MineCraftPi – A Raspberry Pi MineCraft Server Image!

So, You want to run a MineCraft server on your Raspberry Pi? Well then you’re in the right place! I’ve compiled a pre-configured image to run on the Raspberry Pi and taken the first steps to optimize your MineCraft server to run on the Raspberry PI. All you got to do? Follow the install directions below to burn the image to a high speed SD card and off you go. Not quite convinced? You can check out this brief youtube video to see what kind of performance to expect from our humble Pi MineCraft server. Further more, I’ve detailed my entire build process if you would like to build your own server from scratch. ~Enjoy.


Download MineCraftPi:

Raspberry Pi Model B+/v2: You can download MineCraftPi v3.0: HERE

Raspberry Pi Model B:  You can download MineCraftPi v2.2: HERE

Installing MineCraftPi:

  1. Download Win32DiskImager
  2. Write image to SD Card. (4gb+)
  3. Connect a keyboard & Monitor to your Pi Before booting
  4. MineCraftPi will automatically start your MineCraft Server on boot-up. After a few minutes you should be able to login by entering your Raspberry Pi’s Ip address in the MultiPlayer Section of your MineCraft client.
  5. After a brief test, you will want to proceed to the next section to finish setting things up.

Running MineCraftPi For The First Time:

  • Upon First Boot – The new version of MineCraftPi will do the following:
    • Run BuildTools.jar to compile craftbukkit & spigot
    • Run the ‘mcpi_run_once.sh’ script and add the start.sh script to start on boot
    • Reboot and update your server
  • This will take some time! When it is complete you should get the following notification:
  • Login to your Pi. ( pi : raspberry )
  • Accept the minecraft EULA
    *Ctrl+X & (Yes) to save and exit.
  • Then start your server again (manually to save some time)
  • In the MineCraft console window – Make yourself admin:
  • Next we need to exit our MineCraft Server by Typing “stop”.
  • Login to your Pi. ( pi : raspberry )
  • Run “sudo raspi-config” to expand the file system & Reboot.


About The Image:

  • SSH = pi/raspberry
  • Overclocked to “Medium” Setting
  • Java-SDK = v.1.8.0
  • Spigot = v.1.8.x
  • Running No Plugins
  • Supported Models: A, B, B+, B2


Quick Tips To Improve Your Performance!

Unlike other builds we’ve shared where you can layer multiple projects over one another (e.g. the Pi is more than powerful enough to serve as a weather/email indicator and a Google Cloud Print server at the same time), running a Minecraft server is a pretty intense operation for the little Pi and we’d strongly recommend dedicating the entire Pi to the process. Minecraft seemslike a simple game, with all its blocky-ness and what not, but it’s actually a pretty complex game beneath the simple skin and required a lot of processing power.

Courtesy of HowToGeek.com

Here are a few other quick notes to improve MineCraftPi performance.

  • Remove any & all additional accessories that are plugged in to your Pi. Things Like BlueTooth Dongles and USB Hard drives may strain our Pi for valuable energy while overclocking.
  • A Faster SD Card. ( Check supported models first @ http://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards)
  • Can use the World-Edit plugin to limit the size of your map.


Below are my cliff notes detailing the image build process.

[learn_more caption=”Getting Ready…”]

1.) Burn the latest image of Raspbian Wheezy to your SD card.

2.) Expand your File-system and customize.


3.) Let’s get up to date.


[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Installing Java & Our MineCraft Server”]

Install Java v8:


Check That Java Installed Ok…

**For More Details about Java on The Raspberry Pi, Please visit: http://elinux.org/RPi_Java 


Install MineCraft Server (spigot)


Test New Server & Launch for the first time….

When it has completely loaded, you can type “stop” to exit back to command-line.


Create Our MineCraft Startup Script

If that was successful, we’ll want to proceed with creating our start-up script. It is important to note the name of our script is set to “start.sh” for a very good reason. In the next section I briefly cover our server configuration files, one of those configuration files looks for a “start.sh” file by default in order to reboot the server in the event of a crash. So word of advice – Don’t change the name of the script unless you know what you’re doing!


Still in the MineCraft folder:

Then just copy and paste our run command for Spigot from before:

Save & Exit.


Next we make it executable…

And finally, We test our new script.



I used a combination of the following 2 websites to get this going. ( Thanks Guys!)



[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Configure Our Server Settings….”]

General Settings:

If you wish to craft your own configure file from scratch, You can find a list of all the available options @ http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Server.properties.

Below is my config file for reference.


Spigot Server Settings:

You can find a great primer on configuring spigot @


Below is my File:

To Summarize, I only changed the following settings from default:


[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Plugins”]



Install Java v7 (alternative)

Check Java Version / Verify Install

Create Our Plugins Folder:

First we need to create and move to the plugins folder.


Plugins Included in the Image:

No Spawn Chunks:

To list all the Plugins currently active on your server simply type “plugins” in the command line after your server starts:



Not Included in the Image:

These are plugins that looked interesting to me but have yet to test out on the Raspberry Pi Server… If I’m missing any of the major ones – please let me know!


Mine Backup:




WorldGaurd: (worldedit must be installed first)


[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Install Directions v1.8″]

**This section is a work in progress – preparing for the new 1.8 version!

Follow the “Getting Ready” Step from above as usual.


Install Java & Git

Then Verify…
**Note: Java & Git already installed in latest Raspbian base image^ 


Create MineCraft & Plugins Folder


Download BuildTools


Create “start.sh” script

Create the script.

Then add the following to the start.sh script:

Ctrl+X & Yes to save and exit.

Then make the script executable:


Create “mcpi_run_once” script (To build spigot.jar)

Create the script:

Add the following to the “run once” script:

Then make it executable:

Add the Script to init.d to autostart on boot-up.

Test the script:


Create run once script…

This is a bit of an extra step – Since I didn’t want to just pull the power and package the image. Currently I can’t force update-rc.d programs to only start on boot…. So this script is a temporary fix.

Add the following:

Then make it executable And add it to update-rc.d:



Test New Server & Launch for the first time….


Remove Auto Update From Boot

If you truly wish to remove it you can do the following manually…

**Note: If you do remove this – It is recommended that you run this manually once per week to keep the server up to date!



Additional Configuration


Backing Up Your MineCraft Server

There are a few different ways to back-up your MineCraft server, depending on what you are trying to accomplish…


1.) On Demand backups with win32diskimager.

This method simply involves powering down your Raspberry Pi and plugging your SD card into a reader on your PC. Then when you run win32diskimager, simply hit the “read” button to create a copy (aka backup) of your image. 


2.) Create a Backup Job with Cron to run scheduled Backups while your Pi is running!

3.) Use the MineCraft Backup Plugin.


Set Static IP Address(wired)

1.) SSH into your Pi.

