Easily Access Downloaded Files From BlueStacks On Your PC

BlueStacks is an amazing app, but because it stores its operating system and incidentally all of it’s files and folders in a “image” file – sometimes it can be difficult to share things between content in BlueStacks and your PC. So by popular demand – I’ve finally gotten around to detailing the process I use to access downloaded files from within Bluestacks on my PC. What follows is a quick 5 step tutorial on how you can do the same! ~Enjoy

1.)  Within BlueStacks, You will need to search for and install the ES File Explorer App.



2.) After you’ve installed ES File Explorer, go ahead and open it.

Browse your file structure until you come across the root folder you wish to gain access to in Windows. In the example below, I’ve chosen the download folder.



3.) Once you’ve chosen your folder, Hold down the left mouse button to select it.


Then click the Copy button highlighted in red.


4.) Then you just need to browse to the Shared folder in BlueStacks and use the paste feature to make the folder accessible in Windows!

BlueStacks Shared Folder



5.) Finally – To access your shared folder in Windows, simply browse to the following location:


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That should do it!

You should now be able to easily access your files and folders within bluestacks on your PC! For even easier access you can create a shortcut to the BlueStacks shared folder on your desktop. Please let me know if you encounter any hurdles along the way or if you would like me to explain any part of the process in more depth.



  • ElGuapo

    Your explanation seems easy enough but with a large file (1.3gb) it will only transfer about 25% before failing. I tried ES File, Root Explorer, Jrummys Root Browser. All fail around 25%. Any ideas? Seems that the SD card size is big enough to handle this. Of note I am running Win 8.1 and BlueStacks. Thanks for your help.

    • Interesting…I didn’t have any issues with mine on Windows 7.

      I would try deleting the movie out of the folder, copy it over, and re-download it. Or if you would prefer – Cut / paste it into a different folder and then move the folder.

      • Shazbut

        No it does not work with files over 1GB, I about had it working with Windroy. I am still searching on the web for a way. XBMC + Icefilms 🙂

        • Thanks for letting me know.

          It is odd though as I tested it on 2 different win 7 machines and it worked just fine… I guess I’ll have to test it further. What os are u using?

          • Shazbut

            I am on Windows 7, I have tried with ESI, and OI Filemanger, they both failed. I did have some success with Windroy. Maybe worth a try. Thanks for the guide.

            • Rob Coffman

              There is a workaround for this, using something like a chromecast or a roku box for streaming to the device but natively. PS3 for example has Cinavia, I belive xbox also has this native to their console systems, but I can’t say there for sure as I don’t own one. So unless you have a jailbroken PS3/XBox the only other way I know to get around it is to use some type of streaming stick or box like ChromeCast or Roku (That I know of)

          • Brandon

            I’m having the same problem. Trying to transfer a 1.3GB movie and it hangs up and freezes about 450 MB into the transfer. Using windows 8. Trying to find the best solution to stream showbox to xbox 360. On a side note, i’ve downloaded a few showbox movies directly on my phone. Any mp4.temp that I renamed removing the .temp will not play through Media Player to xbox (unsupported file type) but any movie that completed without the .temp extension plays just fine.

            • Amie Zufall

              When it says Unsupported File Type it’s usually because your system xbox in this case is encrypted with anti piracy software. As was the case with my PS3. It’s very frustrating but I have yet to find a way around it, if there is one.

              • David Kyles

                I’ve encountered that too, but in his case those files he renamed hadn’t fully finished, so it tried to read incomplete data and considered it a non-mp4. Sometimes finished data still says .temp, so if it for sure fished inside the app, it can be renamed outside the app, you know?

            • David Kyles

              I’ve encountered that too, but in this case those files you renamed hadn’t
              fully finished, so it tried to read incomplete data and considered it a
              non-mp4. Sometimes finished data still says .temp, so if it for sure
              fished inside the app, it can be renamed outside the app, you know?

  • FiFi_Bambi

    I followed your steps above however the ‘downloads’ folder doesn’t have the movies I’ve downloaded from Showbox, they seemed to be stored in the Library. how can I access them from my Pc?

    • The downloads folder in the guide was purely for example. Each application may download files to their own specific folder.

      • Parvesh

        Dear Mr. Siegel,

        You wrote a very informative article. I want to repeat exactly the same steps but using some sort of automation. Could you please suggest if we have some software available in bluestacks market which does this automatically if once scheduled. Or if you could suggest any idea it would be really great.


        • Thanks – glad you found it helpful.

          To answer your question – you don’t need to do anything manually after this step. As once it has been copied to the shared folder it will always be accessible for future downloads.

