Access Your Favorite App Store From Your PC!

Tired of playing your favorite mobile games on a 4″ screen? Maybe you’ve been wanting to leverage some of your favorite apps on your PC. Fortunately you have a few options at your disposal for making this happen. It should be noted right off the bat though, that any games or apps that leverage things like your phones built in camera or GPS will not function on your PC. I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites below, along with a few Pros & Const to help you make your decision. ~Enjoy.



BlueStacks allows you to access all of your Google Play Store apps directly on your PC. BlueStacks is compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems as well as their new GamePop box, which allows you to access your favorite mobile games on your TV. While I can’t speak to the performance of the GamePop box, I have run into a few issues with the Windows BlueStacks software – namely that some mobile game controls do not function properly, at least not yet. But aside from a few compatibility issues, the software it self is solid and it boasts a intuitive and gorgeous GUI to help you find your favorite apps!




Pokki is still in its early stages, but the potential is certainly there. While the Pokki App store is still a bit sparse in the app department compared to its rivals – what it lacks in numbers it makes up with a quality user interface and top notch apps. Pokki is kind of akin to Steam for PC software & Games. Keep an eye on these guys in the years to come…




Google Chrome WebStore

Most Google Chrome users are probably familiar with this one, since..well it is integrated with Google Chrome. The Google Chrome Webstore is quite simply put – Awesome. Chromes webstore is a bit more polished than any of the other options listed , and for good reason – it was made by the people that know simple and functional – GOOGLE! It seamlessly integrates with Chrome and doesn’t slow down your browser experience. Every App they offer functions flawlessly and it doesn’t suffer from beta compatibility issues like BlueStacks or a limited app selection like Pokki. I’m genuinely surprised that I don’t hear more people talking about this….


To access the Chrome Webstore, Simply Click “Apps” in your Chrome browser…




Easily Access your Apps!



And when you’ve had your fill, search for new ones!


What About The Apple Store?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any products that I would recommend if you wanted access to the Apple App store. I’ve looked into Ipadian & Xpadian and I couldn’t in good conscious recommend either…. Ipadian has a $15.00 price tag and Xpadian comes loaded with malware/bloatware.  For now it seems we have to practice a bit of patience and wait for something better to hit the digital shelves.


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!