HowTo: Run The Cartoon HD App From Your PC

If you don’t have a AirPlay capable TV, you also have the option of running Cartoon HD from your PC using a Android Emulator. Running the Cartoon HD app from your PC using an Emulator like Bluestacks is about a five minute process to setup. What follows is a quick tutorial on how to use the Cartoon HD app on your PC. If you have any questions or run into any problems – Please let me know in the comments below.



What is Cartoon HD?

For anyone not acquainted with the Cartoon HD app – It can probably best be described as “a FREE cartoon centric, netflix-like app for your phone”. Although unlike Netflix, Cartoon HD also offers you the option to download your favorite Movies & Shows – The catch? Well it probably isn’t what most attorneys would consider ‘legal’. Think of it as the Napster of Cartoon Media. If your moral compass doesn’t deter you, this really is an amazing app -worthy of your attention!



Run Cartoon HD On Your PC

1.) Download & Install The BlueStacks App Player

2.) Download the Cartoon HD App.

3.) With the BlueStacks App open, double click the cartoonHD_apk  file to install Cartoon HD.

4.) If you are running BlueStacks for the first time, you will be prompted to associate BlueStacks with a valid Google Play account. You must complete this step to continue.



5.) That’s it! Cartoon HD should now be available in BlueStacks!




  • You may get prompted to update your graphics driver and reboot your PC, This is generally a good idea to avoid issues with the BlueStacks Display.
  • Cartoon HD seems to work more consistently when using ‘windowed’ mode….
  • Show your support for the FREE app by liking & sharing the app on Facebook.
  • I believe when you choose to download a movie in Cartoon HD it is stored in a Image file… I’m still trying to figure out the easiest way to extract it.


Update: 7/18/2016
Cartoon HD is no more. Consider checking out how to Setup Showbox on your pc instead!

Update: 8/24/2016
The Cartoon HD app is back baby!


  • emily

    i downloaded it but wen i try and open it i just get a black screen why is this??

    • Try using BlueStack in Windowed Mode when starting Cartoon HD.

      • Fleximus

        Getting a blank white screen when I try to load Cartoons HD? Any help?

  • Yusuf

    tried it on my mac, but it cartoon hd doesn’t come up. Only cartoons tv!

    • Unfortunately i don’t have a mac to test with…. Can anyone else chime in here?

  • Peter

    Ryan, how do I rotate my screen ?

    • Not sure I know how to make that happen…

      You might have some luck changing the app size from “default” to “tablet”

      To do that, Click the Clock > Settings > Change app size.

  • steve

    cant seem to find the link to download the file, does this mean its been taken down ?

    • Looks like the apple version link is currently down.

      Nothing stopping you from using the android link though – same thing.

  • David

    hi bluestacks is telling me that bluestacks does not except the file type

    • The cartoon.apk file?

      • Am

        Yes the cartoon.apk file. I am getting the same error.

        • Interesting… Below is a screenshot of what you should be seeing when you double click the .apk file.

          Since I’m not seeing this problem…I’ll need some more details to troubleshoot.
          *Are you running Windows / Mac ? ( and what version please! )
          *If you r-click the .apk file, do you see a menu item of “Open with Bluestacks APK Installer”?

  • thfcrobbie

    3.) With the BlueStacks App open, double click the file to install Cartoon HD. cant find cartoon.apk

    • Click the link to download the Cartoon HD app then browse down the page to where it says “download the android app from Google Play”. That should then give you the cartoon.apk file.

      • eric

        can you help me the bluestack got stuck in the initializing part

  • thfcrobbie

    any help?

  • rhyce

    I had it n now it won’t download to my phone does anyway now how u turn the download on so u can see what’s downloading on the Samsung note 2 plz help ??

  • mwickes

    i have used the link to download cartoon hd and also have bluestack open, but it is a .zip file that it is downloading and then does nothing when I open it with bluestack. how do I get the .apk file and get it to work?

    • I just tested it and I’m getting the cartoon.apk file…

  • stevie banks

    I keep getting “Failed to install BlueStacks.” Tried it as an administrator and it says the same.

    What’s going wrong?

  • Dobbers

    i keep getting Bluestacks Frontend failure message.

  • Ben

    for those getting a zip file…
    ‘Right Click’ on the zip file and select open with (deselect the default action option)… navigate to and open the ‘BlueStacks’ folder in your ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder… and double click on the ‘HD-ApkHandler’ exe file… voila!!! Bob is your Uncle 😉

    • Thanks Ben!

    • Sem

      Hi there, please help. I am following the instructions above but when I right click on the zip file I don’t get an ‘open with’ option so can’t navigate to bluestacks…

      • Ben

        you should see this? If not then I have no idea!

  • Aaron

    The app installed fine without any issues however, when I click play the video player will flash open then close again – basically I can’t watch anything on the app. Do I have to install a java player or something on BlueStacks in order for it to work?

    • I would double check your system requirements and make sure you have an updated graphics driver.

      Here is a helpful video on requirements:

  • Terry

    I’ve downloaded the blue stacks app player, and I downloaded cartoon hd from google play but im not getting the apk file. what am I doing wrong

  • Georgina

    I’ve now downloaded BlueStacks successfully, but has Cartoon Hd been removed from the app store? Because when I search it doesn’t appear anywhere?
    Anyone know? Thanks

    • sarah

      you dont download it from the app store. there is a link above called cartoon hd. click on that and it will take you straight to the download

  • sarah

    hi, i have successfully installed the programme and the app runs fine. But is there a way to make the screen full size so it fills my laptop screen while i watch the films?

  • FYI – Looks like cartoon HD is down for everyone right now.

    A few users have suggested that changing the date back a month or so on you device will get the app working again…However no such luck in BlueStacks or on my Galaxy S4.

  • Fleximus

    Getting a blank white screen when I try to load Cartoons HD?

  • Romeoomeh

    whats up are you good people are you strangers my name is romeo omeh yo low sup

  • Ltp

    My blue stacks wont download (*_*)

  • xx SKALPEL xx

    It is working fine. Installed Bluestack then restarted. Opened Cartoon HD and installed on it. Then updated and uninstalled older version 2.02. Restarted Bluestack, run Cartoon and added gmail account. There was nothing displayed, so restarted app again and running fine like on the phone. THX

  • Snailee

    Can I get it to work on my kindle fire? Cartoon hd is on there showing me everything I can whatch fine, but I can’steam to find a video player that’s compatible with it and will work on the kindle? 🙁

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