2.) Then we want to edit the network interfaces:


3.) You’ll see some settings that look like this:

Replace the line: iface eth0 inet dhcp
with: iface eth0 inet static

4.) Then specify the address, netmask, network, broadcast and gateway, like this:

iface eth0 inet static

**If you are unsure what the above settings should be, You can run the following from another machine on your network.


5.) Finally, Reboot and make sure that you can ping the new static IP address. Then make sure your Pi can reach the inter-webs!

Make Your Server Available on the Internet

So what good is having your own MineCraft server if you can’t share it with your friends – right?

1.) If you haven’t already done so, You will want to make sure that your server has a fixed IP address.

2.) After you’ve set your static IP address, you will need to setup port forwarding on your router so anyone outside your network can access your server. Since this process varies based on your individual router model, your best bet is to look up a port forwarding guide on portforward.com.

3.) Essentially what you are looking to do is login to your router and setup port forwarding to your MineCraft servers IP address like so:


Make sure that:

  • Internal & External ports are set to “25565
  • Protocol = TCP
  • IP address = Your MineCraftPi IP address!


The easiest way to tell if your MineCraft Server is accessible to the outside world is to have a friend connect. Grab your external IP address by following the directions below and have your friend try to connect.

  • Go to WhatsMyIp And grab your external IP address.
  • Open up MineCraft > Go to MultiPlayer > Add Server
  • Try to connect to: <your external IP address>:25565

If you don’t have any friends online to test with and are a bit impatient like myself, You can  use this website to verify your port forwarding setup. If port forwarding is setup correctly and your MineCraft Server is started, others should be able to connect!


To Have Your MineCraft Server Auto-Start on Boot

If you wish to have your MineCraft Server autostart on boot simply run the following command:

And un-comment the following line:


If there is an update available for spigot, auto-booting will pause and wait for a user prompt to acknowledge the update warning regarding backing up you server before proceeding with the update. You will need to have a monitor and keyboard connected to your pi to proceed!

Source:  raspberry-projects.com


Image Change Log

MineCraftPi – v1.0

  • Installed JavaSDK & Spigot MineCraft Server
  • Optimized server settings for use on Raspberry Pi
  • Added NoSpawnChunks plugin
  • Created run script to improve uptime. (Run script will kick off if server crashes)
  • Added Optional ability to auto-start MineCraft on Boot.

MineCraftPi – v2.3

  • Re-built image from Scratch!
  • Now compatible with B+ / v2 Pi models.
  • Now Running latest version of Spigot v1.8
  • Start.sh now auto-updates server version.
  • World-Border no longer enabled by default. (testing if necessary with latest Pi models)
  • Run script still enabled to reboot if server crashes. (enabled by default now)

  • CRendonK

    Is this server compatible with minecraftPE (pocket edition) clients?

    • If you can connect to multilayer server s on the people edition it should be!

    • Good Question… A quick google search suggests that you can only play multiplayer on the pocket edition over a local LAN.

      So yes it is as compatible as any other MineCraft Server.


    i cant get my port forwarded. i understand the theory and all the settings are right, but it wont work, please help!

    • Alright, np. I’m going to need some more information though….

      What is your external ip / internal ip & port forwarding info on your router set too?

      Have you tried connecting to your external ip address outside your network? Often times you won’t be able to connect to your “external” ip address “internally”.


        no i have not been able to try that. (connecting on other network)
        my external ip is

        and internal is

        on the pic is the router settings

        when trying to connect this is the error that i get “java.net.connectexception connection timed out no further information”

        sorry but i cant run the server 24/7 so if you try to connect it will be off.
        p.s. i had my bro try to log in out of state and he got the same error.
        thx for the help.

        • Can you turn it on so I can try to connect?

          • Can you try changing the service name from FTP to TCP?

            Other than that…settings look fine. Keep me posted.

            • JEDENSMORE

              its on

              • JEDENSMORE

                connection timed out.
                all the sites i try can access the port.

              • Hmm… I’m getting that java error you mentioned when trying to connect…

                All the settings look just fine, the only advice I have left is to double check your Pi’s ip address after the reboot unless you’ve set it to a static IP.

                …. Beyond that, I’m assuming you can connect internally just fine?

              • Also… I found this thread:

                Going to try the linux equivilant… I’ll post my pi’s IP address if you would be so kind and try to connect in a few minutes.

              • JEDENSMORE

                here is my host file from the pi.


                ::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback

                fe00::0 ip6-localnet

                ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix

                ff02::1 ip6-allnodes

                ff02::2 ip6-allrouters


              • Ok… Can you try to connect to mine? Need to rule out any issues with the image… ( fresh install of the latest image)



              • JEDENSMORE

                i can connect to online servers, but was unable to connect to yours.

              • I see…. Well thanks for trying it out – I will do some more testing and follow-up!

              • Alright – should be able to connect to my server now – Please try again when you have a chance!

                I guess my router couldn’t resolve 2 different ip addresses to the same port?! In anycase, canyouseeme.org shows it’s working again – just need a human to test the actual connection to the server!

                If you can connect now – then i’m afraid there is no fault in the server image, it must be your router configuration. Since im unclear “exactly” what you did to set a static ip to the raspberry PI – I would ssh into the pi and triple check that the ip address matches your router config… via the command: ” ifconfig “.

                Other than that…. I don’t know what advice to offer you at this point…

                Keep me posted!

              • JEDENSMORE

                was able to access your server and the ip address checks out. what is the chance that the isp blocks that port?

              • JEDENSMORE

                anyway i can let you on my pi so you can take a peek?

              • tried connecting again – no luck.

              • JEDENSMORE

                Thx for all your time and answers, the last question i’ll bother you with is: could you please tell me what brand of router you are using? i think the problem i am having may be related to the router, thx

              • Sure thing. I currently use a Cisco – Linksys e2500 running Tomato firmware.

                You may be able to re-purpose your old router by installing some awesome 3rd party firmware like tomato. The following post gives information where you can download it as well as a list of compatible routers.


                Hope that helps!

              • JEDENSMORE

                I finally have the issue with the port forwarding fixed, would you mind trying to login again to see if its working?

              • It works! Congrats 🙂

                What was the problem?

              • JEDENSMORE

                used router settings to set static ip

              • but did you set a static IP on your Pi?

              • JEDENSMORE

                i set a static ip in the router setting (reserved the address) as that was easier

  • David Faulkner

    Hi, firstly a big thank you for the image…..I am a total newbie to the Pi and was looking for something useful to do with it !……
    I wish to reduce the level of overclock as I am getting lots of screen corruption during boot and it ocasionally locks up completely. I have a good quality 16Gb class 10 SD card.
    I can reduce the overclock with raspi-config but will this “stick” or will your image overwrite it on re-boot ?

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

      If you wish to throttle down the overclock, yes the setting will stick after reboot. I should warn you however that currently the Image doesn’t work with the latest version of MineCraft 1.8. Still waiting on Spigot to release an update 🙂

      • David Faulkner

        yes, we realised that th image wasn’t the latest…..
        Reducing the overclock has certainly stabilised the pi……oh well

  • Just tried rebuilding the image to see if that would finally allow spigot to work with the new MineCraft version (1.8). The results = no dice…. So I guess we wait…

  • Jake

    I’m getting “Authentication servers are down. Please try again later, Sorry!” when I try logging onto the server. Any ideas what to do?

