Android Games

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Tyrant Unleashed

TyrantTyrant Unleashed is a TCG style, turn based strategy game.  Tyrant is a really polished game with a number of enticing features. It offers a leveling/upgrade system for all of your cards by using SP points. Combat animations are flashy and game play is easy to learn. They also host special events that extend the number of playable campaign missions, each offering a special reward card for beating one of it’s boss levels. 

You can Find Tyrant Unleashed on  Android & Apple.
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Clash Of Clans

ClashOfClansClash of Clans is #1 on the App Store right now for a good reason – Fantastic touch screen controls, great balancing & engaging. Clash of Clans breaks the mold of the traditional “build stuff and then wait” style of games by allowing you to engage in campaign missions, player vs player attacks & Clan Wars.

You can find Clash Of Clans on Android & Apple.
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