AdagiosPi – Server Monitoring On The Pi Just Got A Little More Awesome…

If you frequent EDT, you may know that I kind of have a thing for server monitoring 🙂 Asides from good backups, It is one of the most important aspects of any good IT environment. Today I’d like to share with you an image I’ve been working on for awhile now, AdagiosPi! For anyone not familiar with Adagios, It is one of the very best free interfaces for the very popular open source server monitoring engine – Nagios. Again – for anyone not familiar with it’s awesomeness and list of new features it brings to the table – I encourage you to check out their live demo page to explore.

Adagios is unique in that it offers users the ability to automate processes that were previously only available via paid platforms ( and has a killer GUI!). Most notably:

  • Push NSclient++ to servers
  • Network Scan to add servers auto-magically
  • Nagios interface built in
  • & many more killer features

It is still actively developed – so fair warning that some things may not be quite up to par. But in my experience it is still miles ahead of the competition. ~Enjoy!


Download AdagiosPi:

You can download v1.2 of AdagiosPi  HERE.

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**Try it before you download @ The Adagios Demo Page.

Installing AdagiosPi:

  1. Download Win32DiskImager
  2. Write image to SD Card. (4gb+)
  3. After initial Boot-up, Run “Sudo raspi-config” to expand the file system.

About The Image:

  • SSH = pi/raspberry
  • Overclocked to “Medium” Setting
  • Adagios: adagios/adagiosadmin
  • Nagios: nagios/nagiosadmin
  • Web Pages:
    • http://Rasp_IP_address/adagios
    • http://Rasp_IP_address/nagios3

Detailed Build Instructions:

In case you were curious….

Below I’ve broken up exactly what was done to create the image, step by step.

[learn_more caption=”Installing Pre-reqs”]

Get Up To Date:


Install Remaining Pre-Reqs:


Installing Pynag


Install Django 1.4

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Installing & Configuring Samba”]

In this section – I wanted to give us Samba access to the Pi, specifically to the /tmp directory for setting up Django later. You can of course, change the directory shared if you wish.

Now we need to edit our samba.conf file and create our share for the /tmp directory.


*For more Details – Checkout my Post covering Samba HERE.

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Installing & Configuring Adagios”]

Install & Configure Adagios:

Get the latest copy of Adagios:

Create a configuration directory for adagios and edit paths:

Enable mk-livestatus broker_module and restart nagios to load new configuration:

Configure Apache to load Adagios in wsgi:

Create your user, replace adagios with your username and securepassword with a randomly generated, secure password:

Restart Apache:


After Apache has restarted go to: http://your_ip_address/adagios  to test the install and make sure everything is working properly! (Note: I used adagios / adagiosadmin for user/pass)

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Installing & Configuring OKconfig”]

Install OKConfig:

This documentation is identical to what is listed in the Adagios Install from source docs, but I will list it here anyways….


Once installed restart Apache in order to load all the new modules:

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Finalizing Install / Fixing Permissions”]

Finalizing Install:

Once inside the Settings pane, replace the following fields for the provided values:

Once completed, click save and proceed to create the adagios folder for objects

And to conclude, restart the Apache server as well as Nagios


Fixing folder structure / permissions:

Now give the adagios & nagios user access:

In order to allow Adagios to reload the Nagios service – We have to create the following:


[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Resources”]



Image Change Log:

AdagiosPi – v1.0

  • Installed & Configured Nagios, Adagios & okconfig
  • Setup Samba Share
  • Set hostname to “AdagiosPi”
  • Currently looking for testers!

AdagiosPi – v1.1

  • Fixed Sudoers file
  • Fixed Nagios/Adagios permissions

AdagiosPi – v1.2(Brainstorming)

  • Fix Adagios user permissions
  • Install Nagvis
  • Install RaspControl
  • Rebuild with Nginx
  • ????

**Requests for feature updates and new versions will be based on demand/interest in AdagiosPi!


Also be sure to check out my other server monitoring posts!




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