    • I’m guessing you’re running version 1.8 – in which case it won’t work. Currently waiting on a new version of Spigot to resolve compatibility issues with latest version of MineCraft.

      • Jake

        I’m running 1.7.9. running 1.8 would simply tell me the server is running 1.7 without attempting to connect.

  • Pingback: Minecraft Pi Edition getting updated, but not by Mojang - Powered by Redstone()

  • Just came across this article that gives a proper update on the state of MineCraft as it relates to the Raspberry Pi:

    It’s just a waiting game now…. I will keep an eye on things and get a working version of MineCraftPi as soon as possible!


  • Kristen

    Thanks for this, Ryan! My son and I got a server up and running very quickly with this. He and his friends are loving it!
    I would like to run it headless and see that many people recommend screen for this – do you have any thoughts on or experience with it?
    Thanks again!

    • That’s great Kristen:) I run mine headless – no worries. I just use Putty to SSH into command line if I need to do anything on the fly…

      Since the image automically starts the server after a reboot – there shouldn’t be too many situations where you actually need a monitor.

      Hope that helps!

      • Kristen

        Right, and that works, but I thought it might be helpful to be able to access the Minecraft admin console once in a while. I don’t know of a way to do that besides using something like screen, but perhaps I’ve overlooked or misunderstood something…?

        • Once you’ve made your users OP – I believe they can access most admin functions in game.

          Otherwise if you are looking for root access – You will need a screen.

  • Jesper

    Ryan You ROCK. This works great!
    Right now we are trying different kind of maps, starting with the small ones and moving up. People, at first i thought that only PE maps would work, but that is not true, this is a full blown server 🙂 It takes some Linux skills, but all you need is out there on the web. I have been able to find most that I need, but one question remain:
    How do I manage the MC Server from Putty? I do not have screen and keyboard directly attached to the PI. So far my work around was to Rem out the auto start in rc.local and start the server from putty, but there must be a way to have autostart and issue commands to MC server at the same time…. Hope you can help on this.
    Once again thx for an excelent work.

    • Glad you are enjoying it Jesper 🙂

      Yea I struggled with the same thing – I’ve yet to find an elegant solution to that. I’ve since resigned to just having a spare monitor hooked up to it in the rare occasion I do need to tap into it directly.

      I even went as far as trying several different builds with web front ends to make managing the server easier, but all of them were far too taxing on the Pi. ( or I couldn’t get to work properly ). That would be my ideal solution, but I’ve yet to find something that is light weight enough.

      • Jesper

        I don’t think the PI would ever be able to handle a web front end while running the MC Server. But i managed to get the applicaton Screen up and running. It seems that it runs fine with no signifigant performance problems. Just had to update the apt-get before it would download. I still have to start the server manually, but now I can op the players, change weather, get stats and all the other “Console” stuff.

        I am running the PI with a fixed IP, so I had to make changes to /etc/resolv.conf. For those interested see http://theos.in/desktop-linux/resolve-conf-linux-example/
        Just type nslookup at a machine with internet access to get your ISP DNS name/IP.

        If you got problems with running the server with online-mode=true, then this will also be solved after editing the resolv.conf.

        I Hope you havn’t given up on the 1.8 update, more and more interesting maps are showing up. I know that Bukkit does not support it yet, but when it does, I hope you will make a tuturial on how to upgrade.

  • Abel Sanchez

    The image works great! You are my son’s hero right now. The only issue I am having is with OP. I’ve tried doing it in game console via /OP and get a “sorry you do not have permission…” error, so I’ve modified the op.json file on the pi with nano but that does not work either, I have also rebooted the pi and just typed op and it returned something that looked promising but still no OP. Is there a special trick to making him administrator?
    Thanks for the image, the server is running great.

    • Jay

      You have to open server.properties with nano and set op-permission-level=2..
      Then save it..

  • Marko Kovacevic

    How can I update my current server to run the latest version (1.8?)

    • Abel Sanchez

      Read below, this image is not yet 1.8. If you have 1.8 installed when you launch the game near the bottom left click new profile > Use version > select 1.7.10, give that profile a name, save it and when you play on your Raspberry Pi Minecraft server just select this profile as will anyone else you invite to play.

  • Chris

    Thanks. A wealth of info that has helped get my server up and running and accessible via 1.8 (had to do a bit of work for that). Just wondering if you knew of a version that would allow Pocket Edition?

    • Chris,

      Sorry for the very delayed response, unfortunately there aren’t all that many versions working with 1.8. Mine included…

      If you were able to get 1.8 working – I’d love to hear the details so I can translate it to this image!

      • Chris

        I had 1.8 running but have since switched out the SD card and swapped it for one running PocketMine instead, because my daughters play Minecraft on their ipads and I needed mobile compatibility.

        • Do you happen to have a link for the image running pocket mine?

          Perhaps I could include both versions afterall….

          • Chris

            My issues were all related to spigot (unsurprisingly) but I managed to resolve those by getting my hands on a copy of the #1649 jar and patching that. I haven’t applied the latest patch yet as I’ve only just found out one was released today.

            I’ve also read that Spigot 1.8 is almost ready for release and is going through final testing. Yay! So all 1.7 features plus new API additions for 1.8.

  • Vikram Sharma

    I was wondering that even though it will slow down the server is there anyway to access a desktop mode, i tried startx, it did not seem to work, any ideas?

  • Enrique Camou

    Ryan, I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my son and about 20 more kids for such a great server. Best regards.

    • Thanks Enrique 🙂 I love getting comments like yours – makes it all worth it. Glad the kiddos are enjoying it.

  • OneWhoWaits

    Installed your image onto my memory card but once it loads up there is no signal to my usb keyboard or ethernet? so i cannot type to set OP and i cannot putty into it

    • Shayne

      I would also like to know this. I have a b+ and my keyboard and ethernet aren’t working. On other builds of raspbian they work fine.

      • Probably related to it being the B+ model, I would have to rebuild the image from scratch to support it. Which…I plan on doing once the issues with spigot get resolved.

        For the time being, If you would like to tackle this yourself – all the build instructions are detailed in this post!

  • Shayne

    I got 2.2 and it doesn’t work. It installed fine and the server starts no problem but the usb ports don’t work and the Ethernet isn’t active. Since people didn’t have this issue 1-2 months ago I’m guessing this problem came after an update. Do you have an older version to try?

    • Shayne

      I decided to load up Raspbian normal and my ports work as normal still so it’s something with the 2.2 build.

      • Do you have a Model B+ by chance?

        • Shayne

          Yes I do, I forgot to look back here. I installed Raspbian in console only mode and tweaked it a ton to make it work.


    This is brilliant! I am a RaspPI and MC noob and this was my first little project/experiment. I would like to upgrade this server and make it run quicker etc. Would the same process above work for a1gb Cubieboard or similar? Any advice is much appreciated.

