Depending on what your end goal is for using Google’s Custom Search Engine, There are a few different ways to tackle implementation. For Example, I thought it would be helpful to limit the scope of results returned from any given search query within Google to a specified list of key websites that I defined. Your motivation for creating a custom search engine may differ, but the core concepts will remain the same. In this post I will tackle 4 unique ways to bring your vision with Google CSE & Google Search Operators to life.


1. Creating & Sharing Custom Search Links

The first and probably most obvious approach is to craft a custom search query. Crafting such a query can be a bit daunting at first if you aren’t familiar with all of Google’s advanced search operators. I’ve listed a number of great resources in the spoiler below to help you get aquinted with Google’s search operators.

Below are some of the best resources I could find on the topic.


Pulling together some of the search operators from our above example, I’ve crafted the following custom search query to return any results containing the word “Bitcoins” as long as the source is one of the 3 specified websites.