HowTo: Setup A BlueTooth PS3 Controller On Windows 7

So you’ve finally decided to leave your keyboard & mouse behind? In the guide that follows I have condensed the somewhat wordy install & configuration instructions for MotionInJoy (aka – MiJ) into a bite-sized, manageable 7 steps. As a bonus I’ve also linked an alternative interface for interacting with the MiJ drivers at the end of the guide. (Definitely worth you checking out btw!) Right – So enough with the chit-chat then, Lets get on with it.

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Note: Unfortuantely Motioninjoy no longer exists, as such their product no longer functions and this post is no longer relevant.



A Word Of Warning:

Taken from the MotionInJoy Install Directions.

The MotioninJoy drivers will OVERRIDE your normal Bluetooth adapter’s drivers, so only the PS3 controller can connect to it.
If you need Bluetooth support for other devices such as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse you will either need to: 1. Only use the PS3 controller through USB, 2. (only for USB adapters) Plug the BT adapter into 1 USB port for use with MiJ and another one for other BT devices, or 3. (recommended) Have 2 BT adapters in the system with 1 unplugged/disabled while running the MiJ driver installer, so you can use the PS3 controller with 1 BT adapter, and other Bluetooth devices with the other adapter.

You may run into issues trying to install MotionInJoy due to how it takes over your BlueTooth device during Install. I encourage you to enable system restore in Windows before you begin as it was the only way for me to recover from my first botched install attempt. Odds are that you probably won’t run into the same issues I did if you are using a different Bluetooth device. Still – an ounce of prevention…


Installing Your BlueTooth Driver:

First things, first – Make sure you plug your BlueTooth dongle into the USB slot on your PC that you will want to use going forward! Then proceed to your manufacturers page and download & Install the latest driver for your BlueTooth device.

**For anyone else using the Asus BT211, Here is the  Link.


Installing & Configuring MotionInJoy

Before you begin, Make sure that there aren’t any known issues with your BlueTooth device and chosen version of MotionInJoy by checking HERE.


1.) Connect your controller to your PC via USB cable and give Windows a moment to detect and install the proper drivers. You can verify that Windows has detected your controller successfully by browsing to:

Control Panel > Devices & Printers


2.) Download & Install the latest version of MotionInJoy.

3.) When you run MiJ for the first time, you will need to load your drivers before your controller or BlueTooth dongle is recognized.

Device Manager > Select devices > Click Load Driver


**This process may take a few minutes


4.) Once you are done in Driver Manager, Go back to the Profiles tab. There are a few things we need to do here before we proceed to pair the controller via BlueTooth.

  • Make Sure a Controller is Recognized
  • Select a Profile ( PS2 or PS3 preferabbly )
  • Then Select Enable
  • Test our setup by clicking the Vibration Testing button.




5.) If all of the above check-out, we can proceed to the Game Controller Panel and make sure that all of our controller inputs are being picked up correctly.

Game Controller Panel > Properties

6.) If everything checks out, We can move onto pairing the controller with our Bluetooth Dongle. Back in the MIJ interface, click the BlueToothPair tab.

What we’re looking for here is that MIJ sees our controller and Bluetooth device.



7.) Finally, you should be able to simply hit the Pair Now button, unplug your controller and be connected! If you aren’t sure whether or not it was successful – you can browse back to the Game Controller Panel section to test that inputs are still being received.


For Bonus Points…

If you don’t like the ad-centric interface of MiJ, There is a great alternative called “Better DS3” available @ It still leverages the MiJ drivers so you will still need to have MiJ installed, but it does offer a much cleaner interface to configure your controllers. (Among other benefits)




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