    • Keep me posted on how any improvements go, though you should note that It has already been pretty optimized. Regarding The cubieboard…I would guess no? Simply because the image itself is much larger than 1gb….But if it runs debian and you can find an OS that is ~ 500mb – I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

      Update to 1.8? Waiting on the latest version of spigot to catch up – Then I’ll update the image. As far as ftp goes…shouldn’t be needed. I would suggest using ssh / samba.


  • Zain

    Hey! This image is AMAZING!!! I use it a lot on my own but the only problem is how do i find the external ip of my pi without a monitor because my pi is pretty much next to my router and the ethernet cable is not long enough. Plz help.

    • Zain

      Also when i try to OP myself it says “-bash: op: command not found” (without quotations)

      • Are you running the OP command from ssh?

        You have to run it from the actual terminal ( monitor & keyboard hooked up ).

        • Zain

          Thanks Ryan!! Also I found out that you type curl http://ipecho.net/plain in ssh to get the external ip. Also thanks for the quick response.

    • external ip of your pi?

      Mmm to find your pi’s ip address – you can run ” ifconfig ” from the command line, or log into your router.

      If you are looking for your external ip address from your host provider – simply go to: http://www.ipchicken.com/

  • The Dude

    Hi, thanks for making this easy for everyone!
    Just a quick question as I’m new to this…
    When I run the minecraft server, i can access it in my LAN just fine. But can I not also connect to the internet so i can share the server with others? If so, how do i configure my connection?

    • It’s documented in the post under the “Additional Configuration” heading.^

  • Mik

    Hey. I love ur server image but when i run it i get really bad tps which are usually minus numbers. plz help

    • TPS? – Can you give me more details on how you are accessing the image?

      How many players / have you changed any default server settings or Overclock settings?

      • Mik

        Sorry for the late reply but i have two people on and i have left the default settings. This usually occurs after a couple mins then the server crashed. Also the Pi seems quite hot after the crash.

  • geronimo larralde

    i used the newest spigot release 1.8 and followed the same instructions with a few tweaks on my rpi B+ model and the server worked but crashed soon after along with major in game lag. Is there any way to fix this any help would be greatly appreciated

  • wongman44

    do you have a link where i can download the spigot.jar file? because server is been down, cannot find any mirror site.

  • Enrico

    I have enable the Creative Mode (gamemode=1), saved with nano (veryfied!) – but only the survival Mode is on! How can i fix this?

    • did you stop the server before making the changes?

      • Enrico

        Oh no….
        But After restart the Server in server.properties gamemode=1 still on. .?!
        I try now your idea….

  • Alex

    Everytime I try to install the image downloaded from google drive, I get stuck on a line in the terminal and the pi freezes there and when I try to follow the instruction you wrote on how to make the image I get problem whenever I get to the java part. Could you help me plese

    • Are you using a model B+ ? I don’t think it works for the B+ model, but the build instructions should get you to where you need to be to rebuild it. What specifically about java is giving you issues?

      • Alex

        No i use the B model, and after I finish downloading the java, when you have to use to command : sudo tar zxvf jdk* -C /opt

        nothing happen or nothing seem to happen. I’m not really sure…

        • That command extracts the zipped jdk file you downloaded in the previous step and moves it to the /opt directory.

          If you are still having difficulty, I would try re-downloading and imaging.

  • Aaron

    Will you be updating the image for the latest spigot so 1.8 is playable? Also how would one load up a already created world that they want to make into a server? Can you just drop that into the SD card from a computer? Link to the latest spigot: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bukkit-craftbukkit-spigot-1-8.36598/

    • I will be updating to 1.8 soon-ish, just have a lot of other projects going on at the moment!

      As far as migrating your world to this server – I’d have to do some research, but It shouldn’t be all that difficult to figure out with a quick search.

      • Just started working on the 1.8 version…it seems that the .jar file is still in the testing phase, running the .jar file download hosted on the site didn’t work for me – So now I’m trying their BuildTools method documented here: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bukkit-craftbukkit-spigot-1-8.36598/

        • The more i’m reading – It looks like the Compile version of 1.8 is intentional, as to avoid the legal restrictions placed on the 1.8 version… This being the case – I may not be able to release a 1.8 compatible version myself, or risk legal actions being taken against me as I would then be distributing the file itself…

          This might be the end of of the road for this image, at least until the DMCA legal battle is over in the courts!

          • Patrick Cote

            Just attempted to run through the BuildTools on my B+ and it ran out of memory while it was compling the maps

            • It’s been awhile since I did this myself – but I believe simply re-running the command will allow it to pick up where it left off. If not, you may have to adjust the size of the map down.

              • saitho

                I’ve set up a Pi with Spigot Build 1649 pretty similar to your steps I think. I told it via crontab to start the server automatically after no-ip… no-ip works, the server however does not seem to start… When I SSH into my Pi and start the server manually (same command as in crontab) it does work… when I disconnect the MC server also shuts down 🙁 Do you have any idea why this happens?

              • Guest

                I found it out… Works using “screen”. Another thing, as it seems the first player that connects after restart gets a time out, is there any way to fix this yet?

  • Cy

    hi, Im on a mac and i downloaded the image. Ive tried formatting it to my 8gb sd card in an application called apple pi baker. When I try to format the disk, it says that there are no valid img files in the archive. It is as a zip file, and can’t be decompressed. Help??? I really want to get this working!

    • JCT

      Cy, I also am running a Mac and Apple Pi Baker. Worked fine for me. One thing I noticed: you need to be sure Pi Baker recognizes both “.img” and “.zip” images. What you download is a compressed .img file and the Baker can handle that no problem, but don’t try to uncompress the .zip file – it won’t work. Just use the “MineCraftPi.2.2.zip” as the recipe and be sure you have clicked on the SD card for it to work. Baker is a finicky program….

    • Cy


  • Alex

    Hi. I am very new to Raspberry Pi (got my Pi 4 days ago), and I have tried out this image. My problem is that the Pi boot screen freezes on something that looks like it says I am pushing a key on the keyboard, but I’m really not. Something about an error with a file comes up just before this. I have a Raspberry Pi model B. Please help! Alex

  • Blake

    Does this server work with minecraft PE?

    • I don’t believe so – As the server is running 1.7 and PE is basically a vanilla build. MineCraft forces the client to have the same version as the server.

      I would look @ the Raspberry Pi -or- MineCraft forums for a more definitive answer though…

  • Shane Lester

    I’m having trouble setting this up on a RPi.

    The newest raspbian has Java 1.8.0 installed but I couldn’t use this so I have tried with installing it in /opt which is fine. However I keep getting the message that the spigot.jar file is invalid.
    Anyone know what’s going on?



    • Are you using the build instructions to install from scratch?

      What version of spigot are you using?

      • Shane Lester

        I was using the latest version – lastSuccessfulBuild link which directs to #1649

        I was downloading the spigot.jar from this link

        Are you suggesting I should use BuildTools.jar and go from there?

