Advance Your PowerPoint Slides From Your Android Phone

So I was at a off site meeting today, when I suddenly realized that I forgot to bring my PowerPoint Clicker! I had some time before the meeting started, so I started frantically searching if there was anyway I could use my phone to advance slides. After all, I figured – I have seen a dozen other remote apps for other things on the market. And sure enough, after trying several “Free” apps – I finally stumbled upon an App that worked straight out of the box, was truly free & easy to setup!


The application I finally landed on, was PPT Controller. I’ve broken down the setup/install process into 5 quick Steps…


1.) Download and Install Rserver.

2.) Once installed, You can access Rserver from your Desktop.



3.) There are 2 ways you can tether your Phone to your PC. Either via BlueTooth or Wi-Fi.

  • Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth on your PC & Phone.
  • Wi-Fi: Your PC & Phone will need to be connected to the same network.

Once you have decided on your method of connection, go ahead and start the service. If you are using Wi-Fi – You will also want to jot down the IP Address and Port # as shown in the above screenshot.


4.) Next, Download PPT Controller in the Android App Store $Free

5.) In the PPT Controller App, select either Bluetooth / Wifi and connect! If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you will need to enter your PC’s IP address & Port #.

Then click Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to start the application! (Outlined in red)



So that is pretty much it, but please keep in mind that the developer provides this app free of charge and it works beautifully. Do the guy a favor and take the time to rate the app if you found it useful!


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