    • Amie Zufall

      Do everything as stated above except copying the download folder you want to copy the showbox folder. That one will have your movies in it. I just figured this out. However if you already have movies in the folder I am having some problems getting it to transfer because it keeps freezing. I’ve seen other posts from people saying the same thing. So your best bet would be to delete all the movies. Copy the showbox folder. Then download them again. And they will automatically go to the showbox folder that should be on your pc.

  • Julian

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m having the same problem with copying files from the BlueStacks image file to the BlueStacks shared folder.

    The file I’m trying to copy is a MP4
    movie file about 1 GB in size. I’ve tried different file managers but the copy
    process always stops between 300 and 400 MB.

    My OS is Windows 7 and I’m using the
    latest version of BlueStacks.

    My guess is that this problem relates
    to a bug in BlueStasks itself.

    Thanks for your Efforts and

  • samantha

    i cant seem to do it right. and dunno where im goin wrong. ive copy n pasted the download file from esf into bstshared n no movies visible. im a novie to comps

  • Ahmäd Šämhät

    Thanqqqqqq 🙂 i followed the steps and everything works greatttt (y)

  • Bob

    Not sure if this thread is dead yet but I have the same problem as most here, cannot transfer (copy/move) large files (those over 300MB). I have a suspicion that the problem lies in the way BlueStacks uses RAM on a PC. My configuration is a Win 7 Ultimate machine with just 4GB of RAM which is/was quite common up until a couple of years ago. I have been wanting to upgrade my machine with more RAM so I found this problem a good excuse to do so. My machine will only handle 8 GB max and RAM is on order and should be here in a few days. If this post generates any responses I will post my results here. Ryan, how much RAM was installed on the machine you tested this on?

    • Interesting…

      My machine has a ridiculous 16gb of ram installed on it. Please do post back with your results as I would be really interested to see if that has any effect!


      • SleepyPete

        i have a Win8.1 machine with 16GB RAM. i can’t copy a file over 500MB to any of the shared folders. I can copy and move them to normal folders but as soon as i copy to the shared folders it gets to 480MB and slows to a crawl for a further 10-20MB before hanging.
        i changed the registry setting for the memory. it was on 756MB and my copies were maxing at 300MB so i 4096 and 8192 but it the copy never goes beyond 500MB.

        • chris foster

          Did anyone resolve the stalling issue? I’m having the same issue

        • Asif Khan

          Yeah same problem with be.i m trying to copy the obb file 1.6 GBof asphalt to my PC from bluestack but it hangs at 600 MB …

  • Faizan Khan

    i had downloaded a game from bluestack…where i can find that game using es file explorer

    • Download location will vary depending on how it was downloaded… Do you mean like a game from the google play store?

  • Akash DGP

    Thank you so much Mr. Ryan Siegel

  • Mikey

    Has anyone found a solution to ES File Explorer hanging up when trying to copy movies from showbox to bstsharedfolder? Haven’t been able to fix it.

    • ryan

      Have u tried deleting the folder content s first?

      • Mikey

        I did. No good. It was empty when I tried copying and moving my movies to it.

        • Mikey,

          I guess i’m a little bit confused then… Once you create the symbolic link any new downloads should just appear in the sharedfolder @ C:ProgramDataBlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder- Not sure why you would need to copy items back and forth at that point.

          Am I missing something?

          • Amie Zufall

            They aren’t going into that folder tho, I am having to go into the same folder that is on my bluestacks as is on my pc as well and copy it and paste it into the folder and then it starts transfering to it but it freezes halfway thru

          • Nick

            When you copy the folder and paste it into the bstsharedfolder, it only copies it’s current contents, it does not copy the folder path and give you access to that specific folder.

      • Mikey

        I did. Folder was empty that I copied files in to and it still froze up. Freezes everytime at 52% of a 578 MB file.

    • Daven Dulaca

      my problem is the same to .. i wish these would be fixed .. i’ve been researching and trying to fix this problem .. but still it hangs and stop from copying file .. so sad .. especially when the file is large like 1.1-2.0 GB .. hope that someone could help me ..

  • ITGeekMonkeys

    On my Windows 7 64 bit box, the path is C:ProgramDataBlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder
    One issue I run into is that BlueStacks will freeze up when copying or moving. Any suggestions?

    • Copying items from or to the shared folder?

      I’ll have to do some testing with my own setup and see if i get the same results…

      • Just copied a movie file to and from the folder ( 400mb – mp4 file) just fine.

        What size is the file your copying?

        • ITGeekMonkeys

          Thank you for the response Ryan.