        • You’ll want to make sure you grab a pre 1.8 version of spigot…as I haven’t been able to get any of those to work on my end. ( the reason why I haven’t updated the image yet! )

          I get the same error you are having, whether I use the BuildTools.jar or not… If you try an earlier version ( the one from the image is a good idea ) – It should work as described in the write up.


  • Camerron

    i am making an image for raspberrypi B+ link coming shortly.

  • Camerron

    the USBs and Ethernet not working is a problem for B+ users, but B+ has 512MB ram, and B has 256MB

    • The A has 256mb of ram and the B has 512mb of ram.

      The B+ just has a few more pins and usb ports really…

      As far as the ethernet and usb not working for B+ users – I will rebuild the image when I get a working version for 1.8, which will be B+ compatible.

      • BusterNaeslund

        The B has 256MB as well if you, like me, have the first version.

  • Cameron

    the spigot download on http://www.spigotmc.com is down due to a DMCA takedown. A good mirror site is http://www.spigotmc.info

  • Kai

    Thank you so much for this image! My son and his friends are running the server now and it’s smooth like butter. I hope you’ll continue working on the 1.8 version. And seriously: where’s the flattr button?

    • Thanks for the kind words Kai 🙂 – Yea I still have 1.8 on my radar, I’ll usually re-visit getting 1.8 to work every month or so…and so far I haven’t had any luck with the latest builds.

      But I will continue to keep an eye on it!

  • Cameron

    Ok. Other than that the server works great

  • BusterNaeslund

    I can’t get the download link to appear despite tweets.

  • John Pattison

    Fantastic job. tested on the B+ had no usb issues only ethernet issues but thats totally normal the B+ handles the Eth0 differently then the standard B, all i did to fix it was swap the SD card over to my B. Yes lazy i know but its been a long day lol looking forward to 1.8

    • Thanks John 🙂 Yea i’ll have to take a look at 1.8 again soon.

  • mrepic552

    hey i got every thing set up and a level 10 micro SD but when i boot it up i cant type when it is done. it recognizes it but is then workout work so please help.

    • Do you have a B+ model? Does it work with a different keyboard?

  • Patrick Cote

    I have attempted to run this image on my Raspberry B+ and 2 things I can’t get working.
    1. During the boot stage, the eth0 cannot be found so I can’t get it connected to the network.
    2. I can’t use the keyboard during any part of the boot stage to enter the console to even try to troubleshoot. And with the NIC not connecting to the network, I couldn’t SSH in.
    Any ideas?

    • The only advice I have would be to rebuild the image using the above instructions ( though you will have to deviate slightly to find a working version of 1.7, as latest 1.8 version hasn’t been working for me… ) Otherwise I’ve heard of scripts that you can run to make images compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model 2…perhaps there is one out there for the B+ ?

  • landy

    anyone has an image for the new rasperry pi 2 with quadcore cpu and 1gb ram? this one didnt boot by mine raspi

    • It’s in the works currently…I’ve updated the build instructions for the new version, though I haven’t actually went through and built it quite yet so things are liable to change.

  • Chris

    Just wanted to provide an update to an earlier post that I’m now running PocketMine server on a RPi2. To date I’ve had 3 concurrent iOS Pocket Edition players, so not exactly stress tested, as I’m still sorting out settings, but v1.4 seems stable enough. But nice to have it up and running anyway.

  • theredbrain

    need to get update for new version
    how to get a new existing world on raspi

    • Agreed – an update for 1.8 would be great, I just haven’t had any luck building a new image the last few attempts using the new versions of spigot….

      As far as migrating an existing world – You should be able to access the samba share on the image to copy/paste your world folder. In theory that should be it, but I’ve yet to actually test it myself. If there is enough interest on the subject, perhaps I’ll make a separate post for it.

  • x92127

    Downloaded, wrote to SD card, booted PI, doesn’t work: won’t allow any input from the keyboard. Tried two different keyboards: Dell, and Rii wireless. No luck. It is just me, or are there very few instructional guides that work right out of the box? There always seems to be something missing or something different about my setup that prevents it from working properly. Since I have no command line, what can I possibly do?

    • Having access to the command line would definitely help 🙂

      What model Raspberry Pi do you have? Currently there would be additional steps required to get this image to work with Model B+ & the new v2. For most people with issues, this is the reason why.

      I just ordered the newest Raspberry Pi model – and I should be able to re-build and test the image on their to update the image. If you happen to have a Model B, It should just work out of the box.

      • Brian

        B+. I got it working through combo of different websites but it’s SLOW and crashes after about one minute. Now looking for ways to make it robust. Error I get: “A single server tick took 60 seconds, should be max 0.05.”

        • just got the Model B v2 in yesterday – Will be working on creating a new B+ / v2 compliant image in the next week or so!

  • Sean O

    Does this work with Pi 2? It’s not booting for me.

    • Not yet i’m afraid – Will be working on an updated image over the next week or so, but can’t promise a release date at the time.

      • Sean O

        Thanks, I’ll keep an eye here.

        • Hoping to have the new version uploaded tonight. (v3.0)
          Because of all the hoops I had to jump through because of the eula fiasco with version 1.8+ – It was a fair bit more complicated to build.

          I think the biggest impact though – Is since I can’t distribute an image with the server already built ( it builds it on demand on bootup – see 1.8 tutorial in post for details) Optimization will ultimately be left to the user.

          Since the image auto-updates the server file (via buildtools,as per their suggestion)… The image really shouldn’t change or require further updates… Though I still need to have other users test the initial release!

          In any event, I’ll post back when it’s uploaded.

          • Version 3.0 is live.

            • Sean O

              Cool, I’ll give it a shot in a few days!

  • Curiosity

    This is by far one of the best tutorials around, quick question. If I did wish to disable the world border plugin, how would I go about doing this? Or is it not set as default?

    • Thanks Curiosity 🙂
      The simplest solution would be just to stop the server and delete the plugin. (See tutorial above for location).

  • rogerjbos

    I get an error that spigot-1.*.jar is not found. When i look in /opt/MiceCraft the file is not there. I used v3.0 on a Pi 2

    • Hmmm interesting – I came across that error during testing, but I thought I had fixed it.

      I’ll re-image and test now.

      • rogerjbos

        Thanks for replying. Yes I have internet access and I noticed where it did clone a git repository. Should I try to pull spigot down directly from git?

        • Mmm… It’s a bit more complicated with v1.8 – I would try re-imaging and boot again to see if that changes things at all for you.

