structure that isn’t structurally sound.  Oh yea, Did I mention that the zombies can break shit? They will do whatever they can to tear their way into your base, especially at night. Unlike MineCraft, you will have to constantly scavenge, defend,build and rebuild to survive.

Although 7 Days To Die is still in alpha, you can grab the game on Steam for some early access.


Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is an amazing survival game that takes place after a nuclear war devastates the most of the world. Bethesda has proven once again, why they are one of the best game developers in the world! A huge sandbox environment brimming with monsters, loot and side quests will keep you engaged for a VERY long time.

You can get Fallout 3 on Steam.

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