          File sizes are between 350 and 700MB Ryan. This freezing of BlueStacks occurs on two separate Win7 64 bit boxes. I’m wondering if this is a version specific bug. I have BlueStacks version
          Also. How did you set up that symbiotic link? So far, I do not see that occurring. When something new is added to the folder I copied, there is no subsequent copy of that same file in the folder that’s in the SharedFolder

          • Hmm… that is a bit odd as I haven’t personally experienced any issues on my end, but I know others have reported it.

            For what it’s worth I have version 8.9.3088 installed currently, could very well be a version thing.^

            To be honest I haven’t looked at this post for awhile, how we set it up in the guide was essentially a symbolic link. ( when you copy + paste the download folder for example) Think I read that in the Bluestacks documentation at one point…but I could be mistaken here, as it has been some time since I originally posted this. 🙂

  • I finally found a workaround for this problem! Do one of two things (option 2 works best). Option One: Follow the directions in the original post here, but you MUST do one extra step. As the file is copying to the shared folder you will notice a pop up in the windows notification on the toolbar at the far right saying that ES file explorer is copying file. It will pop up a dozen times. The trick is, when that pops up, click on it each time, dont just let it fade out. It will pop up a dozen times, but after a few minutes, it will finally finish. Option Two: Compress the movie in ES file explorer to a zip file first, then do the steps in Option One. Another thing I done is copy it to the public documents folder, the go to c/users/public/public documents and it will be there. I have been working on a way to do this for months and this works on windows 8.1

    • Melissa Dickens

      How do you compress the file. I’m pretty much having the same problem as everyone else. I get a little over half way then it just stops. I’ve tried the first method but that doesn’t really seem to be doing anything. So I’m thinking trying to compress the files but not sure how to do that in Bluestacks

    • MomMissesBrian

      Thank you!! using the zip feature resolved my problem.

  • Bhupesh007

    I am searching for two days and finally got the working method. Thanks Ryan Siegel. But can i do the same thing with another files explorer because i am using File Manager as my default file explorer.

  • Anthony Stanton

    Hi, I followed this step by step and nothing shows in the folder on my PC. Apparently the folder is “empty”. Running Win 7 Ultimate

  • Amie Zufall

    I cant find the folder on my pc!

  • Ralli turbo

    excuse me but why i cant /sdcard/windows/bstsharedfolder see this on my es file

  • Devon

    I have done all of the required but how do i now transfer the files to a USB

  • GarySpatzScam .

    Bluestacks takes up too much space in the ProgramData (hidden folder), any way to safely move it to D drive?

    • I would simply re-install if you are interested in moving it.

  • eduardo Zavala

    Hello, I followed all the instructions but I cannot access the files from the PC side. I do not have a file called “ProgramData”. How do i get this file location to show up? Thanks

  • PHIL

    The files seems to appear in my computer windows when you paste the files in public documents rather than the bstshared folder…however there is an issue if the files are bigger like 1 GB….It hangs up

  • S-Davies Wande Israel

    i just a new way to go round it
    simply access C:ProgramDataBlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder

  • office dell

    Mine does not have a copy button 🙁

  • barrie

    I Have a windows 7 pc and the problem I am getting is when I have selected the file to be copied the tick in the box appears.Then when I hit copy the tick(highlighted box) still stays on and no paste box appears for me to select a file

  • Sreekuttan M K

    Thank you So Much. That did Saved Me,

  • ali

    what happens if you have windows ten

  • ali

    what should you do if you have windows 10. I cant seem to find it after step 4 in shar folder in windows

    • Same location in Windows 10.
      Although you may have to enable ‘hidden folders’ to see the ProgramData folder.

  • David Nix

    This no longer seems to be acurate.

  • Just wanted to update everyone here that I am going through this process again and testing it on Windows 10. I will update the post and report back with my findings once i finish.

    In the mean time, I should note that anyone that is having difficulty with Bluestacks/Showbox may want to try re-installing Bluestacks and rebooting their machine. If you are getting a notification that the .apk file is corrupt, You should be able to also search for the showbox app simply by typing it in the search bar now. ( could not get .apk files to work for me!)

    • System

      Hi Ryan,
      I’ve re-instaleed and now all i get is waiting for downloading.
      watch now doesn’t work either.
      Any ideas?

  • ג’ין גולד

    I have experienced similar problems and become absolutely frustrated after wanting to transfer a particularly large file (1.6gb). In the end, I did find a solution — or rather a different one entirely as I’d tried so many different file manager programs with them all doing the same thing — freezing after a certain point. I installed DROPBOX and used it to transfer the file. Painfully slow, but it worked without a hitch.