          It tested ok on my end, so i’m not sure what other advice to offer up. Please keep me posted! We’ll sort it out 🙂

          • rogerjbos

            Just to confirm, should this work with the Pi 2?
            I never got the eula notice when I first booted. I also didn’t have java installed. I used your notes to install java. It went into jdk1.8.0 instead of jdk1.8.0_20, if that matters. I get an error when I try to install spigot:

            root@MineCraftPi:/# cd /opt/MineCraft
            root@MineCraftPi:/opt/MineCraft# sudo wget http://ci.md-5.net/job/Spigot/lastStableBuild/artifact/Spigot-Server/target/spigot.jar
            –2015-04-03 14:33:56– http://ci.md-5.net/job/Spigot/lastStableBuild/artifact/Spigot-Server/target/spigot.jar
            Resolving ci.md-5.net (ci.md-5.net)…,
            Connecting to ci.md-5.net (ci.md-5.net)||:80… connected.
            HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 302 Moved Temporarily
            Location: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/28772/ [following]
            –2015-04-03 14:33:56– http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/28772/
            Resolving http://www.spigotmc.org (www.spigotmc.org)…,, 2400:cb00:2048:1::6ca2:caf9, …
            Connecting to http://www.spigotmc.org (www.spigotmc.org)||:80… connected.
            HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
            2015-04-03 14:33:56 ERROR 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable.

            • Rogerjbos,

              You don’t get the eula notice when you first boot it. First it goes through and setups up the autorun script and runs builtools.jar. You only get the eula notice when it is complete ( 1-2 hour run time ). It does in fact have java, I am absolutely positive it does 🙂

              You are welcome to follow the 1.8 build instructions in the tutorial if you wish but you shouldn’t need to install java. I wish I could be of more help, but I can’t replicate the issue on my end – It works on my Raspberry Pi model 2 & model B.

              • rogerjbos

                Thanks Ryan. I will try to find the latest instructions. I have never even played MC, just trying to build a server for my son, so I admit I haven’t done the proper background research!

              • If you prefer – You can use v2.2 of the image, that one is more established & tested. It is however using a slightly older version of MineCraft, but it may make life easier 🙂

  • Johan Kuiper

    I try to get this working for my 10 yo son so I’m not really I don’t know about minecraft server.

    Using image 3.0

    I’m running into this error:
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    This happened after:
    Final mapped jar: work/mapped.73f3c166.jar does not exist, creating!

    what can I do?

    • Hmm.. it is normal for you to get a message about it building jar, spigot and craftbukkit files during boot. ( takes 1-2 hours to build the image upon boot actually!)

      As far as the memory error…What model Raspberry Pi do you have?

      • Amit P

        Hey! I have the model b+/2 and I am getting an error with something to do of git-upload-pack from hub.spigotmc.org and then sometimes it is static.spigotmc.org! I have no idea what is going on!

  • Peter Fitz AUST

    I got to the bit where you change the eula to true and saved it but it said I didn’t have permission.
    I’m a noob and all this script stuff, how do I fix this??

    • oh, great! You are almost there then. Here is what you need to do:

      1) Login to the raspberry pi (user: pi / pass: raspberry )

      2) Enter this command: sudo nano /opt/MineCraft/eula.txt

      3.) Change the following line to true: eula=false > eula=true

      4) Ctrl+X & (Yes) to save and exit.

      5.) Then reboot: sudo reboot

      That should do it^

      • Peter Fitz AUST

        I’ve done up to 4 but when I select y it goes to File Name To Write: /opt/MineCraft/eula.txt

        I press enter and it comes up with [ Error writing ?opt/MineCraft/eula.txt:Permission denied ]

        • did you use “sudo nano” to open and edit the file?

          • Peter Fitz AUST

            haha worked that time

  • Peter Fitz AUST

    Next Question
    How can I make the server connectable by the internet.

    • Peter Fitzsimmonds

      I have no idea how to ssh into my pi



    Just installed everything and changed the eula=false to eula=true. Then saved and double-checked by reopening nano (with sudo option)…

    But the server still shows “You need to agree to the EULA in order to run the server. Go to eula.txt for more info.” when started.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • FOSNL

      Ok, figured it ou myself…
      There are two eula.txt files!

      changing the first did nothing…
      changing the second did the job!

  • Julien

    I am using image version 2.2 on raspberry pi B. Once I boot the pi with new image I get the following:
    Loading libraries, please wait …
    Then at the end I get:
    “Server permissions file permissions.yml empty, ignoring it”
    “Done (2.909s)! For help, type “help” or “?”
    What do I need to do to get onto the minecraft server?

    • Model B users should use the previous version (as noted in the post).

      • Julien

        Thanks for very quick reply.
        In your instructions, you said:

        “Download MineCraftPi:

        Raspberry Pi Model B+/v2: You can download MineCraftPi v3.0: HERE

        Raspberry Pi Model B: You can download MineCraftPi v2.2: HERE”

        As I have a Raspberry Pi model B, I downloaded v2.2, as advised above. If I need to download a previous version as suggested in your message, where can I find it? There seams to be only version 2.2 and 3.0.

        Thanks for putting up with me.

        • Julien,

          Ah good, no you got it right then. Sorry, I totally rushed the response this morning.

          Hmm – You shouldn’t need to do anything additional to login to the MineCraft server. Simply fire up MineCraft, choose version 1.7.9 and enter your Raspberry Pi’s IP address and login.

          The permissions.yml file it is referring to (i believe) is simply stating that there are no server admins added yet.

          Hope that helps!

          • Julien

            Thanks again for quick reply, Ryan.
            How do you start MineCraft? After getting the following:
            “Done (2.909s)! For help, type “help” or “?”
            I only get a console prompt:
            “> ”
            Is there a command for starting MineCraft?

            • The server is already started – You do not play MineCraft from the Raspberry Pi, as it is only hosting the server. You will need to install the MineCraft client onto another device (could be another Raspberry Pi if you want) And connect to the server from the client

              The console prompt you describe above is the Minecraft server prompt awaiting additional commands.

              Hope that clears things up.

  • Matt

    Great article, love the image. I’m setting up plugins right now through ssh. Perhaps consider adding a small section to the article on using ssh? It does make things a good bit easier for me at least.

  • orallo


    Can someone tell me how to change worlds??? I’ve installed the image and it works perfectly, but I dont know how to change worlds/maps.

    I’ve tried uploading a new map to the /opt/Minecrat/world2 folder, but I get a “permission denied” error.

    Any and all help will be appreciated,

    • Matt

      try prefacing your command with sudo to run as root, and replace your normal world file or utilize a multi-world plugin

  • I put the image on my card, start up the Pi and it does it’s thing…until it doesn’t. At the end it says there is an error finding the spigot files and then simply asks me to log into the pi and doesn’t start the server. Any tips? I’m running 3.0 on Pi 2

    • Amit P

      This is what is also happening to me! ANy help on this!

  • I’m getting:
    “Error: Unable to access jarful /opt/MineCraft/spigot-1.*.jar
    [FAIL] startpar: service(s) returned failure: rc.local … failed!

    I have a wifi usb stick plugged in and when using the GUI I can access the internet just fine. Is it not connecting to the internet to download for some reason?

    • Jared,

      That would be my guess – Can you try it connected w/ a ethernet cable. The image runs on auto-pilot as soon as it starts, There really is no time to configure wifi before it attempts to download and compile the image.

