How Video Games Will Save The World….

Nearly every night me and the misses wind down by watching documentaries / movies on Netflix. The other night, one of the TED Talks episodes caught my eye and we decided to turn it on – The title: Gaming Can Make A Better World. (Guess which one of us chose to watch this? -haha) I was so intrigued by the 20 minute presentation that I immediately decided after it was over that I wanted to make a quick post about it. You can check out the TED Talks presentation below thanks to the magic of Youtube.



Towards the end of her presentation, Jane McGonigal discusses how she has been working on bringing her vision to life through several different games. For those that are interested in checking out more of her work and her Games you can find them all on her personal website @

While I wish I could say that the games themselves are at a level that they will draw you in and make you want to play… They quite simply fell short of my high expectations. I Do wish Jane the best in her quest to help humanity through games and I eagerly await the day she makes a successful game that will appeal to the masses. For now it seems she is making small / short lived games as what feels like some sort of odd social awareness experiment. Given time and financial backing – I think she is capable of doing some amazing work, she certainly has the passion for it.

Don’t take my word for it, checkout the games for yourself on her site. Tell me what you think and more importantly – How can we turn this very powerful idea into reality??