    On a side note, if I have a lot of MP4 files to transfer (downloads from ShowBox), I find I can only copy 2 files (all low resolution, avg 200mb/each) at a time and then have to restart BlueStacks otherwise it will freeze. Also found I must reboot my computer if BlueStacks does freeze.

    Windows 7, 2 processors, 32mb RAM, latest version of BlueStacks.

  • Harry D. Wietrzykowski II

    Ryan, Thank you so much for this tip. I have been going through the painstaking process of downloading ShowBox files to my Android phone (which has limited capabilities due to available internal storage) then transferring them to my PC. Talk about a pain, this will allow me to download them directly to the PC and still have access to them for future viewing, etc… Was fortunate enough to discover your post after searching for various options to resolve this problem.

  • Richie


  • tessi

    A big thanks Ryan, just found out about Bluestacks on PC and was feeling really frustrated with it until I came across your site. It does what it says on the tin and a big thanks yet again

  • estee

    theres no folder as shared folder in my pc

  • wiseguy__reno

    To prevent the file transfer from freezing I’ve had to restart my computer and then try to transfer only one file. I have to restart my computer again before I can transfer another file because bluestacks will otherwise not respond. This is the only method that has worked for me so far.

  • Abbey

    works like fire. Thanks

  • Faisal MaTs

    The location for SharedFolder on my laptop C:Program Files (x86)BlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder
    Please update your article.

  • ravilla teenu

    i cant see shared folder in blue stacks.i think its because im using win 10. pls show me another way.

    • Forrest Dweller

      Same, same.

      • นิพนธ์ บุญภู

        once I got into the shared folder and you enable hidden files it’s right there. this was after following the steps and doing it with Windows 10

  • Skookum1

    I’m flummoxed, I’ve installed ES File Explorer, Bluestacks and Arc Welder and of course Showbox…. for some reason accessing the movie I want (GoT) won’t play via using Showbox via Arc Welder; the “play now” button leads to a crash (mr x-face jigsaw piece) though I did manage to download full files from there – but now can’t find them anywhere; there is no C:\ProgramData in my computer anyway; when installing Arc Welder I remember seeing it as a directory for the app’s files, I’m guessing that might apply to its downloads….but if like Bluestacks they go into an image file I have yet to see any sign of it, including via ES File Exporer.

    Your instructions above are about finding/copying them via Bluestacks but….when I try to left-click the Downloads folder like you did, it doesn’t select it, only opens it (and it’s empty). Haven’t been able to get Bluestacks->Showbox to download files; pushing “start” does nothing in their downloads area…..and when I try to “play now” the result is incredibly lurchy and as it does on, the audio and video are more and more out of sync – very rapidly. So I’d given up on that and returned to Arc Welder->Showbox and downloaded them from there….

    somewhere along the way I ONCE saw something about MX Player being needed for the video to play…..I installed it, looked hopefully for a directory where the showbox downloads might be…. no luck.

  • Skookum1

    ok, despite problems described below, I’m now at No. 4 where I’m supposed to put them in a shared folder…..which I can find no sign of, though went and created the target subfolders within the Bluestacks directory on my PC.

    But nowhere in Bluestacks’ file/folder display do I see a Windows directory or the ‘share’ folder that you say should be there.

    Been trying to use the players instead of getting at the downloads…. but they’re sluggish and audio/video get out of sync… or in one try, they looped on short time-sequences.

  • Abr’s ReservedWorld

    thanks, it helps me a lot..

  • dlightdaily

    its too heavy to install and very bad experience with uninstall.Not showing in programe and features after installation.

  • hanz newton

    This was freaking helpfulllllllll THANK YOU MAN

  • Muslim Bin Junaid

    in shared folder i got my applications in word form , i am using windows 7 is it possible for u to help me’

  • JT19

    Sorry to bug you years after the article has been posted. I can find perfectly fine, but then none of the .mp3 files play(not even in VLC). Could it be due to some kind of naming error since when I go to properties the files come up as .mp3 .mp3 files? Or could it be something with the files being encrypted since I am downloading audio books from a subscription site (not Audible)?

  • robes74

    This process works for me, I didn’t hit the limit others are talking about. My question is, is there a way to do this dynamically? I mean, if I add a new movie, can I have it automatically be visible in windows? I don’t want to constantly have to copy and paste content.

  • Saleem C A

    I cant find the folder on my pc

  • S0meone

    For me finding the shared folder was a little more annoying
    Turns out there are other pathways
    for me it was C:ProgramDataBlueStacksEngineUserDataSharedFolder

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