      That should fix the problem^

      • Yep that worked.

        New problem though. It gets all the way through (an hour or so), tells me to type “stop” which I do. Then I run “sudo raspi-config” to expand the file system & Reboot. Then it starts the WHOLE process over again. Is it normal to recompile everything every single time there is a reboot? It’s doing it for the 3rd time now.

        • Yes, completely normal. It attempts to update the image based on the recommendations of the spigot community after each reboot. (Well they recommend once per week, but setting it during reboot is a reliable way to automate it.) You certainly can remove it if you wish.

  • When I type “stop” it goes through the motions but then immediately restarts the server instead of letting me get into raspbian. Is there a way to fix that?

  • Deborah Timmis Csj

    Hi Ryan,

    I was able to copy the image to the drive and it booted and downloaded, updated. etc. I get all the way to the end when it creates a final mapped jar. A lot of commands run before I receive this error – Unable to access jarfile/opt/MineCraft/spigot -1 * jar

    I am using the pi in my computer ab and would love to get this going.

    Sister Debbie

    • Deborah Timmis Csj

      I see that this issue is addressed. I do have the pi plugged directly into the internet with an ethernet cable. I am getting an ip address and the pi was connecting to the internet with the old image. the updates seem to run as well. I will plug the pi directly into a router to see if that works better and to see if this is an internet problem.

      • Deborah Timmis Csj

        I did connect right to the router. I still have the same problem. I do think it’s connecting to the internet because it says it’s fetching updates. Can anyone think of what’s happening??

        • It’s a one time shot – so If it didn’t work the first time around, Then you’ll have to re-image and try again.

          That’s just the way that the scripts are setup.. Alternatively the older image is much more user friendly. (aka just works, but is an older version)

          • Deborah Timmis Csj

            Thanks. I used the Build Tools to build the world and then used Filezilla to send it over to the Raspberry Pi. As long as the jar file is not overwritten when I reboot the Pi I should be all set. I will know more Tuesday when the Tech Cub kids play on the server and I want to thank you for posting this image. Also thanks for the added support. I have learned a lot doing this project and hope the students do as well.

            • Interesting 🙂 It shouldn’t overwrite the jar file, but it will attempt to update it on each reboot. (But you can disable that if you wish)

              Hope all goes well!

              • Deborah Timmis Csj

                You are right. The image is only updated not overwritten. Everything is working like a charm. Thanks a million!

    • Deborah Timmis Csj

      Can putty the world over to the Pi?

      • I think setting up a samba share would probably be the way to go^ – You can find details of how to set this up in the build instructions.

  • Deborah Timmis Csj

    Hi Ryan,

    I was able to copy the image to the drive and it booted and downloaded, updated. etc. I get all the way to the end when it creates a final mapped jar. A lot of commands run before I receive this error – Unable to access jarfile/opt/MineCraft/spigot -1 * jar

    I am using the pi in my computer lab and would love to get this going.

    Sister Debbie

  • Amit P

    How do I overclock it more (I have a pi 2)?

    • Just run sudo raspi-config to change the overclock setting and then reboot.

  • Amit P

    Hi, WHen I boot up my Pi with this OS i get an exception: Exception in “main” org.eclipse.jgit.TransportException: hub.spigotmc.org/stash/scm/spigot/builddata.git: cannot open git-upload-pack I really cannot find any way to build tools on a pi, I really really need help

  • Anneb

    Hi Installed MinecraftPi version 2.2, it seemed to install ok but when I try to connect to the server I get the error message “failed to connect to server Javanet socket exception: Permission denied no further information”
    Also doing sudo nano /opt/minecraft/eula.txt comes back with a blank screen no file of that name

    Hoping someone can help

  • Armando A. Garcia

    I’ve been loving this server to no end. My group has had issues getting to the nether though. We have a portal, it just doesn’t work.Any ideas why?

    • I would check to make sure it’s not disabled in the server config file. I think older versions had that disabled by default for performance 🙂

      • Armando A. Garcia

        Thank you. That was all that was wrong. Much appreciated.

  • Cory Bancroft

    udevd[319]: timeout: killing ‘udisks-part-id /dev/mmcblk0’ [12195]

    That was the error that kept looping when I tried to expand the filesystem and after awhile it blue screened.

    Raspberry Pi 2 using version 3.0 .

  • Philbert De Zwart


    My server is up and running too now. Works very well!

    I do have one minor problem though: the long procedure that updates, patches and compiles Bukkit and Spigot always runs automagically. On the evening where I first deployed it, I easily sat through 7 sessions and they were long…

    In the end, it did start to work though, and it still does, but when I stop the server as in your instructions, the long process immediately starts again, resulting in the server starting back up again. Therefore I never got around to doing the raspi-config stuff.

    Is there something I did wrong?
    What is the state that the Minecraft related scripts should be in (which scripts should be in which directory?)
    I can access the Pi with SSH so I could manually fix those.


    • Cory Bancroft

      I also have this same thing happening when I try to stop the server.

      • This is working as intended – As recommended best practice by the Spigot folks.

        That being said – You can certainly disable the script if it’s bothering you. (Follow v1.8 build instructions for more info)

        • Richard

          (Follow v1.8 build instructions for more info)
          No idear what you mean by that.
          I have the same problem.

          It starts the entire install process over and over again.
          (When you reboot and even when you stop the mc server)
          This takes over half an hour every time, that cant be what the Spigot folks had in mind…

  • Dax Vines

    I’ve had some trouble getting the server to run properly. The server is apparently running but when I try to connect a message pops up telling me that the server is outdated. My first boot didn’t take nearly as long as was expected from reading the comments either. Instead of 1-2 hours it took more like 5 min. It may be important to mention that the server permissions file is empty and the pi just ignored it.

    • Gerik C.

      me too!!!!????

  • Demian

    I cannot get BuildTools to build sucessfully on my RPi rev.B. Is there any way to run the 1.8 on a 512MB Raspberry Pi?

  • William Kestle

    on my pi 2 with image 3.0, i cant get my server to work if i install any plugins. even if its only nospawnchunks. any idea what i could be doing wrong?

  • Dean Paczewitz

    Thanks for this. We tried other methods and servers but this was the only one that would work. My son thinks I’m great for setting this up. Now I just have to port forward so his friend can join us.

    • Thanks for taking the time to commend Dean! I’m glad you got everything sorted out.

  • Dean Paczewitz

    I have this running, but it only works on wifi. I can’t find the server if I run it with the ethernet cable connected to my router and the wifi dongle removed. I wonder if this is a deliberate setting of the server or if I should check my /etc/network/interfaces file?

  • Pellesnurr

    Hi! I´ve got a B+ and tried both 2.2 and 3.0. With 2.2 I get no kb or net, and with 3.0 I get an error like this: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.

    Any suggestions? Is there any way to make the 2.2 version to re-scan for the USB ports and set up the eth0 interface correctly?

    I´ve seen that you refer to the build instructions but I can´t find these anywhere.

