Movie HD App | Download & Install Guide For Android, iOS, Mac & PC

The Movie HD app (from the developers of HD cinema & sky HD), is a free Movie & TV show streaming app with a massive library of cult classics, new movies and hit TV shows for you to enjoy. While the app is designed to work with the Android operating system only, this guide will show you to how to also get the MovieHD app up and running on your iPhone, Mac & PC as well. Streaming movies has never been easier!

HD Movies Features

  • HD Quality: Stream your favorite videos in 360p, 460p or 1080p.
  • Huge Library: Enjoy their massive collection of cult classics and brand new videos.
  • Updates Daily: New content is added all the time!
  • Search & Filter: Sort by user rating, recently added, category and more.
  • Free Forever: The HD cinema app is completely free to download & use.
  • Chromecast Supported: Watch your favorite videos from your smartphone or cast them to the big screen for a true cinematic experience.
  • Great Interface: No more wasted time searching! Easily find what you are looking for with their clean and intuitive interface.


Installing The MovieHD App

1.) Browse to: Settings -> General -> Fingerprints & Security & enable “Unknown sources“.

Enable Unknown Sources Android

2.) Download the Movie HD .apk file.

3.) Find the .apk File you downloaded in step 2 and tap on Open to install MoveHD.

Install screen for Movie HD / HD Cinema

4.) When the install finishes, MovieHD should now be available as an app.Movie HD icon



HD Cinema | Frequently Asked Questions


Can I download HD Movies?

The download feature has been removed in the most recent version of the app. However, there is a workaround if you are still interested in downloading movies.

  1. Install ES File Explorer.
  2. Next, Play a movie or TV show in the HD Movies app.
  3. Select settings in the top right-hand corner, then tap on the “ES File Downloader“.


Will Movie HD work with Chromecast?

Yes! The process is the exact same as downloading a movie.

  1. Install Localcast or Allcast from the Android Play Store.
  2. Play a video and tap on the Settings icon.
  3. Then select either Localcast or Allcast to begin streaming.


Will this app work with my iPhone/iPad?

While the Install file that we downloaded earlier in this guide will not work with your iPhone or iPad, There is a workaround for installing the app to your iOS device.

  1. Browse to on your iOS device and Install the Vshare app market app.
  2. After the Vshare app is installed, you will have to navigate to: Settings -> General -> Profile and install the Vshare profile.
  3. Open the Vshare app and do a search for “MovieHD”.
  4. When you tap on the Movie HD app icon, it will begin installing the app.
  5. Click on the “Downloads” tab and then tap on the MovieHD app icon once more to start installing the app.
  6. You will now be able to find the app from your Home Screen.


**It looks like is no longer providing direct downloads for iPhones. Check out the new install process here.


How do I get Movie HD to work on my Mac?

Technically we can’t actually install an Android .apk install file on the Mac operating system. Instead, you will have to install virtualization software to run a virtual copy of the Android OS & access your Android apps from this virtual Android operating system. The method below utilizes outlined below will show you how to do this utilizing Virtualbox. If you run into any issues, I outline another install method using the Genymotion frontend in my Megabox Guide.

  1. Download the latest version of Virtualbox.
  2. Download the latest version of your Android OS .vdi file. (32-bit)
  3. Extract the compressed .vdi file you downloaded using either Winrar or 7zip.
  4. In Virtualbox: Click on New, Name your Virtual Android image & set Type and Version to “Other/unknown”.
  5. Choose how much Ram to allocate to the Image. (recommended = 4096mb)
  6. Select, “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” & select your Android .vdi image and click on create.
  7. From here just click Start to boot the virtual Android operating system and proceed with the normal Android install process.


If Virtualbox fails to start:

[box type=”bio”]
  1. Press F10 during bootup to enter BIOS.
  2. Browse to Security -> System Security.
  3. Enable Virtualization Technology & Virtualization Technology Directed options.
  4. Save settings and reboot.



How do I get this app to work on my PC?

Yes! Below is the abbreviated version of my complete guide to installing Android apps on your Windows machine.

  1. Install the Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  2. Next, Download the MovieHD APK to your PC.
  3. Make sure that Bluestacks is running & then double-click on the Movie HD app file to install the app in Bluestacks.
  4. After a few moments, the app should be installed & available within BlueStacks.
  5. Enjoy!


General Troubleshooting

If you are unable to get Movie HD (aka HD Cinema) working on your device, usually the best place to start is to simply try updating to the latest version of the app. When there is an update available, you should be prompted to update as soon as you open the app. If updating to the latest version doesn’t resolve your issue, try rebooting your device or re-installing the apk file.

Still not working?

It’s entirely possible that the app is down for everyone. Generally, if you just give the developers a few days, they’ll be able to resolve the issue and make the app available again. However, If you don’t feel like waiting, there are a ton of other great alternatives to the Movie HD app so you can watch free HD movies online, anytime!