How To: Easily Record Your Desktop With A WebCam Feed In The Corner

There are a number of different ways to accomplish this, most however require post production editing in high end software (like Sony Vegas). In this post I’m going to cover the software & methods that I use to create my own tutorial Videos. All the software that I use in this guide is absolutely free and because I record my webcam feed alongside my tutorial video, there is no post editing voodoo required!

Check out the video detailing the process, or if you would prefer scroll down for the written version of the guide!


Easily Create Videos With A WebCam Feed


1.) Download & Install BB FlashBack Express.

2.) When you first open FlashBack Express, you should be greeted by the following window.


From here, you will simply want to click “Record your screen”.


3.) In the next window, you will want to make sure and configure your recording options as follows…


When you click “Show webcam window while recording”, you should see a webcam window overlay.

Adjust the size and placement just like you would any other window and hit the big red record button when you are ready to shoot your first video.


4.) When you are done recording – hit the stop button.


You will then be prompted to save or discard the video. If you are happy with your take and decide to save it, you will then be prompted to open the video or export it directly…




5.) I personally recommend that you open it in the Flashback Player so you can preview it.

Once you are happy with your video, you will want to export it to AVI.

To do this go to: File >Export > Select “AVI

6.) You will then be prompted to choose an video codec.


While you are welcome to try the various options available, I personally choose uncompressed to get the highest quality conversion to .mp4 later on.


7.) Finally, in our next window you will be given a chance to make any final adjustments. The most important of which is the ability to trim the frames of the video as shown in the screenshot below.



8.) When you are happy with your chosen changes, click Export and wait patiently while it finishes the conversion 🙂


In the next section, I’ll cover the process I use to convert our .avi FlashBack recording to a high qaulity .mp4 for YouTube!



Convert & Upload Your Video To YouTube

In the last section we created our first video with FlashBack Express and exported it to a .avi. If you followed my suggestion of exporting it uncompressed, you may have noticed that the video file is incredibly large! So our final step in this process is convert our massive AVI video file into a much more manageable and YouTube friendly MP4.


1.) Download & Install Handbrake

2.) Open HandBrake and take note of it’s interface. I will be referencing it in the next few steps…



3.) Click the source button and then browse to and select the AVI video we created earlier.

4.) Then choose a destination and name for the new MP4 version of your video.

5.) Finally, click the Start button at the top to begin the conversion. That’s it!

***I’ve had great results leaving all the other settings at their default values, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.



I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful in creating your own videos, If you have any questions along the way – Please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll be happy to help. For anyone that is looking to record game-play with a webcam overlay I highly recommend the 2 following programs!

  • Action! – 30 day free trial / $29.99 to buy (worth it!)
  • ezvid – Free, but must play videos in windowed mode

Stay tuned for my upcoming post detailing Action!