    Brg /Per

    • Sorry to hear that you are having issues Pellesnurr – I know a few others have reported the issue with no kb or ethernet detected… If possible try to hop on wifi and run a sudo apt-get update & upgrade command. Wish I could be of more help, but i have been unable to re-produce these errors myself.

      Build instructions are at the end of this post btw.

  • Moggalito

    Heya, I’ve tried to use the 3.0 version of the Image on my Raspberry Pi B+ , everything is going smooth, but in the end of the “installation” I get the following error message: unable to access jarfile /opt/MineCraft/spigot-1.*.jar I’ve tried to install the .img manytimes on the SD card even tried other cards aswell, tried to connect it from the router even straight to the wall, but still it doesnt work. any suggestions?

  • beritberit

    Heya, this may seem like a longshot, but do you still have the 2.3 version somewhere? I can only find 2.2 and 3.0 versions, as i saw the 2.3 version had support for rp b+ and the 3.0v isnt working for me. 🙂

  • Just out of curiosity, is this project dead? I tried to setup my server, but I’m getting the same error as Jared Bennett:

    Error: Unable to access jarfile /opt/MineCraft/spigot-1.*.jar
    [FAIL] startpar: service(s) returned failure: rc.local … failed!

    I do not have anything else plugged in other than the usb keyboard and mouse. I am running everything through ethernet. I am running a RaspberryPi 2 with the 3.0 release.

    Any suggestions would be helpful!

    • If you are getting the above error it means the server did not build properly. Try re-imaging and try again. It will reboot several times and it does take a considerable amount of time for the first build to download and complete. (and update)

      It should still work, but I haven’t really worked on this project in some time. If all else fails you can use the build instructions in the post to build it manually.

      Hope that helps.

      • Hey, thanks! So I got it to work by completely deleting all of the files with the exception of the bukkit file and rebooted. It worked, thanks again for all your help!

  • Daniel Jørgensen

    Saw your YouTube video demonstrating the performance.. Thats incredible! By just installing Raspbian Wheezy and the normal Minecraft Server jar i cant even connect to it, it simply times out, and thats on a Raspberry Pi 2 .. Im going to try this one out. Hows the performance on a Raspberry Pi 2 ?

  • Daniel Nowak

    Hi there, any one with black screen problem? i have ras pi 2 and 8 gb c10 card, i use 3.0 img, after some time when the program is loading the screen goes black and nothing happens, but the funny thing is when i look at my router what is on my network , i can see that my rasp have a ip address with minecraft server name..??

  • David McKeitch

    I got this error when i was trying to build Spigot on my raspberry pi from scratch yesterday. (Gave up and installed this imagine instead in the end!) On a pi model B. Assumed the B just didn’t have enough memory to build but I could be wrong.

  • David McKeitch

    Does anyone know of a way to update the Minecraft version to the latest on Minecraft Pi v2.2?

    Was thinking about recompiling with the build tools from Spigot but the Spigot website has been down all day for some reason, can’t get in to find the commands. Also i tried compiling on my raspberry pi myself yesterday (before giving up an download this) and it kept on crashing during the compile, so thats given me the fear.

    Rolled back to version 1.7.9 and its awesome so far however! Cheers for the hard work,

    • In theory, you should now be able to just swap out the spigot.jar files.

      I’ll have to do a proper 1.8 update for MineCraftPi since spigot has finally released a .jar file that does not need to be manually compiled. (why v3.0 is kind of a mess…)

      In any event, I’ll try to spin up the image this week/weekend and get it updated 🙂

      • David McKeitch

        No worries cheers. 🙂 Could try building it on my computer and transfer it over hmmm.

        Do you mean they have released a regular download of spigot.jar? (man that would make life easier 😉 ) Or is it still build tools.

        Had a few players in my server yesterday and it ran rather well though. 🙂 Keep up the good work,

      • William Kestle

        any word on when we might be able to see a v 3.1?

        or a version for the pi 3?

  • Valentijn Garritsen

    Hey there, I just build up the MineCraftPi v3.0 version and it looks fine so far. I connected to the server via my laptop which was fine, the first server with a great performance!
    Now I’m trying to connect using Minecraft PE (on Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad II) but I can’t connect to the server. I’m on the same wifi network as the laptop, I did setup portforwarding in my router (trying everything). I can make a SSH connection to the server (using iTerminal). I had the same problem with v2.2 and the other Minecraft servers I tried.I am able to connect to other external servers. Has anyone any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    • David Schott

      The Pi is hosting the PC version or Pi version of Minecraft and it’s not compatible with Minecraft PE.

  • sebbbe

    Hi, I just bought my self a Raspberry PI to use as a minecraft server and when i start it up for the first time with your 3.0 version I get this error message “Error: Unable to access jar file /opt/minecraft/spigot-1.*.jar” and “[FAIL] startpar: services returned failure: rc.local … failed!”

    • sebbbe

      Hi again. I rewrote the image to the memory card and started the PI again and this time it completed the script but after i saved the eula and tried to start the server with the command “sudo java -Xms400M -Xmx915M -jar /opt/MineCraft/spigot-1.*.jar nogui” it said I have to accept the eula again. tried doing this a couple of times but it kept saying I have to acept the eula (the value was changed to true when i opened eula.txt again to verify that it had saved my change)

      • sebbbe

        Solved it by doing everything manually following a guide in pimylifeup

        • Manuel Müller (MucMoe)

          do you have a link to that guide?
          i tryed 4 times now to rewrite the image but every time i stuck at “Unable to access jar file /opt/minecraft/spigot-1.*.jar”
          [FAIL] startpar: services returned failure: rc.local … failed!”

  • Rinusch

    Hi Ryan and others,

    Great image this is, wow! Thanks for it!

    Two questions:

    – Why will everything be updated (decompiled, compiled etc) everytime I reboot or even stop the server? How can I prevent this from happening?

    – What about the overclock settings in the 3.0 images? I own the Pi 2 and noticed this in /boot/config.txt:

    #uncomment to overclock the arm. 700 MHz is the default.

    Not sure whether or not this is default for the Pi2 or that it’s now over-powered without me being aware (!).

    Thanks in advance for any response.


  • Manuel Müller

    Is this Project Dead?

  • Dennis_van_dam

    I also can’t get by the OP thing. Installed the image waited and rebooted to see it updating. Connected with my kids laptop. Went to the console thing by pressing / then I say OP his nick. And also get the permissions message. Already tried op permissions on 1 2 3 and 4 all give the same. Isn’t there a file I can simply edit in Linux? Or any other tips?!

    • Hugo M

      This is the chat, not the console… Te console is on the PI itself, not inGame

  • Zayveeo5e

    does this work with 1.9?

  • Tennison Seybold

    I am on a raspberry pi 3 Model B and when I turn it on with the image on my 128GB MicroSD Card, the rainbow box shows up on the screen,telling me there is not enough voltage. I am using a 5V power supply! That is definetly enough for this